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Monday, 28 March 2011

Hash Trash for #536

Hash Number 536 - Nunez & The Rio Plata - March 27th 2011

A wonderful sunny day, courtesy of the RA, welcomed the Hashers to Footsie & Party Pants humble abode for Hash number 536. Before the run commenced, the GM welcomed a number of virgins to the Hash, and hoped they would enjoy their day out, and come back often. The Hare Talk lost something in translation, as Footsie advised Hashers to follow the "aerials", which gave visions of hashers climbing onto rooftops, or chasing cars - we think he meant arrows.

With some of the more athletic Hashers out today, the pack split up within 200m of the start, which set the pattern for the day. The run took us across the railway line and down towards the river, with Fill My Hole, Ivor the Engine and Easy Rides Her to the fore, with Two Secs chasing hard. It was noticed that a little short-cutting seemed to be going on, but as there are no rules in hashing, who was counting?

A shortage of checks in the first half of the run resulted in a split group arriving at the Beer Check by the river, which was a welcome sight for many, given the lengthy running along the coast. By the river, Hashers were ducking Kites and Flying Model Aircraft as they searched for chalk marks, but all seemed well at the Beer Check, and the Macho/Wimp split.

At this point, another split occured, as the FRB's set off at a breakneck pace, and the more sedate ambled back towards Nunez. A pack of four, Beautiful Bristols, Inspect her Assets, Can't Say No, led by Windy Culo, actually thought they were running the Wimps trail, only to find that they were actually on the Macho run. Unfortunately, Windy had failed to hear the instructions of Three White Dots as a False Trail, and kept running ahead calling On On when he saw the three dots - much to the chagrin of his companions, for which he enjoyed a down down later.

All that went out made it back for the circle, and with 5 Multi-National Virgins to welcome, it was a lengthy one, Brazil, the US, Australia and Argentina were represented. It was great to see returnees, with Roger The Cabin Boy having made it back from Brazil with his boat, after his holiday back to blighty.

As the preceedings wore on, and the jokes got worse, it was time for more naming ceremonies, with Gabriel & Diana up for names. The circle took some time to come up with appropiate names for these two, eventually deciding on Tit Climber and Dick Diver, and they were duly christend with beer and flower.

As ever Footsie & Party Pants had stoked up the parilla, and patis were abundant for all, with salad to go with it, and copious amounts of beer, with Easy Rides Her very happy to see Quilmes making an appearance amongst the Isenbeck. Mr Mom dished out his dulce y leche, and everyone relaxed and planned their trip to the next hash in Colonia on April 10th.

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