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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Next Hash #556 Sunday December 4th 2011

Yes, December is on us already, and the year is drawing to its end. After the excitement of Hash Number 555 in Carilo, it's back to closer to home, and this week, the RA and Tongue y Lingus will be hosting the Hash from their place in Avellaneda. Before you all start getting your maps and Guia T's out - it's really easy to get to, and those that came last year to the bash across the river, know that they can look forward to decent run, and wonderful food from Chef Tonguey!

So here are the details:

Sunday 4th December 2011 11:00am for 11:30....

Hares: Inspect her Assets, Tongue y Lingus and Pussy Galore

Location: Solier 2585, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Directions: It's about a 15 minute driver from 9 de Julio in the centre of the Capital, and a very straight road

View Driving directions to Almirante Solier 2585, Sarandí, Buenos Aires, Argentina in a larger map

By bus: It's even easier by Collectivo - The Number 24 bus, which runs from Villa del Parque, across town, with stops near Plaza de Mayo (On Roque Saenz Pena {Diagonal Norte}, just down from the Cathedral, and very near all the subte stations that converge on Plaza de Mayo), and the journey takes around 25 minutes from Plaza de Mayo on a Sunday morning. You need to get off in Avellaneda, on Av. Belgrano at the corner of O'Higgins (best to ask the driver). From the bus stop, walk up O'Higgins, two blocks, turn left onto Solier, and the house is across the street.

What to bring: Hash t-shirt, knife and fork, plate or bowl, beer mug and your $ 25

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A few more pics from Carilo

For your pleasure and delight, some more images of Hashers doing what they do best (Ed'd Note, surely not running photos then?) - Yep, the weekend....

Hello Mum!

When the GPS fails, use the map - You are Here!

Brain Freeze - The Beer Master leaves the beer in the Ice Box too long!

CNN & Kermit catch up on old times...

Walking off into the Sunset

Hash Trash #554 & #555 - The Carilo Hawaiian Weekend

The dust has finally settled, and the weekend of the BAH3's 555th run is now a memory, and a set of photographs sitting in numerous cameras around Argentina (and maybe in St Louis and New York as well!).

The weekend started for many with the drive down Route 2 from Buenos Aires on Friday afternoon, with some having left earlier in the week and making the weekend into a family vacation. Yours truly and Tongue y Lingus traveled down with Pussy Galore and Chori All The Way, arriving in the wonderful Alpine(ish) Hamlet of Carilo just before 9 on Friday. A few margaritas (Ed's Note - Glad to see that alcohol started early!) later, and a call to Windy Culo was made to find where the Friday Pre-Lube Party was taking place.... Clearly it had been going on for some hours as directions were difficult to acquire, so a sensible decision was taken to hit he sack early and be ready for the weekend.

Saturday morning saw the sun shining brightly, with the temperatures climbing as the morning progressed. We had been joined overnight in our cabin by Shuffled Around, Open Cola and Just Veronica, with Stop In My Sex Pit due to arrive by lunchtime - But the beach was calling, and the intrepid hashsers went for a paddle(Ed's Note - Was that piddle?), in the freezing Atlantic, whilst enjoying the summer sun. The beach was busy with the temperatures having brought more than the Hash to Carilo a week before the holiday weeeknd and everyone smiling and enjoying life.

Hash #554

After lunch it was time to get down to business and prepare for Hash Number 554. Fill My Hole had steeped in with Beautiful Bristols to lay the trail, and as the Hash gathered, some old faces, Kermit and Miss Piggy were around, and even a virgin Just Clau Dia had come along, with two visiting Americans arriving just as we set off, 2FuckCanuck and Funny BoneHer from the Big Hump Hash in St Louis. The trail followed the forest paths, sandy roads and into the sand dunes that Carilo is famous for. The weather did give an appearance of changing for the worse, but the RA made a call upstairs and the rain held off until the runs were complete.

One feature of this run was the novel concept of a rolling beer stop - With the GM sidelined from running, he set out as Beer Stop Master, and after the first BS, he drove a few hundred yards down the road, and set up again, welcomed by the Wimps, as the Macho Runners went off on their hard run. Four Beer Stops later we were back at the house for the Circle, with the weather breaking, and the Circle taking place indoors, in the quincha - a wonderful way of keeping everyone under control as there was nowhere for people to slide off too.... Numerous Down Downs were delivered, with Beer Masters (existing and past) getting the brunt of things, along with far too much Sex on Trail, and Pussy Galore and Chori All The Way were given a Special Down Down for their impersonation of Wayne's World on the Drive Down (Ed's Note - Bohemian Rhapsody head Banging - Watch the Film for cultural reference!). Tongue y Lingus reached her 25 Milestone, and was presented with her T to mark the occasion. After a rendition of Swing Low lead by visiting Canuck 2 Fuck, we headed back to the cabins to get changed into Fancy Dress for the Hawaii 555 Oh No! Party.......

