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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hash Trash #547 - The One with Great Directions

Once again the RA was true to his word and the weather was absolutely fantastic for the Hash. With rain on Saturday, things were looking dodgy, but Sunday morning saw the sun shining, and the hares, Just Claudia and Tit Climber were off bright and early laying copious amounts of flour around Caballito (unfortunately not actually on the trail though!). Sun tan oil was required, rather than winter woolies, and the hashers began to arrive under the statue of Simon Bolivar in Parque Rivadavia, thanks to the wonderful directions that had been issued by the hares.

There were quite a few new faces, and some welcome returnees, with a visitor from Washington DC (Uno, Dos, Tres - Lift Off), two new arrivals from Mexico, via New Delhi (No Problem!, and Yes, Problem!) and Just Ian who hashed in the Middle East in the past, along with the cousin of Stop in My Sex Pit. Doon Doon made a welcome return after the winter holidays, and, despite having difficulty in locating Buenos Aires, or reading maps, the GM, Ivor the Engine, made it to the parque, having called up a local navigator, Windy's Monkey Spanker to assist his way. (No comment as to how our Washington visitor, having only been in the city for 24 hours managed to find her way there with no problem, while the GM, having lived here 11 years, had an issue!).....

With a healthy pack, obviously enjoying the weather, we set off in search of flour, and immediately got lost! Clearly the National Flour shortage was in evidence on the first few blocks, but hashers are a resourceful lot, and after much gnashing of teeth and soul-searching (Ed. Surely you mean Flour-searching?), the trail took off, with some fine running, with Drums In Class leading the way, strangely also with one of the hares front-running, and Foxy Lady dragging along whoever would hold the lead.

Once again the Electric Works was circled, bringing back memories of Hash Number 544 when we got completely lost, but this time we made it through, and found more flour, before searching hard for the first of two Beer Stops - Just what the doctor ordered, and suitably refreshed the pack split, and the machos found Parque Irlanda, while the wimps went off on their own, thanks to a taxi locating them - YES, Tit Climber had to resort to vehicular support to find the lost ones, but locate them he did, and everyone managed to find Parque Centenario, and the second Beer Stop. It was just before this point that Windy's Monkey Spanker and Just Damian (Our new Aussie who's name I got wrong last time out, calling him Daniel {I was close!}) went their own way, missing the Beer Stop, and heading straight back to the starting point, ignoring flour as they talked shop.....

After a healthy day out enjoying stretching the legs in Caballito, the pack regrouped, but not before Fossil Fuck was propositioned on his way into the parque, and we located those that had gone off for a coffee, as against a stroll in the sun, and with ample amounts of down downs for varying offences, some fantastic jokes from the RA (Ed... Some mistake there I think!), the pack laughed in the sun, attracting the attention of parque dwellers, drank beer, and then enjoyed Milanesa Sandwiches with fries, before heading off into the sunset, with the GM asking for directions home!

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