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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Next Hash Full Details

Hash Number 552 - The Halloween Hash - Sunday 30th October 2011


The witching hours are upon us - and we have an EXTRA hash planned for Halloween, so dig out your ghostly ghouls, your witches broomsticks, and vampire teeth, and come out for the day and run with the BA Hash, and enjoy the spirits (or beer!). This Special run takes place this Sunday, October 30th, and note the start time - 4:30 PM - Especially so we can spot the witches flying as the sun goes down. Full directions will be available later in the week, but dig out your maps, and plan the afternoon, as a fun time is guaranteed for all.

Prepare your most horrible clothes for the On Afters, and for those already ugly enough, little preparation will be needed! (I'm quoting Doon Doon there!)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

4:30 PM Start

Location: Laguna del Sol lote 650, Gral. Pacheco

Directions -

Como llegar? Muy fácil!

Tomar la ruta Panamericana salir en el km 23,5 Camino del Buen Ayre Nordelta. Pasar el peaje y seguir hacia tu derecha dirección Nordelta Bancalari. Pasar frente al Walmart a tu derecha. Siguen hasta la rotonda y toman derecho dirección Nordelta. No cruzar las vías!!!
En la dirección a Nordelta y pasando el Colegio Pilgrims tendrán la entrada a Laguna del Sol a tu derecha. Ok?

Take the Panamericana to Km 23.5, Camino del Buen Ayre Nordelta. Go through the toll and make a right in the direction of Nordelta Bancalari. Pass in front of Walmart (on your right). Go round the roundabout and take the right in the direction of Nordelta. Don't cross the road. Head that way and after passing the Pilgrims College, take the entrance to Laguna Del Sol on your right. This is a Private Estate and the security people will ask where you are going - They know the Hash is coming.....

If you are trying to come by Public Transport, I would suggest trying to share a Taxi, either from Tigre Station or even from town - whilst it may be more expensive than usual to get to the Hash - This is one well worth getting to.... Parilla is to die for - Not to mention the beer!

Any questions???!!!

Hares: Bad Fly & Doon Doon

Wear - Hash Clothing

Bring - Broomsticks, Vampire Teeth, Blood.... Hash Mug, Plate, Knife & Fork, and Vestments Most Horrible! AR$25 Hash Fee as usual.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hash Trash #551 - The French Trip

Sunday, October 23rd, was the day that the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers went to France - Or at least that's what nearly happened when, yours truly, looked up which train I needed to get to our host hares house for the day. Apparently, when I checked on line, to get to Boulogne, you need to get a train from Paris Nord station. Well, having consulted Air France's timetable, I thought I might be heading in the wrong direction, and although I knew that Just Howard does have a long trip when he comes out Frinking with the Hashers on Fridays, I realised I might have the wrong Boulogne, and so it was to Retiro Station I headed, taking the Red Train (not quite the TGV), and arriving at "our" Boulogne.

Despite the Presidential Elections, a healthy turn out of Hashers arrived, and no phone calls from France were received with lost Hashers. Virgins, Greg (from La Puerta Roja), Chris (from LA), and Josh (from Keynsham, UK), all managed to locate us, and a little late, as we were waiting for Windy Culo to arrive (Ed's note - No Change there!), we set off. The beer stop was remarkably early, so as to allow everyone to sample the Quilmes Beer that the Beer Master, Wire Me Baby, had especially bought for the occasion, (Ed's note - What that means is he forgot to get the Isenbeck Hash Beer, and had to grab what was left in his local supermercado!).

The Wimps/Macho split soon emerged, and unfortunately, due to car GPS's not being accurate, it left a relatively short Wimps Trail, which did have the advantage of the Walkers arriving back before the Macho's. The FRB's, lead by our Racist Runner, Just Mike (He likes to wear race T-Shirts, we must get him a hash shirt!), swiftly followed by El Diablo, the GM Ivor, and Two Secs, with Qualified Semen and Windy Culo, not requiring to be Medivac'd from the course today, following close behind. Some Hash Views were in evidence, with the Argentine Armies One Tank on display, along with Mother and newly born Foal (Ed's note - Just to get an Arghhhhhh!), and a rather unusual Hash View, that no Hasher has ever seen before after a Saturday Night out, which I will leave to your imagination, but it may have involved carrots and peas, and Hughie!

A relatively short run ensued, but a fine head of sweat was showing as the lead pack returned to base, and a lively circle ensued, with many a down down, and wonderful jokes from the RA,(Ed's note - YEH YEH YEH!!!), followed by Pizza's and copious amounts of beer, given that there were no bars open in the afternoon to head off too. Good Service clocked up her 327th Hash here, which given she still looks so young, she must have started when she was a baby!

Many thanks to our Virgin Greg, who invited the stragglers back to his bar later for Chilli Bombs, which brought colour to my cheeks, and the 551st run by the BAH3 came to a close.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hash Number 551 - The Next Run - Sunday 23rd October 2011


Yes, it's the election day on Sunday, but the Hash goes on, so if you get up early and head out to vote, you can relax in the knowledge you have added to democracy, and got a run in, with beer too, and some nice food, in the company of some really nice people. This week, we see a first visit to Just Howard, and a trip to Boulogne - not the one in France, but the one to the north of the capital, quite near to San Isidro. In my time here it's a first, so new routes to run, which always makes for an interesting experience. I've included full directions form Retiro Train Station - Be careful which train you take - and also by road - Any questions, or problems, let me know before Sunday, and if in doubt my number is 15 5809 4939

Sunday, 23 October 2011

11:00 to run at 11:30

Calle Darragueira 2640, Boulogne - MAP LINK - (This link shows the route from my home to the location, but can easily be adapted from where you are setting off from).

