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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

This weeks Hash # 598 - The Modality Hash. June 2nd


In the continuing absence of the GM and the old fart who used to be the RA, we continue our Hashing tour of Buenos Aires with a juxtapositional Hash to the cultural home of BA, La Boca, alongside the modern world of Puerto Madero. Head Hunter has joined forces with Blanka Wanka and Just Iberia to set her first ever trail here, and a cornucopia of pleasure for your enjoyment.

Highly recommended for those who are new in town, and strongly recommended for those who think that already know Buenos Aires neighborhoods and corners.

This hash will pass through some emblematic and hidden places of Barracas and La Boca, starting at cool Puerto Madero, following for some rustic, and not so dangerous on a Sunday morning, La Boca streets, to finish in Puerto Madero. During the trail we will see tourists, police, hooligans, more tourists, everything that La Boca can propose us on a Sunday.

Depending on volunteers lending their car’s trunk we could have one or two beer stops.

After the circle, you can either choose the BYOS modality – "Bring Your Own Sandwich" and eat with the group at sunny Puerto Madero- or we can arrange for some “choripán”, “milanesa sandwich” or “lomito sandwich” at Parrilla 29, located near the meeting point. Prices between 18 and 32 pesos for a take away sandwich. If you prefer to have lunch there, parrilla menu at your own choice.

WHEN: Sunday 2nd June – 11:00 for 11:30

HARES: Headhunter. With Blanka Wanka and Just Iberia assisting. Any beer advisor ????? Quite sure Drill My Hole will lend a guiding hand. Not really difficult. More worried about beer stops…

WHERE: Rosario Vera Peñalosa y Julieta Lanteri, Puerto Madero -altura Paseo Colón y Estados Unidos/Ingeniero Huergo al 900/Alicia Moreau de Justo 1600-.

WHAT TO BRING: Beer Mug, Hash fee of AR$20. Your own sandwich if you prefer, or money to purchase a choripan..



You already know how to get to Puerto Madero, guys! Cross Rosario Vera Peñalosa bridge –altura Estados Unidos street-. Once you crossed it, first street by the river is Pierina Dealessi. Second street is Julieta Lanteri. Lots of places to park on a Sunday morning.

BY BUS: 8, 86, 152, 33, 61, 74, 93, 130, 143, 159, 195. Get down at Paseo Colón and Estados Unidos and walk around 600 meters Puerto Madero direction till the meeting point afeter crossing the bridge.

ANY PROBLEMS please contact:

Silvina (Headhunter): 15.4179.8553

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