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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hash Trash #551 - The French Trip

Sunday, October 23rd, was the day that the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers went to France - Or at least that's what nearly happened when, yours truly, looked up which train I needed to get to our host hares house for the day. Apparently, when I checked on line, to get to Boulogne, you need to get a train from Paris Nord station. Well, having consulted Air France's timetable, I thought I might be heading in the wrong direction, and although I knew that Just Howard does have a long trip when he comes out Frinking with the Hashers on Fridays, I realised I might have the wrong Boulogne, and so it was to Retiro Station I headed, taking the Red Train (not quite the TGV), and arriving at "our" Boulogne.

Despite the Presidential Elections, a healthy turn out of Hashers arrived, and no phone calls from France were received with lost Hashers. Virgins, Greg (from La Puerta Roja), Chris (from LA), and Josh (from Keynsham, UK), all managed to locate us, and a little late, as we were waiting for Windy Culo to arrive (Ed's note - No Change there!), we set off. The beer stop was remarkably early, so as to allow everyone to sample the Quilmes Beer that the Beer Master, Wire Me Baby, had especially bought for the occasion, (Ed's note - What that means is he forgot to get the Isenbeck Hash Beer, and had to grab what was left in his local supermercado!).

The Wimps/Macho split soon emerged, and unfortunately, due to car GPS's not being accurate, it left a relatively short Wimps Trail, which did have the advantage of the Walkers arriving back before the Macho's. The FRB's, lead by our Racist Runner, Just Mike (He likes to wear race T-Shirts, we must get him a hash shirt!), swiftly followed by El Diablo, the GM Ivor, and Two Secs, with Qualified Semen and Windy Culo, not requiring to be Medivac'd from the course today, following close behind. Some Hash Views were in evidence, with the Argentine Armies One Tank on display, along with Mother and newly born Foal (Ed's note - Just to get an Arghhhhhh!), and a rather unusual Hash View, that no Hasher has ever seen before after a Saturday Night out, which I will leave to your imagination, but it may have involved carrots and peas, and Hughie!

A relatively short run ensued, but a fine head of sweat was showing as the lead pack returned to base, and a lively circle ensued, with many a down down, and wonderful jokes from the RA,(Ed's note - YEH YEH YEH!!!), followed by Pizza's and copious amounts of beer, given that there were no bars open in the afternoon to head off too. Good Service clocked up her 327th Hash here, which given she still looks so young, she must have started when she was a baby!

Many thanks to our Virgin Greg, who invited the stragglers back to his bar later for Chilli Bombs, which brought colour to my cheeks, and the 551st run by the BAH3 came to a close.

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