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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Next Hash #572 - Sunday 24th June

Time flies when you are having fun, and once again it's time to HASH. This week is the famous Chili Hash, hosted by Old Hag and Mr Mom in the Capital itself. Always a highlight of the Hash Calendar, and with winter officially arriving this week, what better way to keep warm than a Hash around town, followed by beer and one of Old Hags piping chillies!

When: Sunday, 24 June 2012
Meet at 11:00 to run at 11:30

Where: Corner of Arenales and Esmeralda
(look for the small fountain and hashers) -

Wear: Hash Attire

Bring: Mug, BOWL and SPOON

How: Go to Plaza San Martin in the city center and walk over to the
meeting place.

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Many buses, subways and trains go to Plaza San Martin......
Parking on Maipu, Juncal, Esmeralda and Arenales

Any problems or queries, give me a call on 15 5809 4939

Inspect Her Assets

Tuesday, 5 June 2012



So as the last hash was postponed, due to mismanagement, bad weather and laziness, the next hash NUMBER 571 is forecast to be a sunny one in Belgrano with Com mon ye faceful and Just Agustin in Belgrano.

WHAT: Hash #571

WHEN: Sunday, June 10th, 11:00 for 11:30.

WHERE: Belgrano: Arcos 2252 y Mendoza

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WHAT TO BRING: Mug, plate, cutlery, Hash Fee AR$30

How to get there?

Take the train to Belgrano and walk up Juramento (4 blocks) until you reach Arcos turn right and its 1.5 blocks.
There are plenty:
If you get off on Cabildo y Juramento
Then walk down Juramento (4 blocks) until you reach Arcos and turn left…
59, 68, 152, 168 and many others
If you get off at Barrancas
29, 15, 118 and many others
If you take the 60 get off on Juramento and O Higgins
Lots of options so no excuses for not showing up!!!