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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hash going Wild!

Hold onto your hats, the mis-management committee have come up with a weekend Hash event that will go down in the anals of history. Clear your diaries for the weekend of December 1st/2nd, and come to the Hash in The Wilds of Tandil.

Due to very reasonable accommodation prices and five stars rooms, the Hash Mismanagement has chosen Camping Chacra el Centinela for sleeping and activities. Thanks to El Diablo, we will be able to enjoy this beautiful spot in Tandil.

We will have more details over the next week or so, but here are the outline plans. If you want to book accommodation at Camping Chacra el Centinela please do it through me (Inspect Her Assets), NOT directly with the site. If you prefer to stay elsewhere, but still want to enjoy the Hash events, no problem, but please let me know you are coming!

Hash Fees: AR$200 for beer and food for runs, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch.
Extra beer provided between runs for free, thanks to our Beer Master’s generosity.

Runs: Saturday 12:30 Down Downs Picada de Tandil
Sunday 11:30 Down Downs El Diablo’s Cooking

Hash Party Saturday evening with Big Asado and Party

Friday night?: We do not know yet, but something will happen as Hashers arrive.
We could prepare an asado, as many parrillas available.


Camping chacra el Centinela

El Diablo has known the owner for more than 10 years now.
He spoke with her and she loves the idea of celebrate a Hash in there (poor thing, she has’nt got a clue).

This will be the main place to stay, sleep and eat.
Main Hash activities will take place here.

Here some brief description of facilities and prices:
All this is inside a 20 hectareas fully equipped private place, with 2 quinchos for party, cooking, asado, large "tanque australiano" for swimming well actually drink a G&T and chill out, good showers, massive toilets (?????Massive???), small store, free range turkeys and chickens. Not sure whether we can hunt them, but for sure good eggs..., horses, and much more but I'll keep some surprises for the Hash.
5 min by car to the city.

2 Cabanas (hut): basically a wooden tent! with a mattress and that's it (very nice to be honest, but yes you need a adventurous spirit) cost $120 for 2 pax a night.

3 dormis basically if you remember a hostel you got it, its cost $60 per person per night, capacities are
1 until 14 pax
1 until 18 pax
1 until 60 pax

1 big fat campsite: place your tent where ever you like for $25 a night.
Includes parrillas, bathroom, etc.

Hashers going to be at Camping Chacra el Centinela MUST book with and pay to Liam - Details to follow

If staying at HUICHACURA, Pls. ADVISE Inspect Her Assets for we need to know for other arrangements.


Also I spoke with www.huichacura.com.ar is a 5 to 30 min walk (depends how drunk you are, but no worries is no roads between both, just a walking path entre las sierras).
They have 7 full equipped cabaƱas (full kitchen, direct tv and wifi)
1 up to 12
1 up to 6
4 up to 5
1 up to 4

prices: they charge by person so per night is,

from 11 to 12 pax pay 1200 total
from 8 to 10 $1000 total
from 6 to 8 $700 total
from 4 to 6 $ 600 total
from 2 to 4 $ 500 total
from 1 to 2 $450 total


By car: follow you bloody GPS or a map. 355 km from Congreso.
By bus: From 3 companies Rio Parana, La estrella Condor or El Rapido ticket cost $140 each way
By train: from Constitucion. $80 each way, dep Friday 4pm arrive around 12am

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