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Monday, 9 September 2013

Racism within the Hash

Yes, I am afraid I have to report the most heinous of crimes by Hashers from the BA Hash House Harriers. As we all know, the one thing that we cannot accept within Hashing circles, is Racism. This Sunday past, not only did we find out that some Hashers were involved in a Competitive Race, the Buenos Aires Half Marathon, but it was a Hash Day too!!!!

My spies were out and about, and we have the photographic evidence to prove that WIndy Culo, Pinky Laid, Just Michael (about time he got a name me thinks!), Online Pussy, and most incredulously, our RA, Drill My Hole, were spotted wearing Orange and running around the City in a foot race of some sort. Obviously many down downs will ensue upon their return to the fold, although it is worth noting that at least the RA managed to complete the Race and then dash over to Ciudad Evita and take some part in the Hash - as any self respecting RA should do of course :) - He was the only one I hear!

Whilst not quite as heinous a crime, yours truly (Inspect Her Assets), was actually noted as racing on Saturday, albeit a few thousand miles away from BA (Ed's Note - No excuse for missing Sunday's Hash), but he was also seen spending the rest of Saturday in the pub drinking beer, so made up in part!

On a "slightly" more serious note, congrats to the 5 Racists from Sunday, with some very respectable times run by all, especially the FRB's, who clocked under 1 hour 30 minutes, and OnLine Pussy who set a PR. And the even better news was that Windy Culo didn't need to be Medivacd off the course this time.

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