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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hash Trash from Tandil #'s 583 & 584

The BA Hash went wild in Tandil last weekend. At least that was the idea, but the weather was so wonderful, it was more a case of BA Hash going Tranquilo en Tandil. Twenty four intrepid Hashers set off on Friday for the drive down to Tandil, and the first hills you come to when you leave BA, only a matter of 400+ Kilomteres of flat land to stay awake alongside as you drive!

The camp site was outside of the city, and arriving in the dark, we found it easily enough, good directions from El Diablo,(and Google Maps), and our cabin was sat awaiting us. Once settled in, we had our own quincho for the weekend, and El Diablo and Drill my Hole were already setting wood alight, with You're Fired having found the local carnaceria and meat was cooking away slowly. The beer was being popped, and a great evening was had as hashers who had been missing in action for awhile were brought back into the fold.

Saturday morning, not a cloud in the sky, with the temperature already in the high 20's at 10am. It had been planned to have the first run of the weekend around 1, but a quick discussion between the GM, RA and the hares, agreed that we would push back until later in the afternoon, maybe it would be cooler! The Hashers enjoyed the weather, some sun block was being applied, and then lunch arrived! Now, personally, I have been living in Argentina for three years, and have become accustomed to the common pre-dinner picada of salami's, cheese, maybe palitos, peanuts and crisps. We were to be treated to a Picada to end all Picadas. This was Picada Tandil style... Three or four different meats, cheese to die for, and a selection of olives that were delicious, and so much of it, we left enough to act as a pre-lunch picada on Sunday, all washed down with a beer or two.

All this set us up for the Hash, we almost forgot why we had travelled south for the weekend, but finally we assembled, El Diablo and Drill My Hole gave a Hare Talk, with the trail laid in a mix of toilet paper, flour and black chalk. We were off, across fields, under barbed wire, scrambling over a stream, and climbing a hill - Not something us BA Hashers are used to! And most surprising of all - Roger the Cabin Boy was Front Running (OK, he was really front walking, as at this point nobody was running!), not a sight often seen in BA.

The trail took us up and down the hillsides, passed the spy station, with wonderful views around each corner, before finally descending into the town of Tandil itself. And what a beautiful town Tandil is. Like many Argentine towns, laid out around a central Plaza, with fountains, statues and churches looking on. An exceptionally clean city, very little graffiti, no rubbish on the streets, and pavements that were actually pavements. We had a beer stop in the Plaza, before a split in the trail with the Machos getting a few extra kilometers in, while the rest of us walked up to the castle, before descending to the reservoir, and the pristine park alongside, where we disturbed a loving couple, as we set up the circle.

The circle was extended as we welcomed back the MIA Hashers, Kama Putra and Spice Up My Clit, Visiting hasher Six Buck Fuck from Las Vegas, and our only virgin of the weekend, Juan Carlos (Forrest Drunk's father in law), with Six Buck's explanation of her name listened to with fascination (Ed's Note - Big Words!), and your intrepid RA's interview with our Virgin already up on the Internet for your pleasure... (Ed's Note - Amazing what you can do when two people don't understand a word of each others language!)... After the circle, and a few more beers, the Hash went in Remises, rather than in Pieces, as took cars back to the campsite for the evenings entertainment.

After freshening up, we descended on the quincho, where El Diablo was once again firing up the parilla, and a wonderful asado was had, with the ribs to die for, along with spectacular salads, beer, and sangria all in plentyiul supply. As the embers died on the fire, some went off to their sleep, but many of our more adventurous hashers went next door, where a singer was entertaining the locals, and before you knew it, the Hashers became the entertainers, with Shuffled Along being asked for the first dance by our Virgin Juan Carlos, (The Cup of Love was brought out the next day!), and our GM was seen bodypopping, or so some have said! The last dance of the night saw a slight mishap, with Forrest Drunk (Ed's Note - Living Up to his name!), accidently knocking Kama Putra's glasses off, thankfully he had a spare pair handy!

Sunday morning saw a few sore heads, but the sun shining brightly again, and El Diablo had once again been up at the crack of dawn (Ed's Note - Lovely girl that Dawn!), and laid trail, and the Hangover Hashers went off for their short(ish) run. There did seem to be some confusion on this run as the Hashers reappeared from three different directions upon their return. A special dispensation was granted to allow for a seated circle, and due punishments were given out for Saturday nights frolics, and the circle ended with a wonderful rendition of Singing In the Sun, and the International Hymn of the Hash, Swing Low.

But, there was more still to come, as the parilla had been roasting away, and more food and drink was consumed by all, and a huge thanks has to go to El Diablo for his efforts over the weekend, along with Drill My Hole, who ably assisted, and everyone else who helped with beer runs, food runs, and actual runs. Most of all, thanks to the City of Tandil for hosting us, even if they didn't know we were coming. On On to the next Hash, the Xmas Hash on the 16th December at Windy Culo's in Accassuso!

#583 Tandil

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