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Monday, 25 April 2011

Hash Trash - # 538 Sunday April 24th

It was Easter Sunday, and naturally many Hashhers were occupied with family events, or had taken the opportunity of a long weekend (as we simply don't get enough holidays here in Argentina!), to get away to the Campo for the break. So, it was a small, but select group of Hashers who met on a beautifully sunny, warm, autumn morning (thanks to the RA of course!), at a small parque area on Concepcion Arenal in Palermo, for the 538th BsAs Hash, since it's conception back in 1993.

This hash was being hared by Virgin Hares, and Just Elizabeth and Just Terry, all the way from Oklahoma, had laid a trail in Blue Flower as a touch for Easter, along with some appropriate Bunny Ears. The first arrival at the meeting point was a vistor from Sydney Harriettes, Lizard, who put us in our place, as she has been hashing for 26 years, long before we were even a twinkle in the eyes of our founding fathers here in Buenos Aires, and not long before our hares were a twinkle in their parents eyes!

Our numbers grew, with two Virgins arriving, one from the Netherlands, and the other from Detroit, along with the hardy regulars who clearly didin't have any better offers for Easter fare. A little later than usual we set off onto the streets of Palermo, with Easy Rides Her and Qualified Semen leading the hunt for trail, as is often the case. The compact pack followed attentively, with our Virgins teaming up, and Inspect her Assets acting chivalarously (sic!), and holding back for Lizard, who had come equipped with a map, and the rest of the pack looking forward to an early beer stop - with the hares carrying the beer on their backs to the halts.

As the scribe of this Trash, I have to confess to missing out on the Beer Stops as we lost the trail at a couple of points, and so cannot faithfully report on the wonderful display of Front Running from our fitter Hashers, but as they were sweating when they returned to base camp, I can assure everyone that they must have run hard and true, in first class hash form, as usual.

Once everyone had re-gathered, the circle took place, with interesting tales of adventure, mis-adventure, sex on trail, and heaps of praise for our Virgin Trail Layers. Between IHA and Mr Mom, songs were sung, Wire Me Baby ensured a good supply of beer was had, and then, to the delight of many, the pizzas arrived, and we took sustanence with Mozzarella and Ham. Questions were asked as to whether we were all missing out on an Easter Bunny for Sunday Lunch, and we dispersed to our homes, fed and watered, and looking forward to the next Hash in two weeks time....

On On - IHA


  1. It´s nice going to the "campo" at least once a week when you live in a large city like BA. When I was there, I first looked for apartments in Buenos Aires and then I looked for a house in the countryside to go on the weekends. It worked out perfectly for me since I got to rest for some days and then go back to the fun fast paced life in the capital!

  2. It sure is nice to get away from the city, and the Hash tries to spread itself around as much as it can - whoever you are.....