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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Yes, check you diaries, clear the decks, and get ready for a Frashing Weekend in San Pedro (Ed's Note Where the flip is that?), at the holiday home of Forest Drunk who has offered to look after the degenerates of the BA Hash. For those of you that don't know where San Pedro is, here is a link SAN PEDRO.

The plans are for a weekend, starting with Frinking in San Pedro on Friday the 8th, followed by a Hash for All on Saturday(9th) at 2.30 for 3 start, followed by asado and entertainment, which rumour has, that a famous Boy Band from the 70's will be making an appearance - Either that or Karaoke! Sunday morning will allow heads to clear, and those that want to can run along the lovely river to take the air, or reach for the Alks Seltzer more like..

Now, much as Howard's Estancia is massive - he cannot accomodate the hordes from the Hash in their entirety, but he has negotiated a special deal with his next door neighbour, to rent their house for the weekend. Obviously this will bear a cost, and teh fairest way to deal with this is to split the cost between everyone, those staying at Howard's and those next door. With the accomodation, asado and beer, we estimate a total cost of no more than 200 pesos per head. This will depend on the numbers attending.

Obviously getting there may be a question youa re asking. Well, obviously those travelling by car may like to offer lifts to their friends, or even fellow hashers, but gailing that, there is an excellent bus service from Retiro, and Howard has offered to collect people from the bus station - BUS DETAILS HERE

It is vitally important, in order to keep the costs down, and ensure there is enough beer for all. that we know who is coming in advance. To this, Howard (Forest Drunk) is the man to tell. He can be contacted by Facebook, or by email, or at any of the Hashes in the next month - BUT, don't forget to BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment !!!!!!!

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