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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hash Trash & Pics #563 - The Mardi Gras Hash

Last Sunday saw the Mardi Gras Hash, and whilst I was unable to get there thanks to being laid flat on my back (a position many hashers end up in after a Hash!), I received lots of pictures, which are here for you to see, and also a first hand report from Pussy Galore who called around on her way home from the run. Sad to have missed all the fun, and especially the Pulled Pork from Old Hag (always wonderful!), but big thanks to the Harriettes for the Kisses - Nice Touch.

Two Secs and Online Pussy were winner and runner up in the costume design on the day, and looking at the pics, it seems that even in my absence the weather was perfect (I had a word!). Once again we welcomed virgins and visitors, and great to see a number of recent new Hashers returning and hopefully enjoying another great Hash.

Here are the pics for you, and hopefully I can be back with my jokes (Thanks Two Secs for keeping the tradition going - although my spy told me yours were funny!), by St Patricks Day.

ON ON - Inspect Her Assets.....


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