The Party....

As all good hashers know - What Happens in Carilo, Stays in Carilo! But, we must pay homage to Ivor The Engine and his culinary skills at cooking some wonderful meat on the parilla - The meat fell away and melted on the tongue, and was delicious. Added to that was Wire Me Baby's Mixology skills in making Pina Coladas (Ed's Note - Don't they drink Mai Tai's in Hawaii?), and flowing beer. The grass skirts were flowing, lei's were everywhere, and the Hawaii 5-0 Police force arrived in numbers, with Pussy Galore, Chori and Cum on Me Face Full suitably attired, with Cums In Class arriving in handcuffs.... (Ed'd Note - Had she rushed out after getting changed?).

Suffice to say the dancing got more energetic as the night progressed, and the beer and Pina's took effect, with the twist, the macarena, and quite a few more unusual dance moves, seen, along with the accompanying lightning and lashing rain - But we were indoors, so who cared! Fair to say that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and long into the night we partied, before heading to our beds with thoughts of Hash Number 555 in the morning.

Hash #555

Sunday morning - again the sun was cracking the flags, and despite a few sore heads, everyone (with the exception of our friends from St Louis), managed to turn up for the unveiling of the Special 555 celeste shirts made for the occassion (see Photos!), and once again Fill My Hole had been up early (Ed'd Note - Or maybe he hadn't been to bed!), and trail was set. Normally the Sunday run on a weekend away would be a hangover hash, but as this was 555, it was a full blown run, with no rest for the wicked. The Hare made great use of the Checks to keep the pack together as we ran through the shopping and restaurant area, before heading to the beach and the sand dunes to get a wonderful view across the beach to Pinamar and beyond. More Sex on Trail was witnessed, including Kermit and Stop In My Sex Pit, and Open Cola not learning the lessons of the previous day!

Although, in good hashing tradition, this RA sees nothing wrong with Hashers speeding up when approaching a Beer Stop, penalties of down downs were later administered to my good self (Ed's Note - Since when has the RA been good?) and Chori All The Way for racing to the Beer Stop, a race won by Chori, with sharpened elbows! After the Beer Stop, the machos went their separate ways, ably led by Fill the Hare, and those of us without the worst hangovers took the chance of a morning run, although the hare was suitably chastised for leading us to a Check Back 22, all the way to the Beer Stop, where a short three block jog brought is back for the circle.

The run was over, the circle commenced, and once again, the Beer Masters were suitably force fed beer, and at one point the Beer Masters Wives had to imbibe. Shuffled Around faced a down down for being so famous, that a street in Carilo, Maca, is named after her, with Miss Piggy showing her tendencies to kleptomania for the second day running, in confusing her Beer Mug with Beautiful Bristols', having misappropriated Ivor's on Saturday.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, which sadly had to draw to close as the pizzas arrived, and 555 was but a fond memory. The hashers wandered off into the sunset, and many started to look forward to 556 in Avellaneda (Ed'd Note - Not quite as romantic as Carilo me thinks!!!!)


Thanks must go out to all involved with organising the weekend, long may these annual excursions continue...... ON ON

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This Weeks Hash 554 & 555 Weekend Special, Carilo

This weeks Hash is a special Weekend Event and was sold out a few weeks ago with regard to Weekend packages, although you can always make your own way their and get accommodation. Contatc me off line if you are thinking along these lines.

Normal Local Hash will be back for #556 on Sunday December 4th, in Avellaneda - Watch this space for details...

Carilo Hashers,

Ya falta muy poco para el evento mas esperado el año!!

Van las instrucciones finales.

Hash fee total para los que no se hospedan en el hotel: $150 (adultos), $60 niños, esto incluye la comida y bebida del Hawaii Five Five Five party del sabado a la noche y el almuerzo del domingo.
Los que se hospedan en el hotel ya lo han pagado

Hospedaje: Posada del Bosque:
Donde esta?: Calles Aromo y Benteveo- Carilo
Check in: Viernes 18 de noviembre desde 15 hs
El hotel incluye el desayuno

