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Wednesday, 11 April 2012



Yes, it's another Hash and this one is something special. The Red Dress Run. A Hashing tradition, which started in San Diego (SEE LINK IN MENU FOR MORE DETAILS) many years ago, and as two of our esteemed Hashers know so well, is continued around the World wherever Hashes take place, notably in New Orleans where some 7,000 regularly take part in their style pf painting the town red. We are not expecting quite as many at this years Buenos Aires Event, but a great turnout is hoped for, and we have a tremendous starttig and finishing point for this, thanks to Ramiro and the Team from Breoghan's Bar in San Telmo.

Just in case you are still not sue what we mean by a Red Dress Run, it means you wear a dress (skirts allowed, with a matching top!), that is RED! Simple really.....(AND YES, THAT MEANS GUYS AS WELL!!!!) So, head on down, indulge in your fantasies of running across Plaza de Mayo in a Red number designed by Emmanuel, we know that has long been a dream for Wire Me Baby.... It is fun. you will laugh a lot, and expect a lot of flash photography from tourists who will look on in wonder.

Here are the details....

WHEN Saturday April 14th Meet @ 4 for running at 4:30

LOCATION Breoghan's Bar, 860 Bolivar, San Telmo (between Independencia y Estados Unidos)

HARES El Diablo & Two Secs

HASH FEE AR$15.... Please note, this is only for the Hash Beer. The Hash isn't providing food for this event, BUT. the Bar does a great range of Pub Grub. and will have special offers for the Hash, along with Happy Hour ALL NIGHT for anyone in a Red Dress....

WHAT TO BRING Hash Mug, A Red Dress, Money for afterwards, and most importantly, a GSOH!

Make a night of it, and one to remember. The Bar is opening up at 4 for us to change into our red dresses, put on make-up etc., and bags can be safely left in the Bar. If coming by car, there are plenty of local car parks to safely leave your vehicles. The circle will be held inside the pub, thanks to Ramiro's good nature, so once it's over, please stay and enjoy the hospitality of the boys in the Bar.

If you have any problems, call me, Inspect Her Assets, on 15 5809 4939...

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