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Thursday, 9 August 2012


Apologies for the late notice this week, but we had to make a change of plans at the last minute, as Wire Me Baby mixed his dates up, and we were going bald at the start of the week (hareless - geddit?). But our newly named Anal Friendly and Just Bren have stepped into the breach, and will lay trail in the familiar surroundings of Palermo.

Let's hope the subte is back on track by Sunday, if not check the Guia T for collectivos that head that way, there are lots.

LOCATION Armenia 1900, on the corner of Nicaragua, Palermo. On the corner of the Plaza there.

HARES - Anal Friendly & Just Bren.

TIME - 11:00 for 11:30 start

HOW TO GET THERE - The Subte Line D is your best bet (if it's working) by Public Transport, with Scalabrini Ortiz Station being your target. One up into daylight. you are on Av. Santa Fe. Walk 2 blocks uo Santa Fe, in the direction the train was going if you coming from the city, and turn onto Armenia. Walk down Armenia, crossing Quemes first, and 5 blocks brings you directly to the corner of Nicaragua.

If you are coming by car, then get to Santa Fe, and using the wonderful one way system in Palermo, and the map below, you should be able to find it with ease. There are plenty of buses that use Santa Fe as well, heading to Plaza Italia, again, if you arrive there, check the map, it's only a short walk.

WHAT TO BRING - Hash mug, Plate, Cutlery, AR$30 Hash Cash, Wear a Hash Shirt if you have one,
If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...

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