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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hash Trash #552 - Halloween Hash

Be Afraid, be very afraid.

At least, the quiet Sunday afternoon being enjoyed by the residents of Laguna Del Sol certainly was disturbed, and no doubt the hordes of witches and warlocks that descended, made quite a few people run for their lives and be afraid as the Halloween Hash turned up for their annual Fright Night.

Once again, the weather was wonderful as the many hashers that made their way to Doon Doon and Bad Flys humble abode, arrived for the late afternoon run, number 552 in the BsAs Hash Calendar. With the summer fast approaching, it was great to see old faces who have been unavailable over the cooler months, and lots of the young hashers entering into the spirit of Halloween. As Halloween is not a big holiday here in Argentina, I am sure many people in the locality were a little surprised and wondering what was going on, but smiles abounded as we set off after a hare talk in Spanglish from Doon Doon, and promptly managed to get lost straight away.

With the hash taking place on a Private Estate, the roads were generally free from traffic, and the checks were greeted with glee as Harriers and Harrietes searched out the true trail, and more importantly, would get us to the first beer stop before the sun turned the face paint into runny goo..... (Ed's note - See Pics, didn't work!). With the RA surprisingly out sprinting El Diablo to be first to the beer stop (Ed's note - You should see him move at Last Orders!), the pack re-assembled and enjoyed Isenbeck, before setting off on the second leg of their task, to find the second beer stop.

The second beer stop was in the picturesque setting of the lake in the centre of the estate, and more beer flowed, before the pack, with the Virgin Sebastian up at the front (Ed's note - He'll learn!), smartly followed by El Diablo, Two Secs and Good Service, and the RA still hanging in there, along with new hashers we picked up along the way, as the local children joined in for quite some distance before realising we were still running away - or more likely when someone stated that El Diablo ate little kids at Halloween!

Before we knew it, we were back at base and prepared for a long circle with many returnees, virgins and new arrival Victim and his good lady, who we hope to see more of in the future. We also had to select the Biggest Down Downs for the Which Witch is Which competition, as we had a lot of witches out on the run, including Good Service, Bad Fly, Party Pants, Red Hot Chilli, Tongue y Lingus & Shuffled Around, as well as the award for Least Scary of the day - We won't embarass anyone by saying that Easy Rides Her had made such an effort he won handsomely in the male category for Least Scary, but the Witches Award was a hung decision, and despite the RA's efforts to test out the theory of the dunking stool in the swimming pool, we let them all off with a handsome amount of beer instead.

There was one highly charged milestone with Wire Me Baby reaching his 1-69th Hash which was celebrated in the traditional way, upside down, and naturally there were some excellent spooky gags from the RA (Ed's note - He keeps trying - unfortunately!). We managed to lose one of the younger hashers who had gone off Trick or Treating, so we cut short the Circle to go and find him (he found his own way back anyway), so we were unable to pass judgement on our own Trick or Treater, Just Claudia, who had made quite an impression, with her specially designed outfit for the day. I will leave the readers to judge the merits. This is the link to the main album of pics from the Hash

Mention must be made of the On Afters, as Doon Doon and Bad Fly did the Hash proud with a wonderful parilla, delicious meat, and the vampire fangs certainly got their teeth stuck into the food. And so, as the sun had gone down, and the witching hour approached, the witches got their broomsticks out and headed home, and the black cats sat watching as we all departed from another great day out with the BA Hash House Harriers.

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