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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Last Hash of the Year - Sun Dec 30th

Hopefully Papa Noel managed to get you the presents you hoped for on the 25th and you dutifully imbibed & gouged yourselves. What better way to end the year, and work off the excesses, than with the Last Hash of the Year.

Our travelling Irish couple, Just Rory & Just Cat, are hosting this one, from their home in San Telmo, and Irish Hospitality will be on hand for this end of year Special, so come on down and trot around with the BA Hash.

What: Hash Number 586 - The Last Hash of the Year

Hares: Just Rory & Just Cat

When: Sunday, 30th December, @ 11 am, running at 11.30ish

Where: Estados Unidos 548, Dpto 12, San Telmo

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What to Bring: Hash Fee of AR$30, Hash Mug, Hash Shirt, Plate, Knife & Fork, Sense of Humour, A Friend.

Look forward to seeing you there -


Inspect Her Assets

Monday, 24 December 2012

Hashy Christmas to Everyone

Just a brief line to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas, and to slip in the chance to show you the pictures from the Xmas Hash at Windy Culo's.

Looking forward to the New Year, with our 20th Burpday Bash coming in April, closely followed by the 600th Hash, and with a visit promised from Ivor the Engine and Beautiful Bristols in July too.

Before all that we do have the Last Hash of the Year on Dec 30th to look forward to, full details on the 26th. So to all, Have a Great One.

Inspect her Assets

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho, it's time for The Xmas Hash, #585

Where has the Year gone. It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that we were celebrating last Xmas, with Ivor the Engine, Beautiful Bristols and family preparing to leave our shores, and here we are, putting up our stockings, roasting chestnuts, and waiting for the snow to fall. OK, well, the snow won't be falling all around, here in BA, but one thing is for sure, we have the Xmas Hash to enjoy, and this Sunday, December 16th, we head to Windy Culo's abode, up in Acassuso, for the Xmas Hash.and celebrations to follow!

Come along and enjoy the fun, run, and sun!


DATE SUNDAY 16th dec



WHAT TO WEAR.... SOMETHING RED ( Tigre Football shirt is acceptable) and Christmassy. Reindeer Ears are acceptable!

COST $30 PESOS..... KIDS A Small Charge, they eat a lot!








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Contact 15-5852-8509

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hash Trash from Tandil #'s 583 & 584

The BA Hash went wild in Tandil last weekend. At least that was the idea, but the weather was so wonderful, it was more a case of BA Hash going Tranquilo en Tandil. Twenty four intrepid Hashers set off on Friday for the drive down to Tandil, and the first hills you come to when you leave BA, only a matter of 400+ Kilomteres of flat land to stay awake alongside as you drive!

The camp site was outside of the city, and arriving in the dark, we found it easily enough, good directions from El Diablo,(and Google Maps), and our cabin was sat awaiting us. Once settled in, we had our own quincho for the weekend, and El Diablo and Drill my Hole were already setting wood alight, with You're Fired having found the local carnaceria and meat was cooking away slowly. The beer was being popped, and a great evening was had as hashers who had been missing in action for awhile were brought back into the fold.

Saturday morning, not a cloud in the sky, with the temperature already in the high 20's at 10am. It had been planned to have the first run of the weekend around 1, but a quick discussion between the GM, RA and the hares, agreed that we would push back until later in the afternoon, maybe it would be cooler! The Hashers enjoyed the weather, some sun block was being applied, and then lunch arrived! Now, personally, I have been living in Argentina for three years, and have become accustomed to the common pre-dinner picada of salami's, cheese, maybe palitos, peanuts and crisps. We were to be treated to a Picada to end all Picadas. This was Picada Tandil style... Three or four different meats, cheese to die for, and a selection of olives that were delicious, and so much of it, we left enough to act as a pre-lunch picada on Sunday, all washed down with a beer or two.

All this set us up for the Hash, we almost forgot why we had travelled south for the weekend, but finally we assembled, El Diablo and Drill My Hole gave a Hare Talk, with the trail laid in a mix of toilet paper, flour and black chalk. We were off, across fields, under barbed wire, scrambling over a stream, and climbing a hill - Not something us BA Hashers are used to! And most surprising of all - Roger the Cabin Boy was Front Running (OK, he was really front walking, as at this point nobody was running!), not a sight often seen in BA.

The trail took us up and down the hillsides, passed the spy station, with wonderful views around each corner, before finally descending into the town of Tandil itself. And what a beautiful town Tandil is. Like many Argentine towns, laid out around a central Plaza, with fountains, statues and churches looking on. An exceptionally clean city, very little graffiti, no rubbish on the streets, and pavements that were actually pavements. We had a beer stop in the Plaza, before a split in the trail with the Machos getting a few extra kilometers in, while the rest of us walked up to the castle, before descending to the reservoir, and the pristine park alongside, where we disturbed a loving couple, as we set up the circle.

The circle was extended as we welcomed back the MIA Hashers, Kama Putra and Spice Up My Clit, Visiting hasher Six Buck Fuck from Las Vegas, and our only virgin of the weekend, Juan Carlos (Forrest Drunk's father in law), with Six Buck's explanation of her name listened to with fascination (Ed's Note - Big Words!), and your intrepid RA's interview with our Virgin already up on the Internet for your pleasure... (Ed's Note - Amazing what you can do when two people don't understand a word of each others language!)... After the circle, and a few more beers, the Hash went in Remises, rather than in Pieces, as took cars back to the campsite for the evenings entertainment.

After freshening up, we descended on the quincho, where El Diablo was once again firing up the parilla, and a wonderful asado was had, with the ribs to die for, along with spectacular salads, beer, and sangria all in plentyiul supply. As the embers died on the fire, some went off to their sleep, but many of our more adventurous hashers went next door, where a singer was entertaining the locals, and before you knew it, the Hashers became the entertainers, with Shuffled Along being asked for the first dance by our Virgin Juan Carlos, (The Cup of Love was brought out the next day!), and our GM was seen bodypopping, or so some have said! The last dance of the night saw a slight mishap, with Forrest Drunk (Ed's Note - Living Up to his name!), accidently knocking Kama Putra's glasses off, thankfully he had a spare pair handy!

Sunday morning saw a few sore heads, but the sun shining brightly again, and El Diablo had once again been up at the crack of dawn (Ed's Note - Lovely girl that Dawn!), and laid trail, and the Hangover Hashers went off for their short(ish) run. There did seem to be some confusion on this run as the Hashers reappeared from three different directions upon their return. A special dispensation was granted to allow for a seated circle, and due punishments were given out for Saturday nights frolics, and the circle ended with a wonderful rendition of Singing In the Sun, and the International Hymn of the Hash, Swing Low.

But, there was more still to come, as the parilla had been roasting away, and more food and drink was consumed by all, and a huge thanks has to go to El Diablo for his efforts over the weekend, along with Drill My Hole, who ably assisted, and everyone else who helped with beer runs, food runs, and actual runs. Most of all, thanks to the City of Tandil for hosting us, even if they didn't know we were coming. On On to the next Hash, the Xmas Hash on the 16th December at Windy Culo's in Accassuso!

#583 Tandil

Thursday, 22 November 2012



Dear Hashers: We have a conversation with The Great GM, and after realise Hasher are mindless persons, He decide to change a bit, the situation, will be not a true hash if we do all for you... that's will be a tourist agent so....


To be honest organize this kind of event is necessary have an idea of how much people intend to attend... so.. for that we are charging an advance the HASH Fee of $200 pesitos...
in order to buy food and beer and heavy drugs probably as well. (Our lovely RA is Hash Cash this time)


...could be an extra charge if you pay at Tandil (cost of transportation to get more thing and all that)

About Tandil have plenty of excellent accommodation

here's a helpful link about that.




