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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hash #606 - Spring is in the Air - Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Yes, Spring is about to arrive, so put away your winter clothes, break out the shorts, although checking the weather forecast it looks like you may still need a layer or two this weekend, so be prepared.

AL lot of meticulous planning has gone into this Sundays's Hash, with Just Marcelo hosting for the very first time, and he has planned out the details of the trail to the last inch, but somehow he forgot to tell us where the trail was starting from, which made it a little hard to get the new s out. But thankfully, to be ably assisted by Forest Drunk, Naughty Nicky, and a visiting Hasher from Lima in Peru, Flash Fonzi, all is now ready, and a wonderful day in the Spring Air is ready to be enjoyed.

WHEN: Sunday, 22nd September, 2013 - 11:00am for 11:30 start

HARES: Just Marcelo, Naughty Nicky, Forest Drunk, and Flash Fonzi

WHERE: Plaza Vienni, Mitre.300 y Laprida,(there's a gas station in front..), Villa Martelli(Vicente Lopez), Buenos Aires.
It's very close to General Paz, if that helps.....

WHAT TO BRING: Hash Gear, Beer Mug, Hash Fee of AR$20 - Food will be available after the run at La Ochava, a local eatery, with special prices for Hashers, such as Sanguche Vacío $25, Sanguche Bondiola $28, Choripan $15, Milanesa $25, Morcipán $15, Pollo deshuesado $25. SO bring additional funds for a nibble.

HOW TO GET THERE: Still working on this one, if anyone has any great ways please let us know - It is right by General Paz, so if you're coming by car, it should be easy.

CONTACTS: Forest Drunk (Howard), ... TBA

Should be fun :)

Inspect Her Assets(Back at Inspecting Assets for the Revenue Commissioners on Monday morning!)

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