Como llegar desde Capital?
Tomar Ruta 2 hasta llegar al KM 206 aproximadamente (cruce antes de llegar a Dolores) , subir el puente para la ruta 63 (aprox 30 km) direccion esquina de Croto para empalmar con Ruta 11
Empalmar la Ruta 11 hasta Gral. Conesa y de ahí en adelante la Ruta 56 direccion Gral. Madariaga.
Luego, tomar la Ruta 74 que los llevará a Pinamar donde se cruzarán nuevamente con la Ruta 11 para hacer los últimos 6 km hacia Cariló.
Una vez en Carilo, cruzar la calle principal (Divisadero) doblar en la siguiente cuadra ( Boyero) , hacer 4 cuadras hasta Aromo y doblar a la izquierda hasta llegar a la posada ( ver grafico explicativo)

Hash Nro 554, sabado 19 : 16.30 hs desde la Posada del Bosque

Hasta esa hora la actividad es libre a cargo de cada uno de los participantes.
Despues del Hash se viene el Hawaii Five Five Five Party , no olvidar llevar a Carilo la vestimenta acorde !!

Hash Nro 555, domingo 20: 11 hs

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hash Trash #553 - Belgrano and a Full Moon

Been a little slow in getting the Hash Trash written this week, as investigations were continuing into the mysterious disappearance of the Hash Mugs after the run, or to be honest, I had a stonking hangover on Monday, and busy since. But, better late than never, and last Sunday, the sun was shining brightly, sun screen was duly applied, and Cum on My Face Full and Cums In Class were waiting somewhere in Belgrano, although not sure if it was the place on the map, but Hashers are a notoriously intelligent bunch, (Ed's note - Some mistake there!), and before the advertised time, a motley crew had got together, with a welcome visitor, Mother Ducker, from the US and a virgin or two, one local, and one german, so once again the Hash extended it's multi-national welcome to one and all.

After a Hare Talk which confused everyone, including the hares, we set off with Cums in Class leading the way, as we set about the adventure climbing part of the trail, alongside the main road, with ups and downs beside bridges, and Mother Docker managing a Papal Impersonation as he hit the deck as he tried to cross the road and kissed the asphalt! Thankfully nothing injured, except a touch of pride, and the Hash went on its merry way.

Far too many checks were evident, unfortunately, these were checks of the traffic as we crossed the roads, as the world shortage of flour had resulted in a lack of Hash Checks, although there were a few Check Backs which resulted in some cursing from the FRB's, and remarkably, the pack did manage to find a well located Beer Stop, which did seem to last longer than usual. Hand of God was spotted racing with Ivor the Engine to the beer stop, which would be OK under normal circumstances, however HOG is only 6! (Ed's note - A good age to start on the beer?).

The macho/wimp split allowed the running Hashers to get some exercise, while the rest of the pack ambled back to the meeting point, with the sun beating down, although Beautiful Bristols was heard to remark that she was feeling chilly, with the temperatures around the 25 degree mark, she has become far too acclimatised to Argentina! The rest of the pack were sun-bathing!

The circle ensued, and Ivor The Engine was "Milestoned" for completing his 250th Hash with the Buenos Aires Hash, a notable achievement, becoming the Third Hasher to reach this Milestone in Buenos Aires, which defies his youthful looks (Ed's Note: - Brown Nosing!). With Hand of God penalised for Beer Chasing, and for reasons I cannot recall, the Argentine Hashers giving us a tuneful rendition of the Argentine National Anthem (Ed's Note: Tuneful????????), the Circle was a huge success. Mother Ducker, in true US Style, declined to tell a joke, but instead treated us to a song from Pittsburgh Hash, along with a Full Moon!

The circle went in pieces, and Choripan and Chips arrived, and were devoured, along with a fair amount of beer, before the Hash drifted off with thoughts of summer runs, and warm days ahead. Subsequently it was discovered that some of the Hash Mugs may have inadvertently ended up in the wrong bag, and if anyone found a few mugs in their bag when they got home, Inspector Knacker of Scotland Yard is seeking clues - anonymity will be assured - and a reward of a Down Down will be granted, so any information can be sent via the Confidential Hot Line (Ed's Note - That means E-Mail). On to hash #555 at Carilo over the weekend of Nov 19/20th, and a weekend filled with fun and frolics in grass skirts and flowery shirts, and a Hash Run or Two!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Next Hash # 553 Sunday November 6th 2011

Fresh from our Halloween Special, it's already time for another Hash and this week we are being treated to the leafy suburbs and parques of Belgrano and surrounds. With Drums In Class being a Virgin Hare, along with a very welcome return of Come on Me Faceful co-hareing, we are in for a great sunday hash. So warm up for Carilo and cum along to the 553rd Buenos Aires Hash and enjoy the fun

Hares: Drums in Class & Come on me Faceful

Location: Figueroa Alcorta y Juramento (opposite the YPF petrol station) - drivers surely you all know how to get there !!! If not - here is a map :)

View YPF in a larger map

If you are travelling by train: alight at Belgrano C train station on the Tigre line

By Subte: get off at Juramento on the D line

By bus: any bus to Barrancas de Belgrano or even Cabildo y Juramento walk down Juramento until you reach Figueroa Alcorta.

