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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

BAH3 20th Birthday Bash and Pretty Pictures from #576

As I'm not running, I can't comment too much on the recent Hashes here in wonderful "Sunny" Buenos Aires. What I can say is that the quality of food at the On Afters continues to impress, and last Sunday saw a wonderful Gumbo created by Old Hag, which was welcome and warming on a cool day when the sun ducked behind a cloud.

I did make the Circle, and was interested in Mr Mum's choice of trail markings, photographs! A very different way to lay trail, and it went down well with the Hashers, with Good Service, Online Pussy and Fossil Fuck, appearing to win Hash Shirts for collecting the right amount on their travels (Ed's Note - I have no idea either!).

While the reports may not be up to scratch, we seem to have an abundance of Hash Flashes off late, and I have collated the various shots into one, very large, collection, which I hope you will enjoy over a beer or three (it may take three beers to get through the lot!).



As we all know, the Hash can only operate with the co-operation and assistance of its members, and as such we are always on the look out for Hares for our runs. We are presently short for the 7th of October, so feel free to offer your services. As ever, your mis-management team will offer any assistance, and with spring well in the air by then, I am sure it will be a lovely day for a run with YOU hareing, and gaining kudos from all your fellow harriers!


For those of you who have been in attendance at recent Hashes, you will know that the mis-management committee have been talking about a MAJOR event next year for the BA Hash. Next April, we will celebrate our 20th Birthday, and we are planning an event to surpass all previous birthday bashes, with fun, beer, a red dress run, beer, food, beer, a BIG party, beer, and a run from the location of the very first BA Hash run, back on April 23rd 1993, at Belgrano Golf Club, oh yes, did I mention, BEER!

The weekend of April 20/21st has been penciled in for the festivities, and while we have to agree all the details, the general plan is to have a Red Dress Run on the Saturday in the Capital, followed by a Special Gala Party, (Theme to be advised), on Saturday night, with the 20th Birthday Run on Sunday afternoon, culminating in the Circle to end all Cirles. Hopefully as many ex BA Hashers will join us for the fun, along with many others from around the World who may be interested in a BIG BASH in BA. Invites will be going out to ex GM's and RA's, so the circle could be as well organised as ever!, and if you are in contact with anyone who may have dropped off the mailing list, or are unaware of our new media outlets, here and on Facebook, please let them know, and get the dates in your diaries and agendas now.

Full information will be released as soon as we have got more details.

As the longest running Hash in South America, we want to celebrate in style. Whilst not going as far as talking up a Pan South American Interhash, the invite will be going out to all our fellow hashes in South America and beyond, to come along and enjoy the fun in BA next April - so, no excuses, you have been warned, April 20/21, 2013, the BA Birthday Bash...... You won't want to miss it!

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