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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This Weeks Hash - Sunday July 29th # 574

NEXT HASH DETAILS _ SUNDAY July 29th - 11:00 for 11:30

Winter is upon us, but never fear the hash goes on, and Tongue y Lingus is cooking up a warming feast for after this weeks Hash, coupled with beer, what better way to spend a Sunday.. Your RA and Tongue y Lingus will be hosting the Hash from their place in Avellaneda. Before you all start getting your maps and Guia T's out - it's really easy to get to, and those that came to the last couple of annual Avellaneda Hashes across the river, know that they can look forward to decent run, and wonderful food from Chef Tonguey! As a special treat, given my back is still far from fully operational, we have a guest Hare - Viagra Spices from New York will be setting the main part of the trail, so it should be an interesting run in an area that many of you will nor know (including the Hare!) - always fun on a Hash....

So here are the details:

Sunday 29th July 2012 - 11:00am for 11:30....

Hares: Viagra Spices, Inspect her Assets and Tongue y Lingus

Location: Solier 2585, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Directions: It's about a 15 minute driver from 9 de Julio in the centre of the Capital, and a very straight road

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By bus: It's even easier by Collectivo - The Number 24 bus, which runs from Villa del Parque, across town, with stops near Plaza de Mayo (On Roque Saenz Pena {Diagonal Norte}, just down from the Cathedral, and very near all the subte stations that converge on Plaza de Mayo), and the journey takes around 25 minutes from Plaza de Mayo on a Sunday morning. You need to get off in Avellaneda, on Av. Belgrano at the corner of O'Higgins (best to ask the driver). From the bus stop, walk up O'Higgins, two blocks, turn left onto Solier, and the house is across the street.

What to bring: Hash t-shirt, knife and fork, plate or bowl, beer mug and your Hash Fee of $30

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets

Any problems, call me on 15 5809 4939

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