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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Next hash - #558 XMAS HASH

It seems that Hashes are spreading all over December, and this Sunday we have our XMAS HASH, and the last chance we may have to run with our outgoing GM Ivor, and his beautiful bride, Beautiful Bristols. Full Hash Trash Reports of both this run, and the Despedida Hash will be available for reading over your Xmas Egg Nogs next week. In the meantime, here are the details for this weeks Xmas Hash.


Christmas is here!!!! Red Hats? Good idea!!!!!

DATE Sunday, December 18th.

TIME 15:30 (or 3:30 PM for those time challenged!)

PLACE Footsie’s and Party Pants’ Home
Arias 2040 Nuñez – Capital


Rivadavia station by train from Retiro or Tigre.
3 blocks away from Gral. Paz, 3 blocks from Av. Libertador, 3 blocks from Cabildo
Cabildo 4500 with many buses like 60, 152, 68, 59, 161…. Ah so many
Also bus 130 with red sign (Munro) to Arcos 1 block away from home.

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WHAT TO BRING: Shorts, running shoes, plate, cutlery, mug
Hash fee AR$25!!! And optional Xmas Hat

HARES: Footsie and Party Pants

Any problems, contact Inspect her Assets on 15 5809 4939.........


  1. I'm visiting from Austin, TX. My girlfriend and I would like to join the run this Sunday, but since we just arrived and haven't tried public transportation yet, would anyone be willing to give us a ride from Palermo in exchange for a beer? :)


  2. Jennifer - Where in Palermo are you?

  3. Same here. Im on vacation here and would love to do a hash. Is it cool if I show up? Ill try and recruit good looking girls from the hostal too.

  4. Peter - Absolutely cool to show up - The more the merrier, and good looking girls are always welcome! Mind you, some of our own good looking girls quite like the good looking guys! Don't see it myself.... :)