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Yes, you've found it, the definitive place for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers, a drinking club, with a running problem. Take a look around, see what you like, and hopefully come and join us for a run/walk/drink, whatever your fancy may be. We don't bite, well, maybe one or two might, but don't let that put you off. Hashes take place every two weeks, usually on a Sunday, so check out the Next Run details, and come along... ON ON

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Next Hash # 559 - The Start The New Year off with a Bang Hash - Sunday 1st January 2012

Yes, we are Hashing on January 1st, so run away your hangover blues, and start your New Years Resolutions off in fine style, with a little run, and more BEER!

We are being hosted by Windy Culo at his palatial abode up in Acassuso and to ensure that you can make it, we are running in the afternoon, as I am certain that there will be a few people having a lie in after welcoming in the New Year. So why not make the leap of faith, and head out for the Hash this Sunday - You know you want to.....


DATE: Sunday January 1st

TIME: Meet at 4PM to run at 4:30PM

WHAT TO BRING: Plate, knife, fork, Hash Mug (You do need something to drink the beer out of!)

WHAT TO WEAR: A Hash Shirt is always a good choice

COST: $25 Pesos

There is a pool at Windy's, so if you are so inclined.....


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If anyone needs any further details, call me, Inspect Her Assets (Liam) on 15 5809 4939

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Hash Trash #557 & #558 - Christmas Cheer

Sorry I have been lax at getting the Hash Trash up for the Despedida and Xmas hashes. After getting home on Sunday from the Xmas Hash, I was without Internet Access until late on Tuesday, which was then followed with a Power Cut on Wednesday from 3am until 11pm last night - Air Conditioners obviously overload the grid, so apologies.

Well, it's been an eventful, and floury time. Friday the 9th saw the Hash out in full in San Telmo for the Despedida hash for Ivor the Engine and Beautiful Bristols. Breoghans Bar hosted the night, with the theme being canary yellow, and the run kicked off around the streets of San Telmo, with far too many Beer Stops, and also some confusion as we neared Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada, as the trail appeared to go past the security barriers being erected for the inauguration of the President the following day. But a helpful policeman pointed us in the other direction, and off we went to find the beer!

The run itself was relatively short, measured at around 6Km, with a great ratio of beer to Kms, and before we knew it we were back at the Bar, and an Indoor Circle in the Back Room, hosted by the Chicken Canary, Ivor! New shoes were spotted, and drunk from, down downs for race shirts, and an ode to our departing GM family was penned and read out by Mr Mum. We were introduced to our new Incoming GM, Footsie, and this joint BA Hash, and the First ever Gran Canaria Hash, (we had to humour Ivor!), was brought to a conclusion so that the Pizza's could be served, and ample beer poured down our necks. A great night, but not quite the end of Ivor and BB's......

And so, we moved to the Xmas Hash, and number 558, hosted by the New GM Footsie, and Party Pants, and a great crowd gathered for the run. All I can say about the run itself, (I walked!), was that the Beer Stops were noticeable by their absence, and the weather was superb for the day, with the sun cracking the flags, thanks to the hard work of the RA in ensuring this.... We did have two firsts today, with a Roller Blading Hasher, and a backwards ran Hash, with Just Michael, from Kilkenny, arriving a little late, and locating the trail, but in reverse, and so commenced to run the entire hash from Finish to Start!

A presentation was made to Suck a Duck, who was reaching the incredible Milestone of her 300th Hash here in BsAs, only the second Hasher to achieve that here, and she still looks so young! (Ed's note - Creep!).

The real fun (well, fun to those watching at least!) came in the circle. Many down downs were inflicted upon the pack, with many visitors, first timers, and the Irish out in force, and finally we came down to naming of two Hashers. Just Jacqueline, in her tenth, and last for the time being at least, Hash here in BsAs, due to her return to the UK, was named as Jack It Off, followed by Just Howard, who, being a Nottingham Forrest fan, and liking a drink (well, he is a Hasher!), was named as Forrest Drunk! Whilst the trail may have seen sparse flour, we now realised why, as Doon Doon and Footsie managed to locate the National stockpile for Forrest, saving some for the finale of the Circle......

Despite having the Despedida Hash the previous week, they still hadn't left!, so we took the opportunity of calling Ivor and Beautiful Bristols to the centre of the circle, where they were presented with gifts from the Hash to commemorate their years of service, and beer drinking, to the Hash, along with Hand of God receiving his 100th Hash Mug - Not bad for a 6 year old! A great future ahead for him!