OR http://www.chacraelcentinela.com.ar/index.htm


Dormis (Hostel Style) $60 per day per person. 3 different options

Camping is actually $40 per day per person ( was employee mistake I'm sorry for that)

are 2 huts (a wood tent basically) for $150 for 2 persons a couple suit better.

ACCOMMODATION WALK DISTANCE FROM THE PLACE ( It will cost you a extra $10 fee for using hash place facilities)

Hiucha cura
http://www.huichacura.com.ar/ PRICES AND DESCRIPTION BELOW (Please mind, they accept a minimum of 2 night)

Sol de la Sierra (literally next door)
http://www.sierras.8m.com/ DESCRIPTION ON WEB SITE (Please mind, they accept a minimum of 2 night but they dont charge friday night if you stay until sunday)

$ 320 per day a full equipped cabana, until 4 persons
$ 480 per day a full equipped cabana, until 6 persons

contact phone is wrong at web site so:
right number: (0249) 15 4640 641

Please free to do any enquiry, and keep in mind will be a down down for that.



Thursday, 15 November 2012

This Week's Hash #582, Sunday November 18th

Now that Spring has arrived it's time to venture out of Capital to pastures new!

Yes, it's the Quilmes Curry Hash!

Thanks to the culinary delights of Just Jo and Simple Simon we'll be enjoying a delicious, spicy curry after the usual quality beer and enthusiastic running/walking..., and to make it even more fun, we are in Quilmes! Home of the best beer in.....well, maybe Quilmes!

Date: Sunday 18th November

Time: 11am for an 11.30 start

Place: Jo and Simon's House, St George's College, 800 Guido, Quilmes, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Hares: Pussy Galore, Just Jo and Simply Simon

Bring: AR$35, hash mug and hash t-shirt, bowl, fork and spoon

We'll be starting and finishing the run at the school, at Jo and Simon's house on site. When you come in the main entrance on Guido, explain you're with the Hash and are going to the Robert's House.
If coming by car you can park in the car park near the Pavilion, the house is next door. If you have space in your car please let other hashers know?

View Larger Map

By car: take the La Plata autopista, turn off at km 20, Quilmes and follow the road to the right to Brandsen. See the attached map for details.

By Bus: You can take the 159 bus from in front of the Post Office in capital and get off in Brandson, walking down 3 blocks.

By Train:
Or take the train from Constitution (30 minutes), get off in Quilmes and take a taxi to the school, about $16.

Hope to see many of you on Sunday!
Take care

Pussy Galore, Simply Simon and Just Jo
Tel no: 15 65697802

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This weeks Hash #581 The Halloween Hash


SATURDAY November 3rd, 2012

First off, major apologies for the late notice here on the web. I have had major problems with the internet this week, but we sent the mailing out to the regulars, so hopefully the word was getting out.

This weekend, on Saturday afternoon, we are all invited to the Halloween Hash, up at Doon Doon & Bad Fly's home in Laguna del Sol. It is a little tricky to get there, but car sharing, and a little intuition and all should get there. Don't forget to wear your most horrific outfits, and be ready to be scared1

I will be taking bookings for the Tandil Hash in the Wild, so don't forget to check out the details and book your accommodation for the weekend of December 1st/2nd.

Please note that this weeks Halloween Hash is on Saturday, starting at 4pm for 4:30 off, so no excuses accepted of being unable to get up in time - Yep, even YOU!!!

DATE SATURDAY November 3rd

TIME 16 Hs or 4pm to those of us who wern't in the army!

PLACE Laguna del Sol lote 650 Gral. Pacheco

HOW TO COME En Castellano....Tomar la ruta Panamericana salir en el km 23,5 Camino del Buen Ayre Nordelta. Pasar el peaje y seguir hacia tu derecha dirección Nordelta Bancalari. Pasar frente al Walmart a tu derecha. Siguen hasta la rotonda y toman derecho dirección Nordelta. No cruzar las vías!!!
En la dirección a Nordelta y pasando el Colegio Pilgrims tendrán la entrada a Laguna del Sol a tu derecha. Ok?

WHAT TO BRING Shorts, running shoes, plate, cutlery, mug, Scary Fancy Dress....

HASH FEE AR$30, Children AR$10

Any problems on the day, call Inspect Her Assets on 15 5809 4939.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hash Trash #580 The GM's Burpday!

Saturday, yes you read that right, Saturday, saw the Hash heading to Nunez and the GM's abode, for the Special Burpday Bash to celebrate Footsies 39th Birthday (Ed's note - Creep!).

The weather was once again, absolutely perfect for a Hash, thanks to the hard work of the RA, despite the forecast predicting storms. Needless to say, there wasn't a cloud in the sky as the Hashers congregated at the starting point. A few subway delays meant a late start, but soon we were on our way, with the FRB's setting off at a lively pace, while the wimps strolled along in the spring sunshine.

With the sun, we welcomed back some MIA Hashers, with Roger the Cabin Boy back from his Australian sabbatical, with Sextasis and Down Town Matias making a welcome return, Cosita y Cosito Correntino back to visit, and three virgins entering the fold too!.

The FRB's made rapid headway to the Beer Stop, but Footsie was concerned that the Wimps had decided to sunbathe in the parks, as he used technology (Ed's note - He telephoned Old Hag to check up on us!. Of more concern, was that the Beer Master, Doon Doon, had under-estimated the alcoholic consumption of those front runners, and by the time the wimps arrived, there was only one bottle of beer left (Ed's Note - Serves them right for being so slow!).

At this point, the trail split, with the Machos heading off on a run along the railway line, whilst the wimps, joined by a couple of FRB's who had decided to take the second half easy, took the train, which certainly shortened the exercise part of the journey!

Once back on trail, the On In was back along the Out trail, so saving flour and energy from our hares, a clever ruse (Ed's Note - Maybe Footsie needs to save energy at his age!), and soon we were back at the starting point and raring to go for the circle. But not before Pussy Galore managed to fall over a dog in the park, although some reported that our sweet pussy just lashed out at the dog, the pussy lost, as she landed face down, thankfully not badly injured, but, One-Nil for Doggie Power!

The circle was it's usual hectic self, with down downs a plenty. Notably Anal Friendly was made to drink out of the piss pot for falling asleep at the last hash (Ed's Note - He may have been a tad tipsy!), Wire Me Baby and Good Service were reported for in-depth conversations, and made to drink out of the Cup of Love, while Forrest Drunk was punished for having a drag of a Marlboro whilst allegedly running! The welcome returnees were welcomed back in beer, and our three virgins, Andreas from Denmark, Alison from England, and Richard from Ireland, were given a typical BA Hash Hello.

The final act of the day was the naming ceremony for the Hasher formerly known as Just Tomas. There was much deliberation, and various suggestions, before a Cheer of Acclaim was given, and Just Tomas was no more. He is to be forever known as Drill My Hole. Beer and breadcrumbs were used to anoint our latest victim, and the circle was releaeed in pieces to enjoy the food that was ready to be served.

See you all at the next hash, which also will be on a Saturday, the Halloween Treat, on November 3rd, at Doon Doon and Bad Fly's Palace, north of the city. Full details to be posted soon.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Next Hash #580 The GM's Burpday Hash!

Time flies, and it is the 39th birthday, (Ed's Note - Some mistake, surely?) of our illustrious leader, the GM, Footsie, and for some reason unknown to man, he wants to celebrate it with a great HASH (Ed's Note - Oh well, that's one down), while he can still run and before he grows too old, (Ed's Note - Two down!).

