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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hash Trash #550 - The not the BA Marathon Hash

Another sunny day was promised by the RA for the 550th BsAs Hash, and as it was Columbus Day this week, the hares, Old Hag and Mr Mum, highlighted some special Columbus Checks before the ragged pack set off. Just as we were heading to check out the trail, the GM got a text message from Windy Culo, who had been running his first,(Ed's note... "And last"), Marathon that morning in Buenos Aires. Cramp had caught up at Km 32 and he had been Medivaced off the course by motorbike, and whilst the hashers offered sympathy in their usual way (Ed's note - You mean they laughed a lot!), down downs will be made available when next Windy returns.

Onwards the hash went, leaving the urban Plaza San Martin, and heading in a different direction to previous hashes from this area. Checks were found and hashers lost (No change there), but the trail was plentiful, and with the FRB's heading off swiftly, the pack strung out into three or four groups, before catching up at the checks. At one point, the GM and the RA, along with virgin Just Si, Foxy Lady and Hand of God, thought they could become Film Extras, as a film location unit was shooting something or other near Plaza de Mayo, but star status would have to wait, as the Beer Stop was calling - Hash Priorities!

Unknown to many (Ed - You mean the RA wasn't aware!), but there is a statue to Columbus sitting in the gardens of the Casa Rosada, and whilst he may not be as popular in Argentina as in other parts of the Americas, the Beer Stop was held in his honour, glasses were charged, and Columbus was officially named a hasher!

The pack moved into Puerto Madero, as usual getting strange looks from the tourists and locals alike, not to mention the Prefectura.

Calatrava had his bridge crossed and the pack started to head back towards Plaza San Martin and the circle. And it was to be an interesting circle. Just Claudia was obviously sporting new shoes, and as an experienced hasher in Dubai, really should have known better... Naturally she was made to imbibe for this crime against fashion, and Just Ramiro assisted with the other foot!..... Virgins were welcomed, Just Si and his wife Just Jo. Rugby was mentioned, and swiftly forgotten by the English, Irish and Argentine hashsers, and of course, this was the first week we had a Welsh Hasher! And the highlight of the circle, aside from the fantastic jokes from the RA, (Ed's note - "Yeh Right!"), was a naming ceremony for Just Peg, who will be leaving our shores at Yuletide, but has been around a while and deserved a naming. Many were put forward, and debate ensued, but her laugh for Weiners seemed to prevail, and from henceforth (Ed - "Swallowed a dictionary?") she will be known as "Chori All The Way" - and was suitably baptised in the usual way.

The circle was blessed and went in pieces, and we retired to eat at the hares splendid apartment, where we had been teased with masturbating food suggestions, which turned out to be a wonderful pulled pork recipe - which was enjoyed by all. Another successful hash was completed, and all went away from the sunny day with a smile on their face, and a full stomach! - ON ON

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