As for Ivor and BB - The flour that was left over (around 3 kilo's I believe) was duly administered to the pair of them, and they certainly enjoyed a White Christmas. It was quite an emotional day for all concerned, and as the author of these Hash Trashes (not sure if anyone actually reads them), I would like to express my own best wishes for the First Hash Family on their departure to pastures new off the coast of Africa, and the Islas Canarias, and hope that in time to come, we will cross shiggy again, maybe in that Gran Canaria Hash they will no doubt have up and running by the end of January!

On On - And a very Happy Christmas to one and all, and we look forward to seeing you on New Years day for Hash Number 559, with full details available after you have enjoyed your Christmas Pudding this weekend.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Next hash - #558 XMAS HASH

It seems that Hashes are spreading all over December, and this Sunday we have our XMAS HASH, and the last chance we may have to run with our outgoing GM Ivor, and his beautiful bride, Beautiful Bristols. Full Hash Trash Reports of both this run, and the Despedida Hash will be available for reading over your Xmas Egg Nogs next week. In the meantime, here are the details for this weeks Xmas Hash.


Christmas is here!!!! Red Hats? Good idea!!!!!

DATE Sunday, December 18th.

TIME 15:30 (or 3:30 PM for those time challenged!)

PLACE Footsie’s and Party Pants’ Home
Arias 2040 Nuñez – Capital


Rivadavia station by train from Retiro or Tigre.
3 blocks away from Gral. Paz, 3 blocks from Av. Libertador, 3 blocks from Cabildo
Cabildo 4500 with many buses like 60, 152, 68, 59, 161…. Ah so many
Also bus 130 with red sign (Munro) to Arcos 1 block away from home.

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WHAT TO BRING: Shorts, running shoes, plate, cutlery, mug
Hash fee AR$25!!! And optional Xmas Hat

HARES: Footsie and Party Pants

Any problems, contact Inspect her Assets on 15 5809 4939.........

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Next hash # 557 - The Despedida Hash - FRIDAY Dec 9th......

Yes, no sooner have you got over the trip to Avellaneda, the Hash is off again, and this week we are holding an Extra Special Friday Night Hash. As most know by now, our GM and his family are leaving us just after Xmas, and to ensure we send them off in style, we are going to hash, and then party till we drop. The Hash will take place in San Telmo, from Breoghan's Bar, on Bolivar 860, between Estados Unidos and Independencia, and the run will be an early evening one, meeting at 6 at the bar, with the run due off at 6.15 prompt (ish!)...

So don't miss this chance to say goodbye to the Ivor The Engine and Beautiful Bristols (although a little bird tells me they will be at the Xmas hash too), so here are the full details..

And here is a special message form the GM himself..................

Come and Hash for one last time with Ivor and BB!

The Canary Islands beckon and, therefore, join us to celebrate/bid farewell/send off/launch into the unknown/rejoice/party/say goodbye/saludar/cheer/mourn/drink heavily (yep that’s what we’ll do!!!).

This is the also the first Run of the newly formed Gran Canaria H3 and, therefore, you need to come attired appropriately to either look like a canary (wear something yellow), fly like a canary or sing like a canary! (We already have, embarrassingly, a couple of BAH3 Hashers who drink like a canary so no extras needed here!!!!)

Date: Friday 9th December
Time: 6pm to run at 6.15pm
Venue: Breoghan's Bar, Bolivar 860, between Estados Unidos and Independencia, San Telmo – see small pin in randomly selected map somewhere on the hash website....
Cost: $45 – includes all Hash beer for DD + Pizza Libre and 2 Warstieners in bar!

Bring: Hash mug

Wear: Canary attire

So - the details......

Friday December 9th - 6:00 for 6:15 PM

Hares: It's a surprise?

Location: Breoghans Bar, Bolivar 860, San Telmo....

What to Bring: Yourselves, AR$45 Pesos SEE ABOVE (and more for the bar afterwards). We are returning to the bar after the run for something to eat and drink and party away...

Directions: Well, you should all know how to get to San Telmo, but here is the pin randomly popped into a map location.......

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Any questions or problems, call Inspect her Assets on 15 5809 4939

Monday, 5 December 2011

Hash Trash #556 - Avellaneda in the sun

Sunday morning broke with the sun cracking the flags when the Host Hare, Yours truly!, left the starting point at 8 am to start laying trail. It was already a hot day, and clearly, once again, the RA had come through on his promise of a beautiful day. After laying the first part of the trail, Pussy Galore arrived to assist with the rest of the laying of flour, having popped out to get some beer, along with out Chef Hare, Tongue y Lingus, owing to the unfortunate situation resulting in no Beer Drays available on the day. There was an early problem, with a power outage meaning that Ice had to be bought to keep the beer cold, but Hashers are always able to get around any problem that arises.

