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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hash Trash #547 - The One with Great Directions

Once again the RA was true to his word and the weather was absolutely fantastic for the Hash. With rain on Saturday, things were looking dodgy, but Sunday morning saw the sun shining, and the hares, Just Claudia and Tit Climber were off bright and early laying copious amounts of flour around Caballito (unfortunately not actually on the trail though!). Sun tan oil was required, rather than winter woolies, and the hashers began to arrive under the statue of Simon Bolivar in Parque Rivadavia, thanks to the wonderful directions that had been issued by the hares.

There were quite a few new faces, and some welcome returnees, with a visitor from Washington DC (Uno, Dos, Tres - Lift Off), two new arrivals from Mexico, via New Delhi (No Problem!, and Yes, Problem!) and Just Ian who hashed in the Middle East in the past, along with the cousin of Stop in My Sex Pit. Doon Doon made a welcome return after the winter holidays, and, despite having difficulty in locating Buenos Aires, or reading maps, the GM, Ivor the Engine, made it to the parque, having called up a local navigator, Windy's Monkey Spanker to assist his way. (No comment as to how our Washington visitor, having only been in the city for 24 hours managed to find her way there with no problem, while the GM, having lived here 11 years, had an issue!).....

With a healthy pack, obviously enjoying the weather, we set off in search of flour, and immediately got lost! Clearly the National Flour shortage was in evidence on the first few blocks, but hashers are a resourceful lot, and after much gnashing of teeth and soul-searching (Ed. Surely you mean Flour-searching?), the trail took off, with some fine running, with Drums In Class leading the way, strangely also with one of the hares front-running, and Foxy Lady dragging along whoever would hold the lead.

Once again the Electric Works was circled, bringing back memories of Hash Number 544 when we got completely lost, but this time we made it through, and found more flour, before searching hard for the first of two Beer Stops - Just what the doctor ordered, and suitably refreshed the pack split, and the machos found Parque Irlanda, while the wimps went off on their own, thanks to a taxi locating them - YES, Tit Climber had to resort to vehicular support to find the lost ones, but locate them he did, and everyone managed to find Parque Centenario, and the second Beer Stop. It was just before this point that Windy's Monkey Spanker and Just Damian (Our new Aussie who's name I got wrong last time out, calling him Daniel {I was close!}) went their own way, missing the Beer Stop, and heading straight back to the starting point, ignoring flour as they talked shop.....

After a healthy day out enjoying stretching the legs in Caballito, the pack regrouped, but not before Fossil Fuck was propositioned on his way into the parque, and we located those that had gone off for a coffee, as against a stroll in the sun, and with ample amounts of down downs for varying offences, some fantastic jokes from the RA (Ed... Some mistake there I think!), the pack laughed in the sun, attracting the attention of parque dwellers, drank beer, and then enjoyed Milanesa Sandwiches with fries, before heading off into the sunset, with the GM asking for directions home!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Next Hash #547 Sunday 28th August 2011

Parque Rivadavia.... A Virgin Hare Too.....

The elections are over, winter has tried to do it's worst, but the Hash continues to go where no Hash has gone before (OK, not really true as we were just next door to this weeks venue a month ago!). This week, we have a Virgin Hare, making her debut in setting trail here in Buenos Aires, after her experiences in the Dubai desert. Claudia will be laying a fine trail for us, ably assisted by the Part Time Beer Master, Wire My Baby. This week we head to Caballito, and the picturesque Parque Rivadavia. The RA has checked the weather forecast and is guaranteeing a wonderful day for hashing, and we might even be able to drink some beer this week.

The park is just one block and a half away from Acoyte station- subway A- and there are a lot of buses coming this way, 1-2-8-132-15-55. Plenty of parking locally too.

Hares – Just Claudia (assisted by Wire My Baby!)

Run Site - Parque Rivadavia, Caballito.

Meeting Point - Beside the statue of Simon Bolivar in the parque

Bring: Hash t-shirt, mug, plate

Hash Fee: $25

Time: 11.00 for 11:30

Here is a map showing where we are going.....

Any problems, give me a call on 15 5809 4939 (Inspect her Assets - Liam)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hash Trash - # 546 - The Day of the Primaries

Sunday, August 14th, and the first time that Argentine Voters have gone to the Primaries to pre-elect their President - At least that's what I think they were doing. But the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers were not to be trifled with a little thing like an election, and on a glorious Spring Like Day, the hares, Up Chuck No Fuck and Inspect Her Assets, had been out early in the Belgrano district laying an intriguing set of trails for the Harriers.

