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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Hash #739 - St Patricks Day Green Hash - Sunday 15th March, 2020

Yes, it just wouldn't be the same without a trip to Windy Culo and a Green Run to celebrate the most famous Irishman from Luton in Buenos Aires! Oh yes, and also the patron Saint of Guinness, only St Patrick himself. So get yourself down to La Horqueta, make sure you wear green,

The small print...

Hares windy Culo

Date 15th March

Time 11am to run at 1130am

Rules you must wear green

You must bring your own mug and you must not have the corana virus.

La horqueta
682 canalejas

Very dog friendly hash.

Fee $300 pesos

On On

Monday, 2 March 2020

hash #738 - Women's Day Hash - Sunday March 7th, 2020

Yes, it's March already, and with autumn on the horizon (or Fall for those from the North of the continent, who don't speak English!), it also sees International Women's Day this week, so why not celebrate with a Women's Day Hash - Oh yes, Men are invited to come along too, so why don't you!

Estimados Hashers,

Se viene el Woman`s day Hash en la Ciudad de los Niños- en Gonnet- Buenos Aires

Trae tu mejor traje de mujer para conmemorar este dia. MUG y OFF

When: Domingo 8 de marzo

Time: 11 hs , to start 11.30 hs

Where: Calle 17 (3102-3100) Gonnet, Buenos Aires

Hares : Two nuts one bolt y Gise


Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Hash #737 - The DNI Hash - Sunday 23rd February, 2020

Yes, Hash time again, and this is one with a subtle difference. Yes, it's a DNI Hash PLUS, you need to have a swimsuit or swimming shorts on under your running gear... Why? You may ask? Well, the secret will be revealed on Sunday, but, for insurance purposes, your DNI needs to emailed to our hare, Cunning Stunts at lozzaprice@yahoo.co.uk - Be assured this is only for Insurance purposes, and I am reliably informed that there will be no attempts at full identity theft, but if anyone wants to send me there bank details and pin number, I do have a Nigerian Oil Billionaire who wants to send you money to help him get funds out of the country! If you are a Visitor, or, dare I say, Permatourist, then a Passport number (and issuing country) is all you need.

The wheres and whats...

Sunday 23rd February, 2020 - 11 for 11:30 kick off

Andrea Ferrerya 3248, La Lucila

Hares, Sir Price and Cunning Stunts

VERY IMPORTANT - Send your DNI or Passport details to lozzaprice@yahoo.co.uk for Insurance Purposes, and don't forget to wear your swimming gear under your running clothes, and bring a towel to dry yourself - Yes, you will get wet!


Monday, 27 January 2020

Hash #736 - The Tex Mex Hash - Sunday February 2nd 2020

Summer time in full swing, but already its February, and with Tequilla Tits back in town, it's time for a trip to Tigre and a Tex Mex Hash... Could be some Chilli in the offing..

Where: Oficina de Turismo Av. Naciones Unidas y Juncal ( 100 m from Tigre Train Station) It´s in front of the roundabout.

Get out Tigre train Station , go to the left, follow the flags poles. Pay attention! There are 2 Tourism Offices in Tigre

When: Sunday 2nd February - 11am for 11:30 start....

What to bring: Mug for your Beer, Hash T shirt. Eating utensils will be useful, and a bowl might help too - There is a rumour that a chilli may be on the cards. Dangerous animals are allowed, along with dangerous Hashers!

Hash Fee ... Yes, you will need a few pesos with you to offset the cost of the free beer (Is that an Oxymoron?)....

Hares: Ass Tiger & Morticia in the Bush, along with Tequilla Tits 11 6238 2315.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Hash #735 - The GREAT Nunez Hash - Sunday January 19th, 2020

Hash #735 The Great Nuñez Hash

Sunday January 19th 11:30 AM

This time again at the GM’s home

Arias 2040 – CABA - Nuñez

Buses 15 from everywhere!!!! 130, 60, 68, 59,152, 133, 168, 161 …….and your car!!!

Ah…Train Retiro-Tigre. Get off at Rivadavia station.

If you are lost call 15 5257 5281. Only out of the beer stop time

Hash fee: $ 300 for grown ups.

Children up to 12 years: $150

It includes pool for the whole day. Urinating in pool is not welcome, unless water very cold.

And lots of beer and an Argentine steak.

Bring your mugs, swimming gear and remember: Dress accordingly Hash T-shirt not to be forgotten

Many new Hash T-Shirts (dry fit) will be available for your acquisition

Hares: Party Pants and Footsie


Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Hash #734 - Sunday January 5th, 2020 - The First Zunga hash of the Decade..... (God Help Us All)

Hello everyboby!!!!!

Here is The BAHHH calling!!!

Después de pasar tristes momentos por la pérdida de un hasher muy querido por todos, hoy les anunciamos que el Bahhh sigue vivo y coleando!

Los invitamos al PRIMER HASH DEL 2020!!!

Se viene el ZUNGA HASH !!!!

En la Doondie’s House de Laguna del Sol. General Pacheco

Próximo domingo 5 de enero 2020. A las 11:00 hs. Run start 11:30 hs

Hash fee:
$300. Menores $150

Que traer? Tu hash t-shirt. YOUR MUG PLEASE!!!! Traje de baño. Repelente. Zapatillas And.... YOUR ZUNGA! Para ellas hilo dental exclusivamente!!!
No entra nadie sin Zunga o micro tanga!!!!

Vamos!!!! Saquen el alma trola que llevan adentro! Muestren sus cuerpos esbeltos!

Vengan a correr, a comer algo rico de la parrilla -como de costumbre-, a tomar litros de birra 🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻 a disfrutar del Sol y el agua, y a lucirse, con esos cuerpos despampanantes que tienen. Yo se los vi!

Atención: los pets son bienvenidos. PERO el propietario del can debe hacerse cargo de la bestia. No está permitido salir de la casa con su perro sin correa. Severas multas les caerán!

Luego de los DD’s habrá música y tragos

Nada más por hoy. Que pasen un muy Feliz Año. Los esperamos!

Your hares: Veronica Bad Fly & Cacho Doon Doon
On on

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

hash # 733 - XMAS HASH - Sunday, 15th December 2019

Hash #733 Christmas Hash

Sunday December 15th

11:30 AM

House of Windy Culo & Lingual Sex

Place: Canalejas 682 B1609EN La Horqueta

Boulogne - Buenos Aires

Bus 15 from downtown. Get off at stop Colectora y Camino Real

If you are lost call 15 3261 8904. Only if you are lost.

Hash fee: $300

Children up to 12 years: $150

Bring your mugs, swimming gear and remember: it is Christmas. Dress accordingly

Many new Hash T-Shirts (dry fit) will be available for your acquisition

Hares: Lingual Sex, Ass Tiger, Kama Putra

On on