Hashers gathered, with most arriving on time, but Just Howard was having problems with his GPS, and frantic telephone calls were being made as TyL tried to talk him in. For some reason he was finding Autopistas where autopistas shouldn't be, but after the Hare Talk was extended to explain to our virgins and visitors the markings, finally Just H arrived, and the Hash was off and running - Well, walking if the truth be known at this point!

Pussy Galore had lost her map, and despite questions before we set off, nobody owned up, until at the first check point - Open Cola was seen to be checking a piece of paper - The first hash Crime of the day emerged, and PG was reunited with her guide to where we going!

A couple of early checks kept people together(ish), and the first kilometre or so was uneventful, although the FRB's need to remember to make the checks when they locate the right trail, as the walkers were delayed with some false trails after the runners had scooted off.

A trip around El Tano Parilla to allow the enjoyment of the smell of asado roasting away, and crossing Belgrano by the fountains, led the pack to the Exercise Bars. Sadly no pictures were taken here, but climbing frames, balance beams, and parallel bars were negotiated by the Pack, with the Hares in close attention to ensure compliance with the trail, as the arrows were directly over the exercise equipment. Once successfully through this part, a short straght run saw the welcome sight of the first Beer Stop, and shade was enjoyed alongside the murals along the road.

After suitable replenishment, the pack were off, carefully crossing the road, and heading towards Sarandi Station. now, if the wise had been aware, a quick jump on the train to the next station would have saved a lot of running, but the pack were heads down and away, led by Qualified Semen, with Two Secs, Fill My Hole, Open Cola and his better half, El Diablo in hot pursuit, along with Just Claudia (getting close to being named now!), Just Jim, Viagra Spices on a welcome return visit from New York, and visiting unnamed Hasher, Just Rachel from Wisconsin, and two welcome returnees, last seen at the Hash in Colonia earlier this year, Patricia and Edwardo (I hope I have that right!), and Just Sebastian and Just Samuel also in that leading bunch - A very Healthy macho Pack.

The Macho/Wimp split took the Front Pack down a side ginnel (Ed's note - North of England word for alley!), and back onto Mitre. Here the Hare apologises for making a long straight run in the sun, but eventually, the pack arrived at the parque in Villa Dominico, and a circumnavigation took place, running passed the Bird Market, and a few parilla's cooking away at Sunday Lunch.

Meanwhile the Wimps were strolling in the sun, with Fossil Fuck running back and forward to check on the whereabouts of Just Howard and Family, who were bringing up the rear (and short-cutting!), and looking forward to the Second promised Beer Stop.

The Welcomed Beer Stop was upon us, and the walkers and Front Runners arrived simultaneously, and enjoyed teh refreshment, before setting off for the final short On In. However, after waiting a few more minutes, there was no sign of a number of Hashers who had been Front Running, so The Mobile Beer Stop set off to try and locate the missing Hashers - A few blocks away, the clan was gathered, and an inpromtu Beer Stop was had, but still Mr Mom was missing... Driving back to base, he was spotted waving at a tree!, and another Hash Crime was to be reported.

Thankfully, everyone made it back to the house, and a quick dash to buy more beer, and thankfully the electricity had been restored, and the circle went up to the roof garden, where the sun was beating down, and a special dispensation was given to allow for caps to stay on heads in the circle, mainly to protect the follically challenged amongst us! Many crimes were reported, with Fossil Fuck denying everything, even when he was down-downed for reaching Hash Number 69!

Roger the Cabin Boy sipped his way to the longest Down Down ever seen, Viagra Spices donated a hash Shirt from Brooklyn to Open Colas Better half, and thanks to the generosity of Edwardo and Patricia, we had some Quilmes Mugs to give away to worthy hashers.

Two very later arrivals were suitably punished, turning up at 10 to 2!, Just Delfina, and a virgin Just Josefina, who's excuse had been running the Lan 10K that morning - but fair play to them for coming along - They must have heard about the cooking, and once the circle concluded, it was downstairs and Chef Tongue y Lingus had prepared a wonderful concoction of Chorizo cooked in a Portuguesa Salsa - (Chori All the Way especially liked this!). It must have been enjoyed, because although there was plenty to go around, and many seconds were had, by the end of the hash there was none left - and compliments to the chef were ringing out.

The photographs from this hash are linked from the earlier post, and hopefully everyone had a great time south of the city in Avellaneda, and everyone got home safely. See you all at the next hash, the Special Despedida for our GM and Family as they prepare to part these shores for adventure in the Canaries! (They would have enjoyed the Parque today, as there were lots of canaries singing to be sold in the market!). Full details for this will be published ASAP - The date for your diary is this Friday coming - December 9th! In the San Telmo area.... More to follow........

Pictures from Hash #556 Avellaneda