Given the elections, and the word that it could take up to twelve hours to vote here - Choices, choices.... we didn't know what to expect by way of numbers. The hares hoped that the proximity to the northern barrios would lead to around the 20 mark, however, the Beer Master, Wire My Baby, had erred on the lower side, and had only brought one crate of beer with him, (down downs at future hashes for him, we were not going to waste the limited beer on him this week!!!!) expecting a low turnout. But, like the elections, it's mandatory to run with the Hash, and with the sun cracking the flags, the numbers who congregated at Lisandro de La Torre station swelled to a healthy 22 + Perro Caliente (a dog in case you are wondering!), and a little after the designated time, the pack were off, and getting lost immeadiately.....

The first section of trail saw a number of embassies being circled, notably the German Embassy, and although we had no Germans on the trail, the falsies that were all found by the pack, ensured that the security guards must have felt as though they were being invaded as the pack went past three or four times - who were we running from? Numerous False Trails had been set by the hares, and for once, all were found by the pack, which does give a sense of satisfaction to the hares, as there is nothing worse than the pack ignoring the hard work and guessing the right way! Thailand, Malaysia, Poland and probably a few more embassies were passed, but the zig-zagging pack stayed on trail until Parque Belgrano was located, and naturally, where there were steps to climb, the hares had laid trail in that direction, with a circular route through the Parque, which was rewarded with a nice little beer stop to relieve the runners.

Windy Culo, along with Perro Caliente, were showing great form, and the leading pack was supplemented by an experienced hasher newly arrived to Buenos Aires, Daniel Patrick Kelly (I will learn how to spell & pronounce the hash name one day), with Tit Climber, Two Secs, Just Claudia, the Beer Master himself (he's getting remarkably quick these days!) and Viagra Spices from New York, closely followed to this juncture by Footsie and yours truly, all enjoying the Isenbeck on a warm day. The fact that the leading pack had found all the falsies meant that the walkers caught up quickly at this point, and suitably refreshed all set off on the second part of the trail.

A split took place just after the Beer Stop, and the macho runners enjoyed (well, that may not be quite the word!) a long run around Belgrano, and the rest of the pack
took in the site of the old plane (anyone who knows what this is - please tell), before the trails joined up again for a trip through Barrio Chino, or Chinatown, which was thronged with people, but the trail was just about still visible, with Footise recommending restaurants as we passed. A few more twists and turns saw us across Libertador, and the Golf Club loomed up and the urban landscape swiftly changed to green.

For those who wanted to stretch their legs out, the final few kilometres of the trail took them passed the golf club and around the lake, before turning back towards the BA Tennis Club and the On In, with the Wimps Trail undercutting the lake, resulting in the lead pack and the walkers arriving back within a few minutes of each other.

The circle took place in the Parque Bolivia adjoining the station, and with the sun really getting warmth on our backs for the first time in a while, a boistrous circle was held, with numerous down downs for malfractions, including cross dressing between Tit Climber and Two Secs, Business on Trail between Windy and Viagra, and inability to use technology from Roger The Cabin Boy, who along with Red Hot Chilli had been late arrivals. We welcomed the Kelly Family to BA, with the above mentioned Daniel accompanied by his lovely wife and girls, and two visiting Virgins, who despite not knowing each other, both came from Montreal, Canada... Will they ever return?

The circle concluded and we retreated to the Chori-Shack for some delightful food, and those who care to say that there is no spicy food in Buenos Aires should take a trip down to the shack by the station, as the tongues were burning brightly - ask Windy....

And so the 546th BA Hash came to an end, and the experienced and new hashers alike all seemed to have a good day out, and with the weather starting to warm up, we look forward to the arrival of spring, with this weeks hash being a pre-taster of things to come - ON ON

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Next Hash #546 Sunday August 14th - The Primary Hash

Once again the Hash is blessed with an Election Special. This week it is the Primaries (whatever that may mean - I get lost easily), so make sure you get up early, get out to the polling station and cast your ballot for whichever lista takes your fancy, and then come out and enjoy the warmer weather (well, let's hope), and what better way to get away from all those election ads than to come to the 546th Hash Run mis-organised by your friendly neighbourhood Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers.

We have a Very Special hare this week, with Los Angeles's finest, Up Chuck, No Fuck, leading the way, ably assisted by yours truly, and we are heading to the northern end of town, with the trail commencing at Lisandro de la Torre Railway Station, so very easy to get to for all our Hashers based on the Northern Side of town, AND, only a short walk from Olleros Subte Station on Linea D, therefore easy to get to from those of us based elsewhere in the city. If you are taking the subte, just come out of the station, which is on the corner of Olleros and Av. Cabildo, and walk up Olleros. it's no more than a 10 minute walk (if that). When you get to Av. Libertador, the Railway station is in front of you.

Hares – Up Chuck No Fuck & Inspect Her Assets

Run Site -Lisandro de la Torre Station

Meeting Point - Right outside the Railway Station.

Bring: Hash t-shirt, mug, plate

Hash Fee: $25

Time: 11.00 for 11:30

Here is a map showing where we will meet with directions from the centre of town for those driving.

On On....... Inspect Her Assets...

Any problems contact me on 15 5809 4939