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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Hash Trash #557 & #558 - Christmas Cheer

Sorry I have been lax at getting the Hash Trash up for the Despedida and Xmas hashes. After getting home on Sunday from the Xmas Hash, I was without Internet Access until late on Tuesday, which was then followed with a Power Cut on Wednesday from 3am until 11pm last night - Air Conditioners obviously overload the grid, so apologies.

Well, it's been an eventful, and floury time. Friday the 9th saw the Hash out in full in San Telmo for the Despedida hash for Ivor the Engine and Beautiful Bristols. Breoghans Bar hosted the night, with the theme being canary yellow, and the run kicked off around the streets of San Telmo, with far too many Beer Stops, and also some confusion as we neared Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada, as the trail appeared to go past the security barriers being erected for the inauguration of the President the following day. But a helpful policeman pointed us in the other direction, and off we went to find the beer!

The run itself was relatively short, measured at around 6Km, with a great ratio of beer to Kms, and before we knew it we were back at the Bar, and an Indoor Circle in the Back Room, hosted by the Chicken Canary, Ivor! New shoes were spotted, and drunk from, down downs for race shirts, and an ode to our departing GM family was penned and read out by Mr Mum. We were introduced to our new Incoming GM, Footsie, and this joint BA Hash, and the First ever Gran Canaria Hash, (we had to humour Ivor!), was brought to a conclusion so that the Pizza's could be served, and ample beer poured down our necks. A great night, but not quite the end of Ivor and BB's......

And so, we moved to the Xmas Hash, and number 558, hosted by the New GM Footsie, and Party Pants, and a great crowd gathered for the run. All I can say about the run itself, (I walked!), was that the Beer Stops were noticeable by their absence, and the weather was superb for the day, with the sun cracking the flags, thanks to the hard work of the RA in ensuring this.... We did have two firsts today, with a Roller Blading Hasher, and a backwards ran Hash, with Just Michael, from Kilkenny, arriving a little late, and locating the trail, but in reverse, and so commenced to run the entire hash from Finish to Start!

A presentation was made to Suck a Duck, who was reaching the incredible Milestone of her 300th Hash here in BsAs, only the second Hasher to achieve that here, and she still looks so young! (Ed's note - Creep!).

The real fun (well, fun to those watching at least!) came in the circle. Many down downs were inflicted upon the pack, with many visitors, first timers, and the Irish out in force, and finally we came down to naming of two Hashers. Just Jacqueline, in her tenth, and last for the time being at least, Hash here in BsAs, due to her return to the UK, was named as Jack It Off, followed by Just Howard, who, being a Nottingham Forrest fan, and liking a drink (well, he is a Hasher!), was named as Forrest Drunk! Whilst the trail may have seen sparse flour, we now realised why, as Doon Doon and Footsie managed to locate the National stockpile for Forrest, saving some for the finale of the Circle......

Despite having the Despedida Hash the previous week, they still hadn't left!, so we took the opportunity of calling Ivor and Beautiful Bristols to the centre of the circle, where they were presented with gifts from the Hash to commemorate their years of service, and beer drinking, to the Hash, along with Hand of God receiving his 100th Hash Mug - Not bad for a 6 year old! A great future ahead for him!

As for Ivor and BB - The flour that was left over (around 3 kilo's I believe) was duly administered to the pair of them, and they certainly enjoyed a White Christmas. It was quite an emotional day for all concerned, and as the author of these Hash Trashes (not sure if anyone actually reads them), I would like to express my own best wishes for the First Hash Family on their departure to pastures new off the coast of Africa, and the Islas Canarias, and hope that in time to come, we will cross shiggy again, maybe in that Gran Canaria Hash they will no doubt have up and running by the end of January!

On On - And a very Happy Christmas to one and all, and we look forward to seeing you on New Years day for Hash Number 559, with full details available after you have enjoyed your Christmas Pudding this weekend.

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  1. I am sad that Julian an Sharon are leaving Bs.As. where they have been contributing so much to the HASH! On the other hand, they got this great sent-off and the oportunity to start it all from scratch in the Canary Islands. I`ll be therer when time comes!!

    To Julian an Sharon all the best. All day today I am wearing in your honor that old faded sweatshirt of 25th of April 2003 (10 years BAHHH Mis Management!)

    Sin Esposas
    Cologne / Germany