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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hash Trash from Avellaneda - The Chorizo Hash

Yep, we were back in the south this weekend, with the Third Anal Avellaneda Hash hosted by the RA and the Hash cook, Tongue y Lingus. Given my bad back, I was unable to lay much trail, (two blobs I think!), and so, Viagra Spices, visiting us once again from New York, (or Florida, or Philadelphia!), kindly offered his assistance, and a wonderful trail was laid around streets that he had no idea where they went to!! (Despite great instructions!).

As the Hashers arrived, the hare had still not returned. A text message from Just Cristina(Not THAT one!)announced she was arriving (late), and the GM decided to delay the start until 12, in the hope that the hare would return. (This also allowed the GM and one or two others to imbibe some Whisky Flavoured Alcohol to warm them up before the run!) He didn't return, so, trail instructions were given, and it seemed we had a live hare for this run - or, very possibly a dead hare lying in a ditch somewhere having taken a wrong turning along the way. Thankfully that wasn't the case, and off the Hashers went, with a unique Macho/Wimp split at the start. Five minutes later the Wimps were back, as they had found a cunning False Trail mark, intended for the Machos, but they were sent packing with instructions, and the Beer Stop Crew set off some ten minutes later, just as the Hare returned.

Unfortunately, due to the pack taking a wrong turn somewhere along the way, the Beer Stop wasn't reached by the pack, and a phone call advised those of us at the Beer Stop that the first Hashers had returned home. So, quickly packing up the beer, we all returned, and, thankfully everyone returned safely.

The circle took place on the roof terrace,(posh name), with the GM enthralling everyone with his down downs for the returnees, and as the beer flowed, notably on the floor following some Beer Crimes from Viagra Spices, the songs were screamed out, with the GM and Doon Doon, finally understanding the words of Number 17, soon to replace, "What a Wank" as their favourite. The final act of the day was the naming of Just Gonzalo, who has hardly missed a hash since his virginity was lost, and given his amicable nature, and Just Brenda informing us about his attention to detail, the name that sprung to many a mind was Anal Friendly, and so he was baptised!

Once the circle was complete, and the Hash had been sent away in pieces, the throng moved downstairs for the highlight of the day (more beer? - NO!),the Chorizo a la Portuguesa (or something like that!), the dish of the day, cooked up by Tongue y Lingus. Although it was a beautiful sunny day (As usual, thanks to the RA), there was a chill in the air, and the Chorizo certainly hit the spot with one and all.

Another great Hash was completed. It may have been a little shorter than anticipated, but given the Hare was from New York, it still was entertaining, sidling past El Tano Parilla along the way, which no doubt helped to get the taste buds going before the Chorizo later. The beer flowed, the circle managed to catch many a Hasher, and once again, everyone went home with a smile on their face. And the whisky bottle was empty!

ON ON to the next Hash on the 12th August, where Wire Me Baby will be hareing!

And here are the pictures from Sunday, as collated from the various Hash Flashers :)

#574 Avellaneda

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