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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

This weeks Hash # 598 - The Modality Hash. June 2nd


In the continuing absence of the GM and the old fart who used to be the RA, we continue our Hashing tour of Buenos Aires with a juxtapositional Hash to the cultural home of BA, La Boca, alongside the modern world of Puerto Madero. Head Hunter has joined forces with Blanka Wanka and Just Iberia to set her first ever trail here, and a cornucopia of pleasure for your enjoyment.

Highly recommended for those who are new in town, and strongly recommended for those who think that already know Buenos Aires neighborhoods and corners.

This hash will pass through some emblematic and hidden places of Barracas and La Boca, starting at cool Puerto Madero, following for some rustic, and not so dangerous on a Sunday morning, La Boca streets, to finish in Puerto Madero. During the trail we will see tourists, police, hooligans, more tourists, everything that La Boca can propose us on a Sunday.

Depending on volunteers lending their car’s trunk we could have one or two beer stops.

After the circle, you can either choose the BYOS modality – "Bring Your Own Sandwich" and eat with the group at sunny Puerto Madero- or we can arrange for some “choripán”, “milanesa sandwich” or “lomito sandwich” at Parrilla 29, located near the meeting point. Prices between 18 and 32 pesos for a take away sandwich. If you prefer to have lunch there, parrilla menu at your own choice.

WHEN: Sunday 2nd June – 11:00 for 11:30

HARES: Headhunter. With Blanka Wanka and Just Iberia assisting. Any beer advisor ????? Quite sure Drill My Hole will lend a guiding hand. Not really difficult. More worried about beer stops…

WHERE: Rosario Vera Peñalosa y Julieta Lanteri, Puerto Madero -altura Paseo Colón y Estados Unidos/Ingeniero Huergo al 900/Alicia Moreau de Justo 1600-.

WHAT TO BRING: Beer Mug, Hash fee of AR$20. Your own sandwich if you prefer, or money to purchase a choripan..



You already know how to get to Puerto Madero, guys! Cross Rosario Vera Peñalosa bridge –altura Estados Unidos street-. Once you crossed it, first street by the river is Pierina Dealessi. Second street is Julieta Lanteri. Lots of places to park on a Sunday morning.

BY BUS: 8, 86, 152, 33, 61, 74, 93, 130, 143, 159, 195. Get down at Paseo Colón and Estados Unidos and walk around 600 meters Puerto Madero direction till the meeting point afeter crossing the bridge.

ANY PROBLEMS please contact:

Silvina (Headhunter): 15.4179.8553

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

This weeks hash #597 - Sunday May 19th, 2013.

Hi all, I may have left the nest and I am writing this from a suburb of Dublin, but I couldn't let you down, as I am already missing everyone. This week the Hash ventures into the far north, where maps may be needed, and in fact, it's so far north, you may be getting nosebleeds!

I have broken with tradition this week, and decided to post in Doon Doon's original Spanish (Ed's Note - That means he has forgotten his fluent Spanish already and can't translate!). I am trying to check what public transport will get you there, but in the meantime, those who are heading there with cars, can you offer lifts to those less mobile, either on Facebook, or by direct mailing.

Have a great time, and let me see the pictures next week....

Los invitamos a disfrutar del próximo BAHHH!!!!!
Será un hash prometedor!!
Esta vez nos trasladaremos a las afueras de la ciudad. Concretamente en la zona Norte
Será un hash de aventura, donde pasaremos por muy lindos barrios, pero también por barrancas, vías de tren (y no precisamente muertas...) algo de barro y sectores con mucho verde. Será un HASH DE AVENTURA!!!

Cuando? El próximo domingo 19 de mayo 2013

Donde? Nos encontraremos en la plaza situada en la Ruta 197 (Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen) y calle Chile. Esto es a 8 cuadras de la Ruta Panamericana ramal Pilar/Campana en EL TALAR partido de TIGRE.

A que hora? A las 11:00. Hs (salimos a correr a las 11:30 hs).

Que llevar? Tu Mug, your Mug, tu vaso o copa para tomar birra!!! No olvidar!! Pero NOOOO OLVIDAAARRRR EL MUG PARA BEBER CERVEZA!!!!!! ok?
Llevar tambien remera de BAHHH, zapatillitas, repelente de mosquitos, traje de baño, ojotas, la pelela y el pijama.#

Hash Fee: $ 40. Los niños pagan solo $10.-

COMO LLEGAR?: En auto hay que tomar la Ruta Panamericana ramal Pilar Campana. Tomar la salida que dice RUTA 197. Tomar la Ruta 197 hacia la derecha. Ahí se llama Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen. Siguen por la Avenida, unas ocho cuadras aproximadamente y al llegar a la calle CHILE encontrarán la plaza en su mano IZQUIERDA. En medio de la plaza hay un pequeño anfiteatro. AHI ES EL LUGAR!!!!
Luego les informaremos cómo llegar by train o colectivo. Ok?
De todas formas les recomendamos ir coordinando sus lifts!

