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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hash #606 - Spring is in the Air - Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Yes, Spring is about to arrive, so put away your winter clothes, break out the shorts, although checking the weather forecast it looks like you may still need a layer or two this weekend, so be prepared.

AL lot of meticulous planning has gone into this Sundays's Hash, with Just Marcelo hosting for the very first time, and he has planned out the details of the trail to the last inch, but somehow he forgot to tell us where the trail was starting from, which made it a little hard to get the new s out. But thankfully, to be ably assisted by Forest Drunk, Naughty Nicky, and a visiting Hasher from Lima in Peru, Flash Fonzi, all is now ready, and a wonderful day in the Spring Air is ready to be enjoyed.

WHEN: Sunday, 22nd September, 2013 - 11:00am for 11:30 start

HARES: Just Marcelo, Naughty Nicky, Forest Drunk, and Flash Fonzi

WHERE: Plaza Vienni, Mitre.300 y Laprida,(there's a gas station in front..), Villa Martelli(Vicente Lopez), Buenos Aires.
It's very close to General Paz, if that helps.....

WHAT TO BRING: Hash Gear, Beer Mug, Hash Fee of AR$20 - Food will be available after the run at La Ochava, a local eatery, with special prices for Hashers, such as Sanguche Vacío $25, Sanguche Bondiola $28, Choripan $15, Milanesa $25, Morcipán $15, Pollo deshuesado $25. SO bring additional funds for a nibble.

HOW TO GET THERE: Still working on this one, if anyone has any great ways please let us know - It is right by General Paz, so if you're coming by car, it should be easy.

CONTACTS: Forest Drunk (Howard), ... TBA

Should be fun :)

Inspect Her Assets(Back at Inspecting Assets for the Revenue Commissioners on Monday morning!)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Yes, check you diaries, clear the decks, and get ready for a Frashing Weekend in San Pedro (Ed's Note Where the flip is that?), at the holiday home of Forest Drunk who has offered to look after the degenerates of the BA Hash. For those of you that don't know where San Pedro is, here is a link SAN PEDRO.

The plans are for a weekend, starting with Frinking in San Pedro on Friday the 8th, followed by a Hash for All on Saturday(9th) at 2.30 for 3 start, followed by asado and entertainment, which rumour has, that a famous Boy Band from the 70's will be making an appearance - Either that or Karaoke! Sunday morning will allow heads to clear, and those that want to can run along the lovely river to take the air, or reach for the Alks Seltzer more like..

Now, much as Howard's Estancia is massive - he cannot accomodate the hordes from the Hash in their entirety, but he has negotiated a special deal with his next door neighbour, to rent their house for the weekend. Obviously this will bear a cost, and teh fairest way to deal with this is to split the cost between everyone, those staying at Howard's and those next door. With the accomodation, asado and beer, we estimate a total cost of no more than 200 pesos per head. This will depend on the numbers attending.

Obviously getting there may be a question youa re asking. Well, obviously those travelling by car may like to offer lifts to their friends, or even fellow hashers, but gailing that, there is an excellent bus service from Retiro, and Howard has offered to collect people from the bus station - BUS DETAILS HERE

It is vitally important, in order to keep the costs down, and ensure there is enough beer for all. that we know who is coming in advance. To this, Howard (Forest Drunk) is the man to tell. He can be contacted by Facebook, or by email, or at any of the Hashes in the next month - BUT, don't forget to BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment !!!!!!!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Racism within the Hash

Yes, I am afraid I have to report the most heinous of crimes by Hashers from the BA Hash House Harriers. As we all know, the one thing that we cannot accept within Hashing circles, is Racism. This Sunday past, not only did we find out that some Hashers were involved in a Competitive Race, the Buenos Aires Half Marathon, but it was a Hash Day too!!!!

My spies were out and about, and we have the photographic evidence to prove that WIndy Culo, Pinky Laid, Just Michael (about time he got a name me thinks!), Online Pussy, and most incredulously, our RA, Drill My Hole, were spotted wearing Orange and running around the City in a foot race of some sort. Obviously many down downs will ensue upon their return to the fold, although it is worth noting that at least the RA managed to complete the Race and then dash over to Ciudad Evita and take some part in the Hash - as any self respecting RA should do of course :) - He was the only one I hear!