After recent runs in Puerto Madero, Boca, and San Telmo, we move to Nunez, and the GM's Home is being opened up for it's annual Hash Bash. Also on the agenda this week, will be Inspect her Assets taking bookings for the Tandil Hash in the Wild, so don't forget to check out the details and book your accommodation for the weekend of December 1st/2nd.

Please note that this weeks GM Burpday Hash is on Saturday, starting at 4pm for 4:30 off, so no excuses accepted of being unable to get up in time - Yep, even YOU!!!

DATE SATURDAY October 20th

TIME 16 Hs or 4pm to those of us who wern't in the army!

PLACE Footsie´s and Party Pant´s home at Arias 2040 – Nuñez - Capital

View Larger Map

HOW TO COME You should know by now (Ed's Note - The GM wrote that bit!)
Rivadavia station by train from Retiro or Tigre. 3 blocks away from Gral. Paz, 3 blocks from Av. Libertador, 3 blocks from Cabildo 4400
Many buses like 60, 152, 68, 59, 161, 39
Also bus 130 with red sign (Munro) to Arcos. 1 block away from home

WHAT TO BRING Shorts, running shoes, plate, NO cutlery, mug, GM's Burpday Present!

Any problems on the day, call Inspect Her Assets on 15 5809 4939.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hash going Wild!

Hold onto your hats, the mis-management committee have come up with a weekend Hash event that will go down in the anals of history. Clear your diaries for the weekend of December 1st/2nd, and come to the Hash in The Wilds of Tandil.

Due to very reasonable accommodation prices and five stars rooms, the Hash Mismanagement has chosen Camping Chacra el Centinela for sleeping and activities. Thanks to El Diablo, we will be able to enjoy this beautiful spot in Tandil.

We will have more details over the next week or so, but here are the outline plans. If you want to book accommodation at Camping Chacra el Centinela please do it through me (Inspect Her Assets), NOT directly with the site. If you prefer to stay elsewhere, but still want to enjoy the Hash events, no problem, but please let me know you are coming!

Hash Fees: AR$200 for beer and food for runs, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch.
Extra beer provided between runs for free, thanks to our Beer Master’s generosity.

Runs: Saturday 12:30 Down Downs Picada de Tandil
Sunday 11:30 Down Downs El Diablo’s Cooking

Hash Party Saturday evening with Big Asado and Party

Friday night?: We do not know yet, but something will happen as Hashers arrive.
We could prepare an asado, as many parrillas available.


Camping chacra el Centinela

El Diablo has known the owner for more than 10 years now.
He spoke with her and she loves the idea of celebrate a Hash in there (poor thing, she has’nt got a clue).

This will be the main place to stay, sleep and eat.
Main Hash activities will take place here.

Here some brief description of facilities and prices:
All this is inside a 20 hectareas fully equipped private place, with 2 quinchos for party, cooking, asado, large "tanque australiano" for swimming well actually drink a G&T and chill out, good showers, massive toilets (?????Massive???), small store, free range turkeys and chickens. Not sure whether we can hunt them, but for sure good eggs..., horses, and much more but I'll keep some surprises for the Hash.
5 min by car to the city.

2 Cabanas (hut): basically a wooden tent! with a mattress and that's it (very nice to be honest, but yes you need a adventurous spirit) cost $120 for 2 pax a night.

3 dormis basically if you remember a hostel you got it, its cost $60 per person per night, capacities are
1 until 14 pax
1 until 18 pax
1 until 60 pax

1 big fat campsite: place your tent where ever you like for $25 a night.
Includes parrillas, bathroom, etc.

Hashers going to be at Camping Chacra el Centinela MUST book with and pay to Liam - Details to follow

If staying at HUICHACURA, Pls. ADVISE Inspect Her Assets for we need to know for other arrangements.


Also I spoke with www.huichacura.com.ar is a 5 to 30 min walk (depends how drunk you are, but no worries is no roads between both, just a walking path entre las sierras).
They have 7 full equipped cabañas (full kitchen, direct tv and wifi)
1 up to 12
1 up to 6
4 up to 5
1 up to 4

prices: they charge by person so per night is,

from 11 to 12 pax pay 1200 total
from 8 to 10 $1000 total
from 6 to 8 $700 total
from 4 to 6 $ 600 total
from 2 to 4 $ 500 total
from 1 to 2 $450 total


By car: follow you bloody GPS or a map. 355 km from Congreso.
By bus: From 3 companies Rio Parana, La estrella Condor or El Rapido ticket cost $140 each way
By train: from Constitucion. $80 each way, dep Friday 4pm arrive around 12am

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Web SIte Breaks Barrier!

Blowing our own trumpet here, but this week has seen the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers website record it's 15,000 visit in the 18 months it has been up and running. That's around 30 hits a day over the period. A closer examination of the stats, shows that we have had 3,042 unique visitors here in that time, and I would hope that it has added to the virgins that have turned up to add to the Hash here.

Apologies for those who were looking for something else when they Googled "Hash in Buenos Aires", but hopefully, most were looking for us.

ON ON to the next few thousand!

This weeks Hash - Welcome to Barracas!

#579 Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Yes, time really does fly, and here we are with another Hash this weekend, with "You're Fired" hosting and Hareing from his home in Barracas. This a Virgin Hareing occasion, so don't forget to bring your praises for the hare songs! We all have to venture for a first time, Do you Remember Your First?

Please note the location has a security checkpoint. As it is impossible to give a full list of names as to who will be attending, advise the security guard that you are there for the Hash with Cristian Valls, and if there are any problems, see the numbers below.

The RA has once again checked with him upstairs, and he has promised to keep the rain off until after the Hash, so I hope he has his clocks set for the right time zone, as I only asked from between 11 and 2 - hope that is OK for you. Look forward to seeing old hashers and new alike at this weeks fun..... ON ON....

Time: 11 for 11.30

Hare: You're Fired!

Location: Av. M. Montes de Oca 169, Barracas, between Finochietto and Ituzaingó.

Cost: Back to normal this week, AR$30 for the run, beer and food!

How to Get There: Bus lines : 17, 98, 102, 12, 60, 168 and 70, all stop in front of, or within 4 blocks. It's very close to Constitucion Station, where the Subte finishes, you can walk from there!

View Larger Map

What to bring: Hash Mug, Plate, Cutlery, Hash Gear, and don't forget your 30 pesos, along with a sense of humour! (And a Friend!).

ON ON = Inspect Her Assets

Emergency Number:

In case of disorientation call Inspect Her Assets 15 5809 4939, or You're Fired (Cristian) on 11 6969 8744.

Friday, 21 September 2012



Due to circumstances totally out of their control, Ramiro & Joanne are unable to host and hare the planned Hash this Sunday as previously advised. Our thoughts are with them at this time.

We are fortunate to have a visitor from Australia, (Stewy), who has offered to step in at the last minute and lay trail for us in the same San Telmo area, with a little logistical help from myself. Unfortunately, this means no asado this time, and due to the timing, the mis-management committee have agreed that this will be a Beer Only Hash, with the cost reduced to AR$10 on the day, with the option for people to go to the Gibraltar Pub, after the circle, for lunch (at your own expense - but they have a great menu).

The New Details.

Same time 11 for 11.30

New Location: Meet outside The Gibraltar Bar at Peru 895, San Telmo (Two blocks from the original plans). The Bar will not be open when we meet, it opens at 12. There is a Car Park right next to the Bar, so places for bags to be stored if some folk bring a car!

Cost: Only 10 pesos - Beer Hash (Bring money if you fancy lunch afterwards at the Pub!)

Apologies for the short notice, but don't let that put you off, as the weather will still be lovely. Grateful thanks to Stewy for offering to step in at the last minute, and look forward to seeing as many there as possible for the First Spring Hash of the year!

