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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hash Trash - # 540 The San Telmo Damp Day

Sunday morning and the dark skies over Buenos Aires did not look good for the hash. But the RA has a very special Hotline to the Weather God, and by 11;30 the rain had stopped, the sun was trying hard to creep out, and the clouds were breaking up. With the forecast having been bad, and the GM being off in the campo, nobody knew who might turn up for Can't Say No's hosting in San Telmo. Well, despite the weather, almost 30 hashers braved the elements, including 4 new virgins to the BA Hash, from four seperate countries, in fact, four seperate continents! Claudia from BA (who had recently hashed in Dubai, and loved it!), Sarah from the US, On-On Stephanie from England, and Jak(!) from South Africa - And the rest of us....

Qualified Semen, Can't Say No and myself, Inspect her Assets, co-hared, and the trail set off a little late, and swiftly broke into two packs, with the front runners, including our new arrivals Claudia and Sarah, rushing off, frantically trying to ensure they were back before the rain returned. The more sedate pack of walkers took a leisurely stroll around the back street of San Telmo, heading out in the direction of La Boca, before re-joining the trail as the packs headed through parque Lezuma, taking some strange looks from the market traders as we ran through.

Inevitably for a Hash from San Telmo, we headed towards the glass and metal high-rises of Puerto Madero, with the rain having washed out some of the trail at this point, almost obliterating the Beer Stop markings, but Can't Say No was waiting with Isenbeck in hand, and a grateful pack gulped down their refreshment before the packs split, allowing those who like the longer run to run deeper towards the river, while the second group (We call them wimps, but they are a nice bunch really!), headed along the Puerto Madero docks, enjoying the water and the views, before crossing the Calatrava designed Bridge of the Mujers (see - spanish and english altogether!), and heading back towards the city.

The Front Runners were accused of a bit of racing, with Tit Climber seen sprinting with our American virgin, and they made record time, despite stopping to try and get some jobs as extra in a movie scene being shot in the Capital, with Diagonal Norte having been turned into New York Chinatown, even with a Yellow Cab driving the street. Having failed in their fledgling acting careers, they headed back towards home, as the wimps were enjoying the Balcarce scene, and before anyone knew it, the packs were back together again at Plaza Eva Peron, and the Hash had come to an end.

As the RA had only arranged for the weather to stay clement until 1:30, the circle was conducted in double time, with only enough time to congratulate the hares on a wonderful trail, say hello to the virgins,(all single!), and admonish the racists for running fast!, before the rain started to reappear, along with Tonguey Lingus who had delivered the empenandas, and we retired to Can't Say No's apartment for more beer, and delicious food - A fitting end to a good days hash.

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