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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hash Trash #577 Sept 9th, 2012!

#577 The One with the Prussian Hares

Once again the sun was shining on the Hash as the seasons are turning from winter to spring, and there were certainly a few legs showing this Sunday as the Hash went in search of San Isidro, and a trail laid by our co-hares Wire Me Baby and Just Thomas, the guys with the Prussian connection!

We were also blessed by the return from his money laundering (Ed's note - You mean Vacation!) trip to Miami, by the GM, and for the first time in 7 months, yours truly, the RA, was going to attempt to actually do the hash, with the old back starting to mend. It was also noted that the Buenos Aires 1/2 Marathon had taken place earlier that morning, which depleted our ranks, as many of our Hashers are Racists, and with the delightful exception of Online Pussy, it was too much to expect them to come to the Hash. The worst example of this was Windy Culo, who called just before the start of the Hash to say he couldn't make it there, as it was too hard to get there after the 21K run,(he lives 6 blocks from the Hash start!).

As the sun shone, it soon transpired that Just Thomas has been out laying trail at 6am, while Wire Me Baby had a good lie-in. We were informed that the Mack Trail was around 11Km, while the wimps would enjoy/endure, only 4km today, to which news there was much rejoicing! JT put his geophysical skills to the test and had managed to lay a very clear trail, with arrows, flour, and some strange lettering that only he understood, having used Ancient Prussian, or might as well have! Wire Me Baby was still enjoying his beauty sleep!

The pack set off, with the Machos racing away, while the Wimps enjoyed the sun, and some great conversation as they followed the trail through Accasusso and Martinez, to a welcome beer stop, manned by Wire Me Baby, who had finally got out of bed! The trail had been excellently designed to ensure that both groups were not far apart, with the cries of On On being heard on parallel blocks. The second beer stp was by the Tren de la Costa, and with the added benefit of going up and down the only bloody hills in Buenos Aires, as a special treat!, the Machos headed off for thier extra beer stop, while the wimps beat them back to the start after the longest 4km Hashever, obviously Kilometres in Bottrop iin Germany are a lot longer than in Argentina.... Ummm, and he's a geophysicist.....!!!

The circle ensued, as Wire Me Baby disappeared again, probably for a nap, and suitable punishments were issued to those wearing racist shirts, medals, and any other reason we could think of for a down down. We initiated a virgin, Nathan from Tulsa, who seemed to enjoy the singing and the beer, so we hope we haven't frightened him away. WMB suddenly arrived back, carrying food, so we forgave him for everything as we tucked into Asian noodles, which was a first for me at least. Just as the hash was concluding, we were thrilled by the arrival on an ex GM, Underhung, along with Sextasis and Doggie Style, who had been half marathoning earlier in the day, with Underhung on a short visit back from his new location in New Zealand.

Another great hash, thanks to the hare(s), and all those who took part, here's to the next one on Sep 23rd in San Telmo.

On On....


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