ON ON = Inspect Her Assets

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This Weeks Hash!

#578 Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Spring arrives this weekend, although as I write this, winter is pounding at the door. Naturally, your RA is predicting a wonderfully warm (20 degrees), sunny Spring Day for Hash Number 578, this Sunday, in San Telmo. As it's Spring we will follow the Hash with our first asado of the new season, so get out the shorts, bring the tanning oil (Ed's note - Or umbrellas!), and head over to the wonderful barrio of San Telmo, where your hosts and hares, Can't Say No and Simply Ramiro wili be cooking up a treat, with El Diablo assisting on the trail.

Please note for those who have previously been entertained by Can't Say No (Ed's Note - She never can!), she has moved, so don't head to the old homestead!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
Meet at 11:00 to be ready at 11:30

Can't Say No, Simply Ramiro & El Diablos

Sunny, 20 degC

San Telmo. The start point will be from Apartment 9, Peru 715, San Telmo. This is between Chile and Independencia, directly opposite the restaurant Gran Parilla del Plata, on the corner of Chile & Peru.

View Larger Map

Very easy to get to from all points of the city by public transport. Seven blocks from Plaza de Mayo and all the subte central stations.

Drivers: Parking garages are your best bet as there is a market on Defensa a few blocks away, although parking is usually easy around 11 on a Sunday morning.

Beer Mug, Plate, Knife & Fork, Hash Gear

It is hash time...

Emergency Number:
In case of disorientation call
Inspector Assets 15 5809 4939

30 Peso - A bargain!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hash Trash #577 Sept 9th, 2012!

#577 The One with the Prussian Hares

Once again the sun was shining on the Hash as the seasons are turning from winter to spring, and there were certainly a few legs showing this Sunday as the Hash went in search of San Isidro, and a trail laid by our co-hares Wire Me Baby and Just Thomas, the guys with the Prussian connection!

We were also blessed by the return from his money laundering (Ed's note - You mean Vacation!) trip to Miami, by the GM, and for the first time in 7 months, yours truly, the RA, was going to attempt to actually do the hash, with the old back starting to mend. It was also noted that the Buenos Aires 1/2 Marathon had taken place earlier that morning, which depleted our ranks, as many of our Hashers are Racists, and with the delightful exception of Online Pussy, it was too much to expect them to come to the Hash. The worst example of this was Windy Culo, who called just before the start of the Hash to say he couldn't make it there, as it was too hard to get there after the 21K run,(he lives 6 blocks from the Hash start!).

As the sun shone, it soon transpired that Just Thomas has been out laying trail at 6am, while Wire Me Baby had a good lie-in. We were informed that the Mack Trail was around 11Km, while the wimps would enjoy/endure, only 4km today, to which news there was much rejoicing! JT put his geophysical skills to the test and had managed to lay a very clear trail, with arrows, flour, and some strange lettering that only he understood, having used Ancient Prussian, or might as well have! Wire Me Baby was still enjoying his beauty sleep!

The pack set off, with the Machos racing away, while the Wimps enjoyed the sun, and some great conversation as they followed the trail through Accasusso and Martinez, to a welcome beer stop, manned by Wire Me Baby, who had finally got out of bed! The trail had been excellently designed to ensure that both groups were not far apart, with the cries of On On being heard on parallel blocks. The second beer stp was by the Tren de la Costa, and with the added benefit of going up and down the only bloody hills in Buenos Aires, as a special treat!, the Machos headed off for thier extra beer stop, while the wimps beat them back to the start after the longest 4km Hashever, obviously Kilometres in Bottrop iin Germany are a lot longer than in Argentina.... Ummm, and he's a geophysicist.....!!!

The circle ensued, as Wire Me Baby disappeared again, probably for a nap, and suitable punishments were issued to those wearing racist shirts, medals, and any other reason we could think of for a down down. We initiated a virgin, Nathan from Tulsa, who seemed to enjoy the singing and the beer, so we hope we haven't frightened him away. WMB suddenly arrived back, carrying food, so we forgave him for everything as we tucked into Asian noodles, which was a first for me at least. Just as the hash was concluding, we were thrilled by the arrival on an ex GM, Underhung, along with Sextasis and Doggie Style, who had been half marathoning earlier in the day, with Underhung on a short visit back from his new location in New Zealand.

Another great hash, thanks to the hare(s), and all those who took part, here's to the next one on Sep 23rd in San Telmo.

On On....


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Next Hash #577 Sunday 9th September

Next Hash #577 Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Apologies for the late notice! Blame WMB ;)...Here is the description of the next hash.

Spring is approaching and it is time to bring your body to shape... We have to "look good naked" and we know that beer bellies are month-long hard work!
Thus, wire me baby and his skiivy have set up a walk in the park in Buenos Aires's most beautiful and residential neighbourhood. Magnificient parks, alleys and the picturesque-muddy golden river will guarantee the mob a fantastic non-competitive run... Finally, hop-rich fluids and some Asian food will compensate any losses of energy.

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Meet at 11:00 to be ready at 11:30

Wire Me Baby & Just Thomas

Sunny, 11 degC
Sunny, 11 degC

Plaza Pueyrredon, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

(a) Eco-warriors: train, take Mitre Line from Retiro to estacion Acassuso (30 min, 10th stop), get out of the train and walk towards north
(b) Drivers: parking spots around the plaza available

Mug, Bowl, Spoon, Plate, Fork, Hash gear

It is hash time...

Emergency Number:

In case of disorientation call
Inspector Assets 15 5809 4939 or
Wire Me Baby 15 4949 2112

30 Peso


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

BAH3 20th Birthday Bash and Pretty Pictures from #576

As I'm not running, I can't comment too much on the recent Hashes here in wonderful "Sunny" Buenos Aires. What I can say is that the quality of food at the On Afters continues to impress, and last Sunday saw a wonderful Gumbo created by Old Hag, which was welcome and warming on a cool day when the sun ducked behind a cloud.

I did make the Circle, and was interested in Mr Mum's choice of trail markings, photographs! A very different way to lay trail, and it went down well with the Hashers, with Good Service, Online Pussy and Fossil Fuck, appearing to win Hash Shirts for collecting the right amount on their travels (Ed's Note - I have no idea either!).

While the reports may not be up to scratch, we seem to have an abundance of Hash Flashes off late, and I have collated the various shots into one, very large, collection, which I hope you will enjoy over a beer or three (it may take three beers to get through the lot!).



As we all know, the Hash can only operate with the co-operation and assistance of its members, and as such we are always on the look out for Hares for our runs. We are presently short for the 7th of October, so feel free to offer your services. As ever, your mis-management team will offer any assistance, and with spring well in the air by then, I am sure it will be a lovely day for a run with YOU hareing, and gaining kudos from all your fellow harriers!


For those of you who have been in attendance at recent Hashes, you will know that the mis-management committee have been talking about a MAJOR event next year for the BA Hash. Next April, we will celebrate our 20th Birthday, and we are planning an event to surpass all previous birthday bashes, with fun, beer, a red dress run, beer, food, beer, a BIG party, beer, and a run from the location of the very first BA Hash run, back on April 23rd 1993, at Belgrano Golf Club, oh yes, did I mention, BEER!

The weekend of April 20/21st has been penciled in for the festivities, and while we have to agree all the details, the general plan is to have a Red Dress Run on the Saturday in the Capital, followed by a Special Gala Party, (Theme to be advised), on Saturday night, with the 20th Birthday Run on Sunday afternoon, culminating in the Circle to end all Cirles. Hopefully as many ex BA Hashers will join us for the fun, along with many others from around the World who may be interested in a BIG BASH in BA. Invites will be going out to ex GM's and RA's, so the circle could be as well organised as ever!, and if you are in contact with anyone who may have dropped off the mailing list, or are unaware of our new media outlets, here and on Facebook, please let them know, and get the dates in your diaries and agendas now.

