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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hash #605 - The Evita Hash - Sunday September 8th, 2013

Spring is just around the corner, and after the joys of the Bollywood Hash last time around, it's a trip out of the city to Ciudad Evita, where Headhunter and her co-hare Just Miguel have promised a delightful hash away from the hurly-burly of Capital Federal.

As some of you might know, urbanistically speaking Ciudad Evita was designed according to Evita’s head. It means that from the air you can see the drawing of her head -not very useful information, as hashers still don’t fly-. Just in case you are interested, we will be basically running on Evita’s neck and larynx, but mostly on her mythical pad… Hence the Evita Hash....

When: Sunday September 8th, 11am to start running 11.30

Where: Autopista Ricchieri, km 20, salida El Mangrullo, Ciudad Evita. We will meet in front of estación de servicio Shell.

How to get there:

By car,

Take General Paz if you are coming from Zona Norte-Belgrano, and then take Autopista Ricchieri till exit km 20, SALIDA EL MANGRULLO. From downtown take Autopista 25 de mayo and it’s continuation Autopista Ricchieri, exit at km 20, SALIDA EL MANGRULLO.

By bus:

If you are coming from Zona Norte, Belgrano or Palermo, you can take any bus till Liniers –avenida Rivadavia and it’s intersection with Avenida General Paz. On the west side of Avenida General Paz take BUS 8 –YOU MUST ONLY TAKE BUS 8 WITH A RED SIGN INDICATING “AEROPUERTO”-. Once you enter to Ciudad Evita, ask the driver for Holiday Inn Hotel-El Mangrullo restaurant. Bus will leave you in front of estación de servicio SHELL. It could be a long way on a Sunday morning. You should calculate around one hour between waiting for the bus and arriving to the hash meeting point. You can also take bus 8, RED SIGN “AEROPUERTO” at any point of Avenida de Mayo or Avenida Rivadavia. Loooonger way. On Sundays drivers are really calm….

Shorter option, take bus 56 from Retiro to Ciudad Evita, at any of this points points: Avenida De Mayo 500-1500, Avenida Rivadavia 1500-1900, calle Combate De Los Pozos 1-300, calle Moreno 1900-3100, Avenida Independencia 300-4400. At the very end of the bus route you will find a plaza and a traffic circle with a newsstand. Walk 200 meters till Holiday Inn hotel-El Mangrullo Restaurant. We will be in front of Estación de Servicio SHELL.

By combi:

Take at the new combi’s station at 9 de Julio and Sarmiento Combi 7 DE AGOSTO, departing every 20 minutes, 35 pesos, 25 minutes to get to Ciudad Evita. Ask the driver to leave you at Puente 12, at the flowerpot’s shop –vendedor de macetas-. You should let me know in advance that you are taking the combi so we can go to pick you at this point.
Combi LA MEDALLA, leaves from the same point every hour, at 10 or 11 am, 40 pesos, takes around 20 minutes to get to Ciudad Evita and takes you DIRECTLY TO THE MEETING POINT. You should tell the driver to leave you at EL MANGRULLO. Call first just to be sure that they will take you there and that you will have a place.

What to bring: mug (you need that to drink the beer!), hash gear (far too many winter clothes being worn lately!), and don't forget MUG FOR THE BEER!

Hash fee: 40 pesos.

CONTACT: Headhunter 15 4179 8553 or Just Miguel 15 6039 9211

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets (still urling in the background!).....

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