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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Chacabuco Country Hash - Jan 14/14 2017

Dear folks, (HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ME)....

make a reservation in your agendas for the Great Chacabuco Country Hash. A wonderful hash is coming, a couple of sunny days in green area, nice meal, swimming pool and quiet place and the wildest hash you ever seen.
Moved on with transport & accomodation coordination.

Details: Chacabuco Country Hash
Sat 14th & Sun 15th, Jan 2017
Where Chacabuco, National Route # 7, km 201

WHEN: Saturday 14th Jan, since 2,00 PM. Hash starts 5:30 PM

HOW TO GET THERE: Transport to Chacabuco. Of course the best way is on car sharing the fuel cost, 2,5 - 3,0 hs driving, 200 km. In the file attached you could find mini bus and bus options.
Address National Route # 7, km 201, on right 200 mts, in front of "Las Moras". There´s an advertising on the Route "Las Moras". S 34° 37,32¨8', W 60° 25,339' .

2.- Accommodation for the Saturday 14th. We´ve available space in the Quincho and in the Garage, where with a pad or something it´s possible to rest. On the same way it´s possible to place a tent on the green. It´s the cheapest option. In the file attached you could find a set of options for hotels in Chacabuco. In front of the house is Las Moras with a good rate / quality.

3.- Scheduling. Activities are planned from early afternoon on Saturday ( 2,00 PM ), with a Hash around 5,30 pm. Barbecue around 9 pm. Sunday an early Hash around 10,00 am and a lunch around 2,00 pm. Depart time for your convenience.
We´re open to receive in the Saturday morning the ones who want to enjoy more time in the Quinta. But for logistic reasons please bring something to share for the Saturday lunch.

Special Note : Pets are not allowed

WHAT TO BRING:, Hash Mug, Fork, Knife, Spoon, Plate, Off ( or any Mosquitos repelent ), if you´re planning to rest in the Quinta a Fuyi Vape device, a pad or what you prefer to rest Sat night in the Quincho / Garage ) , Sun block, swim suit, towel, sun glasses, - Hash T-Shirt –
We´ll be pleased to receive a previous confirmation

HARES: You´re Fired & Mama Mela

ON ON from You´re Fired ( Cristian )

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Hash # 686 - The Christmas Hash - Sunday 11th December, 2016


The Christmas Hash

Yesssss coming DOMINGO 11th HASHHHH…………….The Hash is taking us to San Andres.

Come for a great run, beer and maybe a good asado and celebreate upcoming Christmas.

Children will also have a good ground for fun. There is a pool


WHEN?: Sunday 11TH 11 hs, to start run 11:30

WHERE?: Mercedes 3845/49 Between Bermejo & Joaquin V Gonzalez – 1651 San Andres

WHAT TO BRING?: your Hash T-shirt or dress red. Ohh…I almost forget: swimming gear.

YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG! Plate, knife and fork

HASH FEE: $100, children $50.-

COMO LLEGAR EN COLECTIVO desde Capital línea 111 bajar en Bermejo y Mercedes

Your hares Ass of the Tiger (Ruben) 15 5958 8282

& Marisa 15 3335 0641

On on_F

Footsie and GM

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hash #685 - The Double Decker Bus Hash - Sunday 23rd October, 2016

Yes, just when you thought we were missing a few hashes over the winter, we got back into action last weekend in Monte Grande, and like a Double Decker Bus (OK, it's a sort of English cliche, some of you will understand), another comes along right away - Yes, we're Hashing again, this Sunday in La Horqueta..............

Here comes the details, all the way from your favourite Beer Monster Master, Doon Doon........

Yesssss.....el próximo DOMINGO 23 de Octubre tendremos otro Hash en el BAHHH.

El mismo tendrá lugar en Zona Norte de BA, en La Horqueta, San Isidro.


WHEN?: próximo domingo 23 th Octubre, a las 11:00 hs, to start run 11:30 asap!

WHERE?: nos encontramos en la puerta del Colegio Nuevo de Las Lomas, Colectora Este Panamericana y Camino Real.


WHAT TO BRING?: your hash T-shirt, running shoes, YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG!

YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG!, boul y cuchara

HASH FEE: $100, children $50.-

COMO LLEGAR?: En auto, tomar Panamericana y salir en salida Capitán Juan de San Martín. Continuar por la colectora hasta llegar al Colegio Nuevos de Las Lomas. Nos encontramos en el estacionamiento del colegio.
En ómnibus: desde Capital líneas, 15, 21, 57 o 60, bajar en Camino Real.