Full information will be released as soon as we have got more details.

As the longest running Hash in South America, we want to celebrate in style. Whilst not going as far as talking up a Pan South American Interhash, the invite will be going out to all our fellow hashes in South America and beyond, to come along and enjoy the fun in BA next April - so, no excuses, you have been warned, April 20/21, 2013, the BA Birthday Bash...... You won't want to miss it!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Next Hash #576 Sunday August 26th

These Hashes sure come around quickly, it seems like it was only last week that we had one (Editors Note - It was!).... Well this week we are off to the City again, so no excuses about public transport. or even parking, as we are graced with the hosts of Mr Mum and Old Hag. Mr Mum always sets a great trail. but he has asked if anyone can help him set the trail this week, as he has some tricks up his sleeve, please let either me or Mr Mum know if you can help.

Not to be forgotten after the run, Old Hag will be cooking up one of her, not to be missed, specialalities... So lace up your runners, and get yourself down for the best Hash in South America ;)

When Sunday, 26 Aug 2012
meet 11:00 to run at 11:30

Near statue of San Martin at Plaza San Martin - we will be at or near t the small fountain on the corner of Esmeralda and Arenales.

How: Go by Bus, Subte or Train to Retiro station / Plaza San Martin
Car - parking on Arenales, Maipu or Juncal

Bring MUG, BOWL, SPOON, plate, fork,
Wear Hash gear

Why: Hash Day - Rain or Shine

Cost: 30 pesos per person

Any problems on the day call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939, or Mr Mum, especially if you can help lay some trail on 15 6678 6221


Thursday, 9 August 2012


Apologies for the late notice this week, but we had to make a change of plans at the last minute, as Wire Me Baby mixed his dates up, and we were going bald at the start of the week (hareless - geddit?). But our newly named Anal Friendly and Just Bren have stepped into the breach, and will lay trail in the familiar surroundings of Palermo.

Let's hope the subte is back on track by Sunday, if not check the Guia T for collectivos that head that way, there are lots.

LOCATION Armenia 1900, on the corner of Nicaragua, Palermo. On the corner of the Plaza there.

HARES - Anal Friendly & Just Bren.

TIME - 11:00 for 11:30 start

HOW TO GET THERE - The Subte Line D is your best bet (if it's working) by Public Transport, with Scalabrini Ortiz Station being your target. One up into daylight. you are on Av. Santa Fe. Walk 2 blocks uo Santa Fe, in the direction the train was going if you coming from the city, and turn onto Armenia. Walk down Armenia, crossing Quemes first, and 5 blocks brings you directly to the corner of Nicaragua.

If you are coming by car, then get to Santa Fe, and using the wonderful one way system in Palermo, and the map below, you should be able to find it with ease. There are plenty of buses that use Santa Fe as well, heading to Plaza Italia, again, if you arrive there, check the map, it's only a short walk.

WHAT TO BRING - Hash mug, Plate, Cutlery, AR$30 Hash Cash, Wear a Hash Shirt if you have one,
If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hash Trash from Avellaneda - The Chorizo Hash

Yep, we were back in the south this weekend, with the Third Anal Avellaneda Hash hosted by the RA and the Hash cook, Tongue y Lingus. Given my bad back, I was unable to lay much trail, (two blobs I think!), and so, Viagra Spices, visiting us once again from New York, (or Florida, or Philadelphia!), kindly offered his assistance, and a wonderful trail was laid around streets that he had no idea where they went to!! (Despite great instructions!).

As the Hashers arrived, the hare had still not returned. A text message from Just Cristina(Not THAT one!)announced she was arriving (late), and the GM decided to delay the start until 12, in the hope that the hare would return. (This also allowed the GM and one or two others to imbibe some Whisky Flavoured Alcohol to warm them up before the run!) He didn't return, so, trail instructions were given, and it seemed we had a live hare for this run - or, very possibly a dead hare lying in a ditch somewhere having taken a wrong turning along the way. Thankfully that wasn't the case, and off the Hashers went, with a unique Macho/Wimp split at the start. Five minutes later the Wimps were back, as they had found a cunning False Trail mark, intended for the Machos, but they were sent packing with instructions, and the Beer Stop Crew set off some ten minutes later, just as the Hare returned.

Unfortunately, due to the pack taking a wrong turn somewhere along the way, the Beer Stop wasn't reached by the pack, and a phone call advised those of us at the Beer Stop that the first Hashers had returned home. So, quickly packing up the beer, we all returned, and, thankfully everyone returned safely.

The circle took place on the roof terrace,(posh name), with the GM enthralling everyone with his down downs for the returnees, and as the beer flowed, notably on the floor following some Beer Crimes from Viagra Spices, the songs were screamed out, with the GM and Doon Doon, finally understanding the words of Number 17, soon to replace, "What a Wank" as their favourite. The final act of the day was the naming of Just Gonzalo, who has hardly missed a hash since his virginity was lost, and given his amicable nature, and Just Brenda informing us about his attention to detail, the name that sprung to many a mind was Anal Friendly, and so he was baptised!

Once the circle was complete, and the Hash had been sent away in pieces, the throng moved downstairs for the highlight of the day (more beer? - NO!),the Chorizo a la Portuguesa (or something like that!), the dish of the day, cooked up by Tongue y Lingus. Although it was a beautiful sunny day (As usual, thanks to the RA), there was a chill in the air, and the Chorizo certainly hit the spot with one and all.

Another great Hash was completed. It may have been a little shorter than anticipated, but given the Hare was from New York, it still was entertaining, sidling past El Tano Parilla along the way, which no doubt helped to get the taste buds going before the Chorizo later. The beer flowed, the circle managed to catch many a Hasher, and once again, everyone went home with a smile on their face. And the whisky bottle was empty!

ON ON to the next Hash on the 12th August, where Wire Me Baby will be hareing!

And here are the pictures from Sunday, as collated from the various Hash Flashers :)

#574 Avellaneda

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This Weeks Hash - Sunday July 29th # 574

NEXT HASH DETAILS _ SUNDAY July 29th - 11:00 for 11:30

Winter is upon us, but never fear the hash goes on, and Tongue y Lingus is cooking up a warming feast for after this weeks Hash, coupled with beer, what better way to spend a Sunday.. Your RA and Tongue y Lingus will be hosting the Hash from their place in Avellaneda. Before you all start getting your maps and Guia T's out - it's really easy to get to, and those that came to the last couple of annual Avellaneda Hashes across the river, know that they can look forward to decent run, and wonderful food from Chef Tonguey! As a special treat, given my back is still far from fully operational, we have a guest Hare - Viagra Spices from New York will be setting the main part of the trail, so it should be an interesting run in an area that many of you will nor know (including the Hare!) - always fun on a Hash....

So here are the details:

Sunday 29th July 2012 - 11:00am for 11:30....

Hares: Viagra Spices, Inspect her Assets and Tongue y Lingus

Location: Solier 2585, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Directions: It's about a 15 minute driver from 9 de Julio in the centre of the Capital, and a very straight road

View Larger Map

By bus: It's even easier by Collectivo - The Number 24 bus, which runs from Villa del Parque, across town, with stops near Plaza de Mayo (On Roque Saenz Pena {Diagonal Norte}, just down from the Cathedral, and very near all the subte stations that converge on Plaza de Mayo), and the journey takes around 25 minutes from Plaza de Mayo on a Sunday morning. You need to get off in Avellaneda, on Av. Belgrano at the corner of O'Higgins (best to ask the driver). From the bus stop, walk up O'Higgins, two blocks, turn left onto Solier, and the house is across the street.