Whilst not quite as heinous a crime, yours truly (Inspect Her Assets), was actually noted as racing on Saturday, albeit a few thousand miles away from BA (Ed's Note - No excuse for missing Sunday's Hash), but he was also seen spending the rest of Saturday in the pub drinking beer, so made up in part!

On a "slightly" more serious note, congrats to the 5 Racists from Sunday, with some very respectable times run by all, especially the FRB's, who clocked under 1 hour 30 minutes, and OnLine Pussy who set a PR. And the even better news was that Windy Culo didn't need to be Medivacd off the course this time.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hash #605 - The Evita Hash - Sunday September 8th, 2013

Spring is just around the corner, and after the joys of the Bollywood Hash last time around, it's a trip out of the city to Ciudad Evita, where Headhunter and her co-hare Just Miguel have promised a delightful hash away from the hurly-burly of Capital Federal.

As some of you might know, urbanistically speaking Ciudad Evita was designed according to Evita’s head. It means that from the air you can see the drawing of her head -not very useful information, as hashers still don’t fly-. Just in case you are interested, we will be basically running on Evita’s neck and larynx, but mostly on her mythical pad… Hence the Evita Hash....

When: Sunday September 8th, 11am to start running 11.30

Where: Autopista Ricchieri, km 20, salida El Mangrullo, Ciudad Evita. We will meet in front of estación de servicio Shell.

How to get there:

By car,

Take General Paz if you are coming from Zona Norte-Belgrano, and then take Autopista Ricchieri till exit km 20, SALIDA EL MANGRULLO. From downtown take Autopista 25 de mayo and it’s continuation Autopista Ricchieri, exit at km 20, SALIDA EL MANGRULLO.

By bus:

If you are coming from Zona Norte, Belgrano or Palermo, you can take any bus till Liniers –avenida Rivadavia and it’s intersection with Avenida General Paz. On the west side of Avenida General Paz take BUS 8 –YOU MUST ONLY TAKE BUS 8 WITH A RED SIGN INDICATING “AEROPUERTO”-. Once you enter to Ciudad Evita, ask the driver for Holiday Inn Hotel-El Mangrullo restaurant. Bus will leave you in front of estación de servicio SHELL. It could be a long way on a Sunday morning. You should calculate around one hour between waiting for the bus and arriving to the hash meeting point. You can also take bus 8, RED SIGN “AEROPUERTO” at any point of Avenida de Mayo or Avenida Rivadavia. Loooonger way. On Sundays drivers are really calm….

Shorter option, take bus 56 from Retiro to Ciudad Evita, at any of this points points: Avenida De Mayo 500-1500, Avenida Rivadavia 1500-1900, calle Combate De Los Pozos 1-300, calle Moreno 1900-3100, Avenida Independencia 300-4400. At the very end of the bus route you will find a plaza and a traffic circle with a newsstand. Walk 200 meters till Holiday Inn hotel-El Mangrullo Restaurant. We will be in front of Estación de Servicio SHELL.

By combi:

Take at the new combi’s station at 9 de Julio and Sarmiento Combi 7 DE AGOSTO, departing every 20 minutes, 35 pesos, 25 minutes to get to Ciudad Evita. Ask the driver to leave you at Puente 12, at the flowerpot’s shop –vendedor de macetas-. You should let me know in advance that you are taking the combi so we can go to pick you at this point.
Combi LA MEDALLA, leaves from the same point every hour, at 10 or 11 am, 40 pesos, takes around 20 minutes to get to Ciudad Evita and takes you DIRECTLY TO THE MEETING POINT. You should tell the driver to leave you at EL MANGRULLO. Call first just to be sure that they will take you there and that you will have a place.

What to bring: mug (you need that to drink the beer!), hash gear (far too many winter clothes being worn lately!), and don't forget MUG FOR THE BEER!

Hash fee: 40 pesos.

CONTACT: Headhunter 15 4179 8553 or Just Miguel 15 6039 9211

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets (still urling in the background!).....