El domingo está anunciado muy buen tiempo.... Vengan a tomar y a comer algo y.... de paso, algo corren....
Los esperamos!
Your hares Good Service & Doo Doon.-
On on

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hash #684 - The Green Water Hash - SATURDAY, October 15th, 2016

Don`t miss the next HASH that will be on Saturday October 15,
Yes, because on Sunday 16th is Mother`s day the Hash will take place ON SATURDAY

WHEN? SATURDAY/SABADO 15 DE OCTUBRE at 11:00 to start 11:30 as up!

WHERE? Gral. Mitre 721 Monte Grande

HOW TO COME/COMO LLEGAR: Para llegar a Monte Grande deben tomar la Autopista Richieri en dirección al Aeropuerto de Ezeiza.
Al llegar el predio de la AFA se sale de Richieri y se toma la Autopista Buenos Aires/Cañuelas (ruta 205). Aproximadamente a los 3 kilómetros se toma la salida a Avenida Fair, donde se sale de la autopista y se cruza por arriba hacia la izquierda. Ahi uno choca con avenida Fair que la agarra hacia la izquierda. Se hacen como 20 cuadras y en una estación de servicio Shell se dobla a la derecha que es la avenida Cervetti. Como a 20 cuadras se cruza una vía donde hay una rotonda, pero se sigue derecho! En el primer semáforo se dobla hacia la izquierda en la Avenida E. Santamarina, y se sigue como 5 cuadras hasta el primer semáforo donde se dobla a la derecha 3 cuadras y y doblamos nuevamente a la izquierda 70 metros y listo.

La direccion exacta es Gral. Mitre 721 Monte Grande.

Para llegar también pueden seguir este link:


WHAT TO BRING: hash t-shirt, MUG!, zapatillas, Off, traje de baño, tenedor y cuchillo

HASH FEE: $100.- Children $50


Los que necesiten lift para llegar envíen mail al Bahh group . También se puede llegar by train or by bus.

On On
Two Nuts One Bolt

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hash # 683 - The GM's Hash - Sunday 25th September, 2016

BAHHH Hash #683 - the GM´s Hash in Nuñez

HE GM´s HASH in Nuñez -

After long holidays and traveling around, I am back.
So take note: again a great Hash in Nuñez
Let us enjoy a great run, beer and some good food.

DATE Sunday September 25th
TIME 11 hs
PLACE Footsie’s and Party Pants’ Home
Arias 2040 Nuñez – Capital

HOW TO COME Rivadavia station by train from Retiro or Tigre.
3 blocks away from Gral. Paz, 3 blocks from Av. Libertador, 3 blocks from Cabildo
Cabildo 4500 with many buses like 60, 152, 68, 59, 161And many more
Also bus 130 with red sign (Munro) to Arcos. 1 block away from home.

Shorts, running shoes
Plate, fork & knife
Bring your own mug or whatever vessel or you will enjoy an extra ration of the good Hash beer
while enjoying the tunes of our great Hash songs.

WHAT NOT TO BRING Dogs or dangerous animals.

Hash fee 100$ Children 50$

On On
Footsie and Party Pants
Posted by: "Gustin"

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Hash #682 - It's Costanera Time as Winter Vanishes Hash! - Sunday August 21st, 2016

Yes, I have remembered this time around to post the update on the website. Apologies for being MIA over the last month or so, but I have been otherwise engaged back in Ireland, and keep forgetting, so lots of down downs for me when I get back..

As winter starts to shed its coat, and the central heating can be turned off, it's time to head to a wonderful location for this weeks hash, down in Costanera Sur. Make your way down and enjoy the hash, the Beer and the fun of teh hash - Not to mention Ass Tiger's parrilla style....

Hash #682 - August 21st '16 Costanera Sur

Meeting Point : Museo Telecomunicaciones, Avenida de los Italianos 851. Costanera Sur

Time: 11:00 for 11:30

What to bring: Mug, fork, knife, plate.

Hare: Ass Tiger

Hash fee $100

For the On On a selection of Argentinean meat and sausages will be skillfully cooked a la parrilla by our very own hash asador Ass Tiger (Aka Ruben)..... A man of many talents.... (And he can run too!)...

Friday, 24 June 2016

Hash #679 - Sunday June 26th, 2016 - Tigre

Hash #679 - Sunday June 26th, 2016 - Tigre

Meeting Point: Oficina de Turismo , close to the Tigre station

To bring: Hash t-shirt, bowl, fork, spoon.

Time: 11 hr to start 11:30

Cash fee: $90.

Hares: Meat my pussy - Morticia in the Bush ( 1562382315)

Bring your Argentina flag, we`ll be, after hashing, watching the game and celebrating our victory.