What to bring: Hash t-shirt, knife and fork, plate or bowl, beer mug and your Hash Fee of $30

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets

Any problems, call me on 15 5809 4939

Thursday, 12 July 2012



After the short break of the 9 de Julio Holiday, we are back with a bang this Sunday with what's promised to be another great Hash, headed up by Just Gonzalo and his team, in Nunez. Whilst this is a familiar area to the Hash, with the GM living close by, we are promised a new slant on the run by our hares, so what better way to brush away the winter blues, drag yourself away from reading 50 Shades of Grey, lace up your runners, and head out with the best Drinking Club with a Running Problem there is!

WHAT: Hash # 573

WHEN: Sunday, July 15th, 2012 @ 11:00 am with a prompt start (5 minutes late @ 11:30 am

HARES: Just Gonzalo, Soft Dick & You're Fired

WHERE: Crisologo Laralde 2627 - 1A - Nunez


View Larger Map

GETTING THERE: Subte Line D to Congreso de Tucuman. It's a 9 block walk up Cabildo, check the map above. It's just off one of the main bus roads in BA, Cabildo, and many buses head along here, 152, 59 & 68, all depending where yu are coming from.

WHAT TO BRING: Hash Shirt, Plate, Hash Mug, Hash Fee of AR$30, An appetite, and a Friend!

NOTE: The apartment security are expecting us, any problems ask for Gonzalo Luchinetti.

On On - Inspect Her Assets

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Next Hash...


As this coming weekend is a Major Holiday here in Argentina, we are not holding a Hash, so the Next Event will be Number 573 on Sunday July 15th, with full details available early next week.

Inspect Her Assets

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Next Hash #572 - Sunday 24th June

Time flies when you are having fun, and once again it's time to HASH. This week is the famous Chili Hash, hosted by Old Hag and Mr Mom in the Capital itself. Always a highlight of the Hash Calendar, and with winter officially arriving this week, what better way to keep warm than a Hash around town, followed by beer and one of Old Hags piping chillies!

When: Sunday, 24 June 2012
Meet at 11:00 to run at 11:30

Where: Corner of Arenales and Esmeralda
(look for the small fountain and hashers) -

Wear: Hash Attire

Bring: Mug, BOWL and SPOON

How: Go to Plaza San Martin in the city center and walk over to the
meeting place.

View Larger Map

Many buses, subways and trains go to Plaza San Martin......
Parking on Maipu, Juncal, Esmeralda and Arenales

Any problems or queries, give me a call on 15 5809 4939

Inspect Her Assets

Tuesday, 5 June 2012



So as the last hash was postponed, due to mismanagement, bad weather and laziness, the next hash NUMBER 571 is forecast to be a sunny one in Belgrano with Com mon ye faceful and Just Agustin in Belgrano.

WHAT: Hash #571

WHEN: Sunday, June 10th, 11:00 for 11:30.

WHERE: Belgrano: Arcos 2252 y Mendoza

View Larger Map

WHAT TO BRING: Mug, plate, cutlery, Hash Fee AR$30

How to get there?

Take the train to Belgrano and walk up Juramento (4 blocks) until you reach Arcos turn right and its 1.5 blocks.
There are plenty:
If you get off on Cabildo y Juramento
Then walk down Juramento (4 blocks) until you reach Arcos and turn left…
59, 68, 152, 168 and many others
If you get off at Barrancas
29, 15, 118 and many others
If you take the 60 get off on Juramento and O Higgins
Lots of options so no excuses for not showing up!!!

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Hi all,

As we were struggling to get hares with this being a holiday weekend, the mis-management committee have decided to postpone the planned Hash this weekend, and take a good look at the planned dates, so that we avoid the plethora of three day weekend holidays here. Many people head off for the weekend when the holidays are upon us, and its easy to plan around that to jet maximum participation.

A full list of dates for the coming months will be published at the beginning of the week, so keep an eye out for the mail and details on the web site.

Don't forget, the Hash relies on hares to lay trail, so volunteers are needed each hash. With our present numbers hashing, you only need to hare once or maybe twice a year, so please, once the dates are out, step forward, don't be shy (as if a hasher ever could be).

PS... Thanks to Agustin & Samantha who volunteered to hare sunday, but hopefully you will be able to hare at the first opportunity in the very near future.


Inspect Her Assets

Wednesday, 16 May 2012



Last year, the stalwarts of the Buenos Aires Hash set sail for Colonia in Uruguay, to meet up with our fellow Hashers from the Uruguay HHH. We had a great weekend, with dining and fun on the Saturday. followed by a very entertaining Hash on the Sunday, which certainly visited the Rio de la Plata, culminating in the takeover of a restaurant for fun and frolics as the afternoon progressed.

This weekend, we return the favour in hosting the Second Hash del Rio de la Plata, here in Buenos Aires. Our colleagues from Uruguay are crossing the Rio and arriving here on Saturday, so naturally we plan to ensure they have a great time. Roger The Cabin Boy and Red Hot Chilli have planned the weekend, along with Late CheckIn and La del Millon from Uruguay.

This is an event not to miss, with the Sunday Hash bound to be spectacular, along with the On Afters in Breoghan's Bar on the Sunday. Saturday night sees dinner, and no doubt a lot of fun, at Desnivel Parilla in San Telmo, so clear the diary fior theweekend and let's make the whole weekend a success.


Gather for drinks and dinner, 8:00 for 8:30 at Desnivel Parilla, 855 Defensa, San Telmo. Please arrive on time as this restaurant fills up quickly. The fixed price menu is AR$80, with drinks extra.


WHERE: Paseo Colon y Independencia, San Telmo, by the monument in the centre of the plazoleta.

TIME: 11:00 for 11:30 am

BRING: Hash mug, BsAs Hash T-Shirt

HASH FEE: AR$60 or URG$250... Note, this includes Hash Beer, and food and a drink at the On Afters in the Bar.

ON AFTERS: After the run, we head back to Breoghan's Bar on Bolivar 860, for down downs, food, drinks, and even a few raucous songs.

Photos are from the First Hash del Rio de la Plata, last year in Uruguay.

Any queries contact Roger The Cabin Boy on 3625-8081 (English) or Red Hot Chilli on 4044-5978 (Spanish) or myself, Inspect Her Assets on 5809 4939.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Well, that time has come around once again...for a trip down south, to explore places you've never been to before, see new wonderful sights and meet us southerners! Yes it's the Quilmes Adventure Hash!

Hash #569............

Date: Sunday 13th May

Time 11am for an 11.30 start

Place: Jo and Simon's House, St George's College, 800 Guido, Quilmes, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Bring $30, Plate, knife & fork, hash mug and hash t-shirt

Yes, we'll be starting and finishing the run at the school, thanks to the generosity of Just Jo and Just Simon. When you come in the main entrance on Guido, explain you're with the Hash and are going to the Robert's House.

If coming by car please park in the Infant School car park as there are rugby matches also going on at school that afternoon. You can walk along the central road or across the field to the house next to the cricket pavilion where we'll be waiting for you! If you have space in your car please let other hashers know?

By car: take the La Plata autopista, turn off at km 20, Quilmes and follow the road to the right to Brandsen. See the attached map for details.

View Larger Map

By Bus: You can take the 159 bus from in front of the Main Post Office in capital and get off in Brandson, walking down 3 blocks. The bus takes an hour.

By Train: Take the train from Constitution (Takes 30 minutes, and they run every 15 minutes), get off in Quilmes and take a taxi to the school, about $15.(5 minutes)

Hope to see many of you on Sunday!