Better still:130 bus will stop just a couple of blocks away from our meeting point.

Time: 11 for 11.30 run

What to bring: Hash t-shirt, mug and your $ 25

What's the forecast for this Sunday Mr. RA ? (RA Confesses that the long range forecast is not great at present, but have I ever let you down?)

And now in Spanish.......

Domingo 6 de noviembre (warm up para Carilo)
Hares: Drums in class & Come on me Faceful
Lugar: Figueroa Alcorta y Juramento en frente de la estacion de YPF
Como llegar: en auto es una ruta conocida por todos (imagino), en tren a Belgrano C, en subte D a Juramento o cualquier colectivo a Barrancas de Belgrano o Cabildo + Juramento. En cualquier caso habra que caminar por Juramento hasta Figueroa Alcorta.
Hora: 11 para correr 11.30
Que traer: remera del Hash, tu beer mug y $ 25

On ON - Inspect Her Assets

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hash Trash #552 - Halloween Hash

Be Afraid, be very afraid.

At least, the quiet Sunday afternoon being enjoyed by the residents of Laguna Del Sol certainly was disturbed, and no doubt the hordes of witches and warlocks that descended, made quite a few people run for their lives and be afraid as the Halloween Hash turned up for their annual Fright Night.

Once again, the weather was wonderful as the many hashers that made their way to Doon Doon and Bad Flys humble abode, arrived for the late afternoon run, number 552 in the BsAs Hash Calendar. With the summer fast approaching, it was great to see old faces who have been unavailable over the cooler months, and lots of the young hashers entering into the spirit of Halloween. As Halloween is not a big holiday here in Argentina, I am sure many people in the locality were a little surprised and wondering what was going on, but smiles abounded as we set off after a hare talk in Spanglish from Doon Doon, and promptly managed to get lost straight away.

With the hash taking place on a Private Estate, the roads were generally free from traffic, and the checks were greeted with glee as Harriers and Harrietes searched out the true trail, and more importantly, would get us to the first beer stop before the sun turned the face paint into runny goo..... (Ed's note - See Pics, didn't work!). With the RA surprisingly out sprinting El Diablo to be first to the beer stop (Ed's note - You should see him move at Last Orders!), the pack re-assembled and enjoyed Isenbeck, before setting off on the second leg of their task, to find the second beer stop.

The second beer stop was in the picturesque setting of the lake in the centre of the estate, and more beer flowed, before the pack, with the Virgin Sebastian up at the front (Ed's note - He'll learn!), smartly followed by El Diablo, Two Secs and Good Service, and the RA still hanging in there, along with new hashers we picked up along the way, as the local children joined in for quite some distance before realising we were still running away - or more likely when someone stated that El Diablo ate little kids at Halloween!

Before we knew it, we were back at base and prepared for a long circle with many returnees, virgins and new arrival Victim and his good lady, who we hope to see more of in the future. We also had to select the Biggest Down Downs for the Which Witch is Which competition, as we had a lot of witches out on the run, including Good Service, Bad Fly, Party Pants, Red Hot Chilli, Tongue y Lingus & Shuffled Around, as well as the award for Least Scary of the day - We won't embarass anyone by saying that Easy Rides Her had made such an effort he won handsomely in the male category for Least Scary, but the Witches Award was a hung decision, and despite the RA's efforts to test out the theory of the dunking stool in the swimming pool, we let them all off with a handsome amount of beer instead.

There was one highly charged milestone with Wire Me Baby reaching his 1-69th Hash which was celebrated in the traditional way, upside down, and naturally there were some excellent spooky gags from the RA (Ed's note - He keeps trying - unfortunately!). We managed to lose one of the younger hashers who had gone off Trick or Treating, so we cut short the Circle to go and find him (he found his own way back anyway), so we were unable to pass judgement on our own Trick or Treater, Just Claudia, who had made quite an impression, with her specially designed outfit for the day. I will leave the readers to judge the merits. This is the link to the main album of pics from the Hash

Mention must be made of the On Afters, as Doon Doon and Bad Fly did the Hash proud with a wonderful parilla, delicious meat, and the vampire fangs certainly got their teeth stuck into the food. And so, as the sun had gone down, and the witching hour approached, the witches got their broomsticks out and headed home, and the black cats sat watching as we all departed from another great day out with the BA Hash House Harriers.