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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hash Trash #554 & #555 - The Carilo Hawaiian Weekend

The dust has finally settled, and the weekend of the BAH3's 555th run is now a memory, and a set of photographs sitting in numerous cameras around Argentina (and maybe in St Louis and New York as well!).

The weekend started for many with the drive down Route 2 from Buenos Aires on Friday afternoon, with some having left earlier in the week and making the weekend into a family vacation. Yours truly and Tongue y Lingus traveled down with Pussy Galore and Chori All The Way, arriving in the wonderful Alpine(ish) Hamlet of Carilo just before 9 on Friday. A few margaritas (Ed's Note - Glad to see that alcohol started early!) later, and a call to Windy Culo was made to find where the Friday Pre-Lube Party was taking place.... Clearly it had been going on for some hours as directions were difficult to acquire, so a sensible decision was taken to hit he sack early and be ready for the weekend.

Saturday morning saw the sun shining brightly, with the temperatures climbing as the morning progressed. We had been joined overnight in our cabin by Shuffled Around, Open Cola and Just Veronica, with Stop In My Sex Pit due to arrive by lunchtime - But the beach was calling, and the intrepid hashsers went for a paddle(Ed's Note - Was that piddle?), in the freezing Atlantic, whilst enjoying the summer sun. The beach was busy with the temperatures having brought more than the Hash to Carilo a week before the holiday weeeknd and everyone smiling and enjoying life.

Hash #554

After lunch it was time to get down to business and prepare for Hash Number 554. Fill My Hole had steeped in with Beautiful Bristols to lay the trail, and as the Hash gathered, some old faces, Kermit and Miss Piggy were around, and even a virgin Just Clau Dia had come along, with two visiting Americans arriving just as we set off, 2FuckCanuck and Funny BoneHer from the Big Hump Hash in St Louis. The trail followed the forest paths, sandy roads and into the sand dunes that Carilo is famous for. The weather did give an appearance of changing for the worse, but the RA made a call upstairs and the rain held off until the runs were complete.

One feature of this run was the novel concept of a rolling beer stop - With the GM sidelined from running, he set out as Beer Stop Master, and after the first BS, he drove a few hundred yards down the road, and set up again, welcomed by the Wimps, as the Macho Runners went off on their hard run. Four Beer Stops later we were back at the house for the Circle, with the weather breaking, and the Circle taking place indoors, in the quincha - a wonderful way of keeping everyone under control as there was nowhere for people to slide off too.... Numerous Down Downs were delivered, with Beer Masters (existing and past) getting the brunt of things, along with far too much Sex on Trail, and Pussy Galore and Chori All The Way were given a Special Down Down for their impersonation of Wayne's World on the Drive Down (Ed's Note - Bohemian Rhapsody head Banging - Watch the Film for cultural reference!). Tongue y Lingus reached her 25 Milestone, and was presented with her T to mark the occasion. After a rendition of Swing Low lead by visiting Canuck 2 Fuck, we headed back to the cabins to get changed into Fancy Dress for the Hawaii 555 Oh No! Party.......

The Party....

As all good hashers know - What Happens in Carilo, Stays in Carilo! But, we must pay homage to Ivor The Engine and his culinary skills at cooking some wonderful meat on the parilla - The meat fell away and melted on the tongue, and was delicious. Added to that was Wire Me Baby's Mixology skills in making Pina Coladas (Ed's Note - Don't they drink Mai Tai's in Hawaii?), and flowing beer. The grass skirts were flowing, lei's were everywhere, and the Hawaii 5-0 Police force arrived in numbers, with Pussy Galore, Chori and Cum on Me Face Full suitably attired, with Cums In Class arriving in handcuffs.... (Ed'd Note - Had she rushed out after getting changed?).

Suffice to say the dancing got more energetic as the night progressed, and the beer and Pina's took effect, with the twist, the macarena, and quite a few more unusual dance moves, seen, along with the accompanying lightning and lashing rain - But we were indoors, so who cared! Fair to say that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and long into the night we partied, before heading to our beds with thoughts of Hash Number 555 in the morning.

Hash #555

Sunday morning - again the sun was cracking the flags, and despite a few sore heads, everyone (with the exception of our friends from St Louis), managed to turn up for the unveiling of the Special 555 celeste shirts made for the occassion (see Photos!), and once again Fill My Hole had been up early (Ed'd Note - Or maybe he hadn't been to bed!), and trail was set. Normally the Sunday run on a weekend away would be a hangover hash, but as this was 555, it was a full blown run, with no rest for the wicked. The Hare made great use of the Checks to keep the pack together as we ran through the shopping and restaurant area, before heading to the beach and the sand dunes to get a wonderful view across the beach to Pinamar and beyond. More Sex on Trail was witnessed, including Kermit and Stop In My Sex Pit, and Open Cola not learning the lessons of the previous day!

Although, in good hashing tradition, this RA sees nothing wrong with Hashers speeding up when approaching a Beer Stop, penalties of down downs were later administered to my good self (Ed's Note - Since when has the RA been good?) and Chori All The Way for racing to the Beer Stop, a race won by Chori, with sharpened elbows! After the Beer Stop, the machos went their separate ways, ably led by Fill the Hare, and those of us without the worst hangovers took the chance of a morning run, although the hare was suitably chastised for leading us to a Check Back 22, all the way to the Beer Stop, where a short three block jog brought is back for the circle.

The run was over, the circle commenced, and once again, the Beer Masters were suitably force fed beer, and at one point the Beer Masters Wives had to imbibe. Shuffled Around faced a down down for being so famous, that a street in Carilo, Maca, is named after her, with Miss Piggy showing her tendencies to kleptomania for the second day running, in confusing her Beer Mug with Beautiful Bristols', having misappropriated Ivor's on Saturday.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, which sadly had to draw to close as the pizzas arrived, and 555 was but a fond memory. The hashers wandered off into the sunset, and many started to look forward to 556 in Avellaneda (Ed'd Note - Not quite as romantic as Carilo me thinks!!!!)


Thanks must go out to all involved with organising the weekend, long may these annual excursions continue...... ON ON

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