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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hash Trash - # 544 - Parque Centenario - Just a Perfect Day

Well, somebody had said that it was winter in Buenos Aires, but you may have been in for a surprise at the latest hash, when the multitude of hashers from Buenos Aires arrived in Parque Centenario for the 544th hash organised by the mis-management committee. The sun was blazing and temperatures, (in the sun anyway), were up in the mid-teens.

Tit Climber and Two Secs were the hares of record, and after a hare talk which confused as much as enlightened, the pack was off and running. Mr Mum, IHA and Wire My Baby were the front runners for the day, quickly finding the Macho Trail and disappearing from the strolling hashers, lead by Sister Mary, Tongue y Lingus and Red Hot Chilli.

Initially the trail was easily found, and then disaster struck. A subtle (if long) false trail was found by the FRB's, who back-tracked to the previous check, only to be abject failures at finding the right trail. The architecturally beautiful electricity

building that adjoined the trail at this point, was becoming less attractive as the pack re-grouped, and managed to run around it a few times, without finding trail - And then, a moment of clarity was heard as On On was called, and trail spotted...

Unfortunately, this trail looked somewhat familiar, given that the pack had been running around in circles, and before they knew it, they were back at the check that had lead to all the problems in the first place :). For the first time in memory, the pack were completely lost, so Tongue y Lingus used her modern communication device to call the hares, who were patiently waiting at the Beer Stop, and directions were given, and before too long, the whole pack (having missed 5 Km's of trail) arrived at the Beer Stop by the railway lines, where there was a Two Tier system of beer, for Wimps and Macho's, along with picada, benches to rest on, and the sun shining on our backs.

After a short repast, the pack moved off together, with Roger The Cabin Boy and Mr Mum discussing, at some length, Rupert Murdochs woes, and soon we were all back at the Parque Centenario where a Picnic in The Park was arranged, wonderful empenadas were enjoyed, along with a little beer, and down-downs were issued to all for one reason or another. Notably to a visitor from Peru (Clara?), for the simple reason that Peru were the only team with a hasher into the semi-finals of the Copa America.

All in all, a good day, if a truncated hasd, and naturally the hares were found guilty of confusing the pack, which lets face it, may not be the hardest thing to do - we are hashhers after all.

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