Take care

The Hares......Pussy Galore and Just Sasha

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pics from #568 PLUS NEWS

Another great Hash took place last Sunday with praise a plenty for the hares, the catering, and the fun that everyone had. Here are the photographs for your delight.




The next Hash will be on Sunday, May 13th, on Quilmes, with Pussy Galore hareing. If anything like the previous trips to the south of the Capital, this will be a trip not to miss. Full details early next week.


The following weekend, we will be joined by our friends from the Uruguay Hash for the 2nd Annual Rio del Plata Hash Extravaganza. We are planning to meet up for dinner on the Saturday night (19th), with a Full Hash on Sunday May20th. We had a great trip over to Uruguay last year, and were treated really well by our fellow Hashers there, so let's put on a great weekend for their visit to BsAs. Full information as to dinner and location for the Hash next week.


Hares Needed...

As ever, the Hash is only as good as it's Hares make it, and volunteers are always needed to keep us amused, so don't be backwards at coming forward, and let me know when you would like to Hare.

Dates Available are:

May 27th - June 10th - June 24th - And onwards......

Contact me directly at Liam3494@gmail.com


Wednesday, 25 April 2012


It's THAT time again and we are ready for a Virgin Hash, with our new Hares, Maggie & Karina setting trail for the very first time from their apartment in the leafy suburb of Palermo, A wonderful opportunity to keep warm on a polar BA Sunday, and afterwards enjoy a beer and food in the Party Room of their apartment block. What better things are there to do in BA this week....

WHAT: Hash #568 The Virgin Hare Special

WHEN: Sunday, April 29th, 11:00 for 11:30.

WHERE: 2141 Fray Justo Santamaría de Oro, in Palermo. (Between Paraguay and Guatemala).

View Larger Map

WHAT TO BRING: Hash shirt, Hash Mug, AR$30 Hash Fee, Plate. Cutlery, Yourself, and a Friend....

HARES: Just Maggie & Just Karina = VIRGIN HARES....

If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...

Monday, 16 April 2012


On Saturday, the streets of Buenos Aires were treated to the sight of the BA Hash in their finest red dresses running amongst them. A particularly fetching number was being worn by Co-Hare, El Diablo, although it was said that a shave may have been useful beforehand, to enhance the make-up.

The Hash visited Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, The Obelisk, and many more wonderful sights of the City. Red Beer Stops were a novel idea, and even the virgins entered into the spirit of things, although I did notice some of the guys cheated a little, with red t-shirts and red lycra shorts - mind you, it takes a big man to wear lycra (GM!).

Huge thanks goes out to Ramiro and everyone at BREOGHAN'S for hosting the Annual Red Dress Run this year, and allowing us to take over the bar for the circle. Hope everyone had a good time, here are the pictures to prove they did. ON ON to the Next Hash on April 29th, for which I believe we may need Hares.... Volunteers let me know. as Mr Mum is away for a while...

Red Dress 2012

Wednesday, 11 April 2012



Yes, it's another Hash and this one is something special. The Red Dress Run. A Hashing tradition, which started in San Diego (SEE LINK IN MENU FOR MORE DETAILS) many years ago, and as two of our esteemed Hashers know so well, is continued around the World wherever Hashes take place, notably in New Orleans where some 7,000 regularly take part in their style pf painting the town red. We are not expecting quite as many at this years Buenos Aires Event, but a great turnout is hoped for, and we have a tremendous starttig and finishing point for this, thanks to Ramiro and the Team from Breoghan's Bar in San Telmo.

Just in case you are still not sue what we mean by a Red Dress Run, it means you wear a dress (skirts allowed, with a matching top!), that is RED! Simple really.....(AND YES, THAT MEANS GUYS AS WELL!!!!) So, head on down, indulge in your fantasies of running across Plaza de Mayo in a Red number designed by Emmanuel, we know that has long been a dream for Wire Me Baby.... It is fun. you will laugh a lot, and expect a lot of flash photography from tourists who will look on in wonder.

Here are the details....

WHEN Saturday April 14th Meet @ 4 for running at 4:30

LOCATION Breoghan's Bar, 860 Bolivar, San Telmo (between Independencia y Estados Unidos)

HARES El Diablo & Two Secs

HASH FEE AR$15.... Please note, this is only for the Hash Beer. The Hash isn't providing food for this event, BUT. the Bar does a great range of Pub Grub. and will have special offers for the Hash, along with Happy Hour ALL NIGHT for anyone in a Red Dress....

WHAT TO BRING Hash Mug, A Red Dress, Money for afterwards, and most importantly, a GSOH!

Make a night of it, and one to remember. The Bar is opening up at 4 for us to change into our red dresses, put on make-up etc., and bags can be safely left in the Bar. If coming by car, there are plenty of local car parks to safely leave your vehicles. The circle will be held inside the pub, thanks to Ramiro's good nature, so once it's over, please stay and enjoy the hospitality of the boys in the Bar.

If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...

Monday, 2 April 2012

Pictures from the Palermo Hash - April 1st....

Sadly I wasn't able to make this weeks Hash, which is a shame on so many counts, especially the Chilli! But thanks to the Hash Flashes, we have piccies to show how much fun I missed, and how the weather was perfect again.... DON'T FORGET THAT THE NEXT HASH IS THE RED DRESS RUN, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 14TH, full details later in the week. In the meantime enjoy these pictures from yesterday.


Thursday, 29 March 2012


Yes, before you know it, it's Hash Time again, and this week we head to the wonderful world of Palermo, and will be hosted by Drums In Class, ably assisted by Stop in My Sex Pit, along with our Brazilian newcomer Just Isabel on Cateriing, and Just Lorna from London. It's April Fools Day, so expect to be fooled by our Hares with lots of False Trails and fun. The weather is great for running, so no complaints of it being too hot for a run, so come on down and enjoy the fun.....

LOCATION Armenia 1900, on the corner of Nicaragua, Palermo. On the corner of the Plaza there.

HARES - Drums in Class, Stop In My Sex Pit, Just Isabel and Just Lorna.

TIME - 11:00 for 11:30 start

HOW TO GET THERE - The Subte Line D is your best bet by Public Transport, with Scalabrini Ortiz Station being your target. One up into daylight. you are on Av. Santa Fe. Walk 2 blocks uo Santa Fe, in the direction the train was going if you coming from the city, and turn onto Armenia. Walk down Armenia, crossing Quemes first, and 5 blocks brings you directly to the corner of Nicaragua.

If you are coming by car, then get to Santa Fe, and using the wonderful one way system in Palermo, and the map below, you should be able to find it with ease. There are plenty of buses that use Santa Fe as well, heading to Plaza Italia, again, if you arrive there, check the map, it's only a short walk.

View Larger Map

WHAT TO BRING - Hash mug, Plate, Cutlery, AR$30 Hash Cash, Wear a Hash Shirt if you have one, but preferably one without a Union Jack, given the weekend it is!.

If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Photo's from St Patrick's Hash 2012

Here are some pics from last Sunday's Special Green Hash to celebrate St Patrick's Day... Enjoy...


Wednesday, 14 March 2012


It's that time of the year again, and the Irish in you wants to come out and Hash. Once again our resident Irish Hasher from Luton, Windy Culo, is opening up his home to host the Greenest Hash here of the year. So make a b-line to Accassuso on Sunday in your finest greenery and sample the fun of an Irish Hash in Argentina. Sadly my back is still excluding me from taking part, but I am hoping to get down to at least say hi, although Nurse Tongue y Lingus is advising against it at the moment.

Here are the details, and a wonderful Green Theme is to be expected, and a fine old fashioned hoolie will take place after the circle...

ON ON.......


