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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hash Trash #553 - Belgrano and a Full Moon

Been a little slow in getting the Hash Trash written this week, as investigations were continuing into the mysterious disappearance of the Hash Mugs after the run, or to be honest, I had a stonking hangover on Monday, and busy since. But, better late than never, and last Sunday, the sun was shining brightly, sun screen was duly applied, and Cum on My Face Full and Cums In Class were waiting somewhere in Belgrano, although not sure if it was the place on the map, but Hashers are a notoriously intelligent bunch, (Ed's note - Some mistake there!), and before the advertised time, a motley crew had got together, with a welcome visitor, Mother Ducker, from the US and a virgin or two, one local, and one german, so once again the Hash extended it's multi-national welcome to one and all.

After a Hare Talk which confused everyone, including the hares, we set off with Cums in Class leading the way, as we set about the adventure climbing part of the trail, alongside the main road, with ups and downs beside bridges, and Mother Docker managing a Papal Impersonation as he hit the deck as he tried to cross the road and kissed the asphalt! Thankfully nothing injured, except a touch of pride, and the Hash went on its merry way.

Far too many checks were evident, unfortunately, these were checks of the traffic as we crossed the roads, as the world shortage of flour had resulted in a lack of Hash Checks, although there were a few Check Backs which resulted in some cursing from the FRB's, and remarkably, the pack did manage to find a well located Beer Stop, which did seem to last longer than usual. Hand of God was spotted racing with Ivor the Engine to the beer stop, which would be OK under normal circumstances, however HOG is only 6! (Ed's note - A good age to start on the beer?).

The macho/wimp split allowed the running Hashers to get some exercise, while the rest of the pack ambled back to the meeting point, with the sun beating down, although Beautiful Bristols was heard to remark that she was feeling chilly, with the temperatures around the 25 degree mark, she has become far too acclimatised to Argentina! The rest of the pack were sun-bathing!

The circle ensued, and Ivor The Engine was "Milestoned" for completing his 250th Hash with the Buenos Aires Hash, a notable achievement, becoming the Third Hasher to reach this Milestone in Buenos Aires, which defies his youthful looks (Ed's Note: - Brown Nosing!). With Hand of God penalised for Beer Chasing, and for reasons I cannot recall, the Argentine Hashers giving us a tuneful rendition of the Argentine National Anthem (Ed's Note: Tuneful????????), the Circle was a huge success. Mother Ducker, in true US Style, declined to tell a joke, but instead treated us to a song from Pittsburgh Hash, along with a Full Moon!

The circle went in pieces, and Choripan and Chips arrived, and were devoured, along with a fair amount of beer, before the Hash drifted off with thoughts of summer runs, and warm days ahead. Subsequently it was discovered that some of the Hash Mugs may have inadvertently ended up in the wrong bag, and if anyone found a few mugs in their bag when they got home, Inspector Knacker of Scotland Yard is seeking clues - anonymity will be assured - and a reward of a Down Down will be granted, so any information can be sent via the Confidential Hot Line (Ed's Note - That means E-Mail). On to hash #555 at Carilo over the weekend of Nov 19/20th, and a weekend filled with fun and frolics in grass skirts and flowery shirts, and a Hash Run or Two!

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