Directions -

by train.
from retiro take the Villa Rosa red train and get off at Boulogne Sur Mer(about 30 mins).take the left exit and walk parralel with the train line(the same direction as the train continues) until you come to Darraguirra,turn left and it's 300 metres from there, about 15 blocks altogether.

by car
from panamericana,Marquez,follow signs for Boulogne/Hurlingham along avenida Rolon,go under the tunnel until calle Assemblea,turn right and continue until Darraguirra where you turn left and it,s two blocks

Hares: Just Howard & Inspect her Assets

Wear - Hash Clothing

Bring - Mug, Fork, Knife and Plate, maybe time to break out the sun block too...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hash News - October 2011

For those interested in Hashing outside of Buenos Aires and Argentina, I thought I would report on a few things that are happening in the Hash World. Last weekend saw the Inter Americas Hash in Savannnah, Georgia. This is a bi-ennial event, which I had thought was to do with the US only, as at each event bids are made for the subsequent event, and the 2013 Inter-Americas was awarded to Panama - So, if you want a hashing holiday to Central America, then check your diaries well ahead of time, and check out the link to their site, which I am sure will be updated with full details very soon.

Also, if you check the links alongside here, you will see that I have added links to the various web-sites that are now around for the South American hashes. It is great to see active hash kennels now in Santiago, Uruguay, Rio & Sao Paulo in Brazil, and although they are still short of a web page, there is an active hash in Lima, Peru. So, if you are travelling in South America, why not take in a local hash and let us know about it. And an advance notice to all, that plans are in embryonic stages of organising a South American Inter Hash in 2012, probably here in Argentina, and more information will be forthcoming in the months to come. - ON ON

Hash Trash #550 - The not the BA Marathon Hash

Another sunny day was promised by the RA for the 550th BsAs Hash, and as it was Columbus Day this week, the hares, Old Hag and Mr Mum, highlighted some special Columbus Checks before the ragged pack set off. Just as we were heading to check out the trail, the GM got a text message from Windy Culo, who had been running his first,(Ed's note... "And last"), Marathon that morning in Buenos Aires. Cramp had caught up at Km 32 and he had been Medivaced off the course by motorbike, and whilst the hashers offered sympathy in their usual way (Ed's note - You mean they laughed a lot!), down downs will be made available when next Windy returns.

Onwards the hash went, leaving the urban Plaza San Martin, and heading in a different direction to previous hashes from this area. Checks were found and hashers lost (No change there), but the trail was plentiful, and with the FRB's heading off swiftly, the pack strung out into three or four groups, before catching up at the checks. At one point, the GM and the RA, along with virgin Just Si, Foxy Lady and Hand of God, thought they could become Film Extras, as a film location unit was shooting something or other near Plaza de Mayo, but star status would have to wait, as the Beer Stop was calling - Hash Priorities!

Unknown to many (Ed - You mean the RA wasn't aware!), but there is a statue to Columbus sitting in the gardens of the Casa Rosada, and whilst he may not be as popular in Argentina as in other parts of the Americas, the Beer Stop was held in his honour, glasses were charged, and Columbus was officially named a hasher!

The pack moved into Puerto Madero, as usual getting strange looks from the tourists and locals alike, not to mention the Prefectura.

Calatrava had his bridge crossed and the pack started to head back towards Plaza San Martin and the circle. And it was to be an interesting circle. Just Claudia was obviously sporting new shoes, and as an experienced hasher in Dubai, really should have known better... Naturally she was made to imbibe for this crime against fashion, and Just Ramiro assisted with the other foot!..... Virgins were welcomed, Just Si and his wife Just Jo. Rugby was mentioned, and swiftly forgotten by the English, Irish and Argentine hashsers, and of course, this was the first week we had a Welsh Hasher! And the highlight of the circle, aside from the fantastic jokes from the RA, (Ed's note - "Yeh Right!"), was a naming ceremony for Just Peg, who will be leaving our shores at Yuletide, but has been around a while and deserved a naming. Many were put forward, and debate ensued, but her laugh for Weiners seemed to prevail, and from henceforth (Ed - "Swallowed a dictionary?") she will be known as "Chori All The Way" - and was suitably baptised in the usual way.

The circle was blessed and went in pieces, and we retired to eat at the hares splendid apartment, where we had been teased with masturbating food suggestions, which turned out to be a wonderful pulled pork recipe - which was enjoyed by all. Another successful hash was completed, and all went away from the sunny day with a smile on their face, and a full stomach! - ON ON

Thursday, 6 October 2011

This Weeks Hash #550 - Sunday October 9th

Yes, its Hash Time, and the Buenos Aires Hash will be celebrating the 550th Hash here in BsAs this Sunday, and it's in a central city location, easy to find, easy to access, and will be hosted by two hashers who have managed their fair share of those 550 Hashes. So, lace up your shoes, dig out your Hash Gear, and head on down on Sunday Morning.....

The Time:
11:00 to run at 11:30

The Place:
Plaza San Martin (City Center near Retiro Station) - At the corner of Arenales and Esmeralda - meet near the fountain.

This one should be easy for everyone, and there is plenty of parking, Trains, Busses. It's in the city!

Mr. Mum and Old Hag

Wear - Hash Clothing (That's a T-Shirt, shorts, shoes...)

Bring - Mug, Fork, Knife and Plate and AR$25 Hash Fee (Pays for the beer and a bite to eat after the run!)