DATE: Sunday 18th of March

TIME: Meet at 11aM to run at 1130aM

WHAT TO BRING: Plate, knife, fork, Hash Mug (You do need something to drink the beer out of!)


COST: $30 Pesos

There is a pool at Windy's, so if you are so inclined.....






If anyone needs any further details, call me, Inspect Her Assets (Liam) on 15 5809 4939 or windy on 15-58528509


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Next Hash # 564 - If You go down to the Woods Today.....

Yes folks, it's time to head out of the Urban Jungle, and take in a Hash in the countryside, which is where the Hash started, in the real jungles of Malaysia back in the days. Well, we may not have jungle here, but we certainly do have a wonderful location for a Hash out near Ezeiza Airport. We appreciate that some Hashers may not have access to transport, but Car Sharing is plan, and anyone who can offer lifts, if you can post here for others to contact - we would all be grateful. If there is a group of 4, why not club together for a Remis, it will be worth it, this is a HASH NOT TO MISS,

Sadly, I am still lying flat on my back, but thankfully, slowly getting better, and I won't be able to make it out on Sunday, but that shouldn't stop you all enjoying yourself. Now, Doon Doon sent me the details in what I believe to be castellano, although I am not 100% sure - so I have done my best to translate into English and here goes...

WHEN: Sunday, March 11th, 2012

HARES: Doon Doon and Good Service

TIME: 11:00 for 11:30 Promptish.....

WHERE: The Bosques of Ezeiza... Pica de Buenos Aires

HOW TO GET THERE: (In Castellano).. Deben tomar la autopista Richieri en dirección al aeropuerto Ezeiza. A la altura del kilometro 25 tomar la salida que dice Balnearios. Una vez que salieron mantenerse sobre su derecha. Ojo que a los 200 metros hay una bifurcación a la izquierda! Seguir derecho salames! Seguir hasta cruzar por un pequeño puente sobre un arroyo. El meeting point se encuentra justo después del puente, frente a un puesto/quiosco. Ya llegaron salames!!!

(In English).... You don't need it in English, you all speak much better Spanish than I do, and even I can understand the Castellano!

WHAT TO BRING: Hash Mug, Hash T-Shirt, Hash Fee of AR$25, OFF (There will be mossies), Towel, and possibly another pair of shoes - There will be SHIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!

A FINAL WORD FROM DOON DOON: Tendremos un run espectacular! No se pierdan esto! Ríos de cerveza corren por los bosques de Ezeiza!
Para los que no tienen auto vayan coordinando sus traslados!
Para los que no tengan ganas de tomar cerveza... Ni aparezcan!
No habrá problemas para estacionar sus lujosos vehículos
No habrá problemas para traer a sus mascotas
Hagan lo que quieran!
Me cansaron. On on!

Seriously - This will be a fantastic Hash in the woods and open countryside - If you have only ever Hashed in the Urban areas around BsAs, this is definitely one NOT to miss - Well, worth the effort of getting out there, I can guarantee. Have fun - ON ON -

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hash Trash & Pics #563 - The Mardi Gras Hash

Last Sunday saw the Mardi Gras Hash, and whilst I was unable to get there thanks to being laid flat on my back (a position many hashers end up in after a Hash!), I received lots of pictures, which are here for you to see, and also a first hand report from Pussy Galore who called around on her way home from the run. Sad to have missed all the fun, and especially the Pulled Pork from Old Hag (always wonderful!), but big thanks to the Harriettes for the Kisses - Nice Touch.

Two Secs and Online Pussy were winner and runner up in the costume design on the day, and looking at the pics, it seems that even in my absence the weather was perfect (I had a word!). Once again we welcomed virgins and visitors, and great to see a number of recent new Hashers returning and hopefully enjoying another great Hash.

Here are the pics for you, and hopefully I can be back with my jokes (Thanks Two Secs for keeping the tradition going - although my spy told me yours were funny!), by St Patricks Day.

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets.....


Thursday, 23 February 2012

This Weeks Hash # 563 - It's MARDI GRAS.....

NEXT HASH #563 - The Mardi Gras Hash - Sunday 26th February 2012

Well, as most of you know, I am laid up on my back, but the Hash goes on, and I am gutted to be missing this weeks Event as it's MARDI GRAS..... Old Hag and Nr Mum, hailing from New Orleans, have a great Hash laid on for everyone, so check out the details, get your Mardi Gras Apparel out, and have a great day - I want the pictures :)

TIME: 11:00 to run at 11:30

THEME: New Orleans Mardi Gras Theme

Wear Purple, Green and Gold together (in New Orleans we think these colors go together)
OR you can wear a fancy dress (if it is not too hot)

Prize for best dressed

LOCATION: Retiro / Plaza San Martin area (city center)
small fountain at corner of Esmeralda 1100 and Arenales 800 (approx), where the roads meet.

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Bring: Mug, Plate, Fork, Knife (The food will be to die for).

Cost: 25 pesos

Hares: Old Hag & Mr. Mum

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Photo's from Hash #562 - Thanks Damian & Felicity

To wet your appetite for how we Hash and what goes on, here are the pictures from this Sunday's Hah for your delight.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Next Hash # 562 - San Isidro Chico and a Pool! Sunday 12th Feb 2012

After a couple of hashes in town, we head to the north again, and a new venue, with our Hosts from Australia, the Kelly family, inviting the Hash to their home in the exclusive San Isidro Chico neighbourhood. This promises to be an excellent day, with an interesting run/walk, and in good Australian fashion a barbie for our culinary delights. Damian had said we are welcome to a dip in the pool after the run, so bring your budgie smugglers along if you want to cool off.

WHEN Sunday 12th February, 2012

LOCATION - Los Aromos 1270, San Isidro Chico.

HARES - The Kelly Family

TIME - 11:00 for 11:30 start

HOW TO GET THERE - By train: From Retiro take the train to Tigre (Mitre line), and get off at Beccar, the next station past San Isidro; cross to the other side (to the “right” platform, as you look towards Tigre) and walk down Ayuchucho heading towards the river, until you meet Libertador; turn right into Libertador and then left into Florencio Varela; follow your nose down the hill to the Chico guard post; report in (they will need to call the house, Explain you are for the Hash at the Kelly Residence), then proceed straight ahead to our residence (you will pass a small park on the left, a few houses beyond on the left).

If coming by car, then head to Libertador, and then turn onto Florencio Varela at approximately 17200 Libertador, and then follow the instructions as above.

WHAT TO BRING - Hash mug, Plate, Off, Sun Screen, AR$25 Hash Cash, Budgie Smugglers or Speedos, Towel, Wear a Hash Shirt if you have one.....

If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...


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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Next Hash # 561 - The Mungo Jerry (In the summertime) Hash - Jan 29th - 2012

January is slipping by before we know it, and the Third Hash of the year is this Sunday, so lets make hay while the sun shines, and have lots of fun this sunday. After the last hash saw many virgins and visitors, all of whom are very welcome, we are looking forward to seeing some old faces among the new this week, and El Diablo has promised a wonderful day out in new surroundings. Just Delfina has offered her place as the host home, and full details are below - back to normal time for the hash.

WHERE: Laprida 1678, 1st Floor Apt 3 - Meet on the street, between Beruti and Juncal.

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HOW TO GET THERE: Very close to all the colectivos than head down Santa Fe and Pueyrredon. The nearest Subte is Line D, and the station Aguero...

WHEN: 11am for 11:30 start.....

HARES: El Diablo, Shuffled Around and Just Delfina.

WHAT TO WEAR: Hash T-Shirts are always a good idea.

WHAT TO BRING: HASH MUG (It's hard to drink beer if no mug!) - Plate, cutlery, AR$25, and a friend!

And in case you were wondering about the Theme - Here's a Video..