Nada mas por hoy, los esperamos.....
Sus hares: Doon Doon y just Rubén.
On On

Inspect Her Assets

PS - Any problems on Sunday, don't call me :) :) :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Personal Note

Only a few hours away from getting on the plane and leaving Buenos Aires behind, at least for the time being. I just wanted to drop a line to thank everyone at the Hash for making my life here for the last three and a half years such a lot of fun.

Especial thanks go to Ivor the Engine and Footsie, the two GM's that were here during my time, and the Beer Masters who we couldn't live without, Doon Doon and Wire Me Baby, along with too many others to mention, without forgetting someone. Drill My Hole will bring a Germanic Order to the Hash over the next months, just treat him with respect, and laugh at his jokes, I may even send him some for future use.

Tongue y Lingus and myself wish you all a fond farewell, and see you soon, and if you are ever in Dublin, look us up.

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hash Trash from the Palermo Chicas Hash

Another bright sunny day, and with our quintet of chicas having studied the streets of Palermo for many weeks, a well marked, well mapped trail was on the cards. It was also to be my own last hash here for a while, as Ireland is calling me, and to mark the occasion I managed to be late, arriving well after the pack had exited, but it did give me an excuse for a Starbucks.

So, in truth, I can't write much about the trail, except for the fact that everyone seemed to enjoy it, and the photographs are evident of that. Once everyone had returned, including Roger the Cabin Boy, who managed to get a free cholesterol test on the trail, the circle gathered together and copious amounts of beer were consumed by one and all.

Our new RA, Drill My Hole, managed to dash off before the circle to sign a contract, leaving yours truly to have one last hurrah, before departing these shores.

The photos are popped here for all to see, and ON ON to the next Hash, with full details here early next week.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hash #596 - The Palermo Chicas Hash Sun 5th May 2013

Sincere apologies for the late posting of this weeks hash. Unfortunately, I have been suffering from Internet Shortcomings, and while I have tried to post this a few times, the system kept letting me down. The good news is, I hope, that this week sees Hash Number 596, and it's brought to you by a quintet of Chicas, and where else would chicas set a hash from but a shopping mall!!!!

So here are the details..... ON ON


Welcome to the Palermo Chicas Hash!

As you might expect from a Hash organised by a load of chicas, our Hash will pass through some of the loveliest and most fragrant parts of Palermo and Recoleta. We’ll be taking in the sumptuous sights of the elegant embassies, artistic art, pretty plazas, florally flowers, and so much more. Plus of course there will be beer!

Our Hash will start and finish at Plaza Perú, located next to the Paseo Alcorta shopping centre. After the circle, lunch can be purchased (own expense), at the food court, where you’ll be able to choose from a number of Michelin-starred eateries, including McDonald’s, Chinese Wok and Starbucks.

Depending on the weather, we could eat inside the food court or picnic in the Plaza. As this will be the R.A.’s last Hash in Buenos Aires for a while, we are confident of picnicking in blazing sunshine. Even though it will be May. No pressure, Liam! (Note from IHA - I handed the RA duties over to my protege, Drill My Hole, so all credit due can be given to him!)......

Anyway, enough of this crap, and on-on to the important stuff:

WHEN: Sunday 5th May – 11:00 for 11:30

HARES: Blanca Wanka, Just María, Just Yinna, Just Mary and Just Élida
HONORARY CHICAS: Drill My Hole (Trail Advisor) and Forest Drunk (Beer Advisor)

WHERE: República del Perú Square, Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Salguero, Palermo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires (opposite Paseo Alcorta Shopping Mall).

WHAT TO BRING: Beer Mug, Hash fee of AR$20

View Larger Map



From Downtown area: Head north on Av. 9 de Julio. At the Autopista Illia, continue on the right to stay on Carlos Pellegrini and turn left onto Av. Libertador. Continue onto Av. Figueroa Alcorta up to 3100 Salguero. Destination will be at the right. From northern suburbs area: Head downtown on Libertador, turn left onto Salguero up to 3100. From Boedo area: Head north on Colombres, continue onto Salguero up to 3100. Parking: There are free parking spaces on one side of the plaza.

BY BUS: 67, 102, 130. Buses to Av. Las Heras and Salguero (5-block walk): 10, 15, 37, 38, 41, 57, 59, 60, 64, 92, 93, 95, 108, 110, 118, 128, 141, 160, 188.

BY SUBTE: Line D, Scalabrini Ortiz station. Walk northeast along Scalabrini Ortiz up to Libertador. Turn right, and walk two blocks to Salguero. Turn left onto Salguero, and walk two more blocks. Plaza Perú is on Av. Figueroa Alcorta, across the road and slightly to the right.

ANY PROBLEMS please contact:

Just Maria 15-3183-5331
Blanca Wanka 15-2193-2262
Just Mary 15-44012506
Just Yinna 15-6925-4210
Just Elida 15-6692-9270


Girls team.