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Monday, 22 October 2012

Hash Trash #580 The GM's Burpday!

Saturday, yes you read that right, Saturday, saw the Hash heading to Nunez and the GM's abode, for the Special Burpday Bash to celebrate Footsies 39th Birthday (Ed's note - Creep!).

The weather was once again, absolutely perfect for a Hash, thanks to the hard work of the RA, despite the forecast predicting storms. Needless to say, there wasn't a cloud in the sky as the Hashers congregated at the starting point. A few subway delays meant a late start, but soon we were on our way, with the FRB's setting off at a lively pace, while the wimps strolled along in the spring sunshine.

With the sun, we welcomed back some MIA Hashers, with Roger the Cabin Boy back from his Australian sabbatical, with Sextasis and Down Town Matias making a welcome return, Cosita y Cosito Correntino back to visit, and three virgins entering the fold too!.

The FRB's made rapid headway to the Beer Stop, but Footsie was concerned that the Wimps had decided to sunbathe in the parks, as he used technology (Ed's note - He telephoned Old Hag to check up on us!. Of more concern, was that the Beer Master, Doon Doon, had under-estimated the alcoholic consumption of those front runners, and by the time the wimps arrived, there was only one bottle of beer left (Ed's Note - Serves them right for being so slow!).

At this point, the trail split, with the Machos heading off on a run along the railway line, whilst the wimps, joined by a couple of FRB's who had decided to take the second half easy, took the train, which certainly shortened the exercise part of the journey!

Once back on trail, the On In was back along the Out trail, so saving flour and energy from our hares, a clever ruse (Ed's Note - Maybe Footsie needs to save energy at his age!), and soon we were back at the starting point and raring to go for the circle. But not before Pussy Galore managed to fall over a dog in the park, although some reported that our sweet pussy just lashed out at the dog, the pussy lost, as she landed face down, thankfully not badly injured, but, One-Nil for Doggie Power!

The circle was it's usual hectic self, with down downs a plenty. Notably Anal Friendly was made to drink out of the piss pot for falling asleep at the last hash (Ed's Note - He may have been a tad tipsy!), Wire Me Baby and Good Service were reported for in-depth conversations, and made to drink out of the Cup of Love, while Forrest Drunk was punished for having a drag of a Marlboro whilst allegedly running! The welcome returnees were welcomed back in beer, and our three virgins, Andreas from Denmark, Alison from England, and Richard from Ireland, were given a typical BA Hash Hello.

The final act of the day was the naming ceremony for the Hasher formerly known as Just Tomas. There was much deliberation, and various suggestions, before a Cheer of Acclaim was given, and Just Tomas was no more. He is to be forever known as Drill My Hole. Beer and breadcrumbs were used to anoint our latest victim, and the circle was releaeed in pieces to enjoy the food that was ready to be served.

See you all at the next hash, which also will be on a Saturday, the Halloween Treat, on November 3rd, at Doon Doon and Bad Fly's Palace, north of the city. Full details to be posted soon.


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