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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hash Trash #549 - The First Hash of Spring

Spring was in the air, or Primavera as it is here, and a beautiful sunny day welcomed us to San Isidro and Rodger the Cabin Boy and Red Hot Chilli were ready and waiting for us at the sporty location, where, if you were disinclined to run, you could while away the time watching the tennis next door, or the horse riding across the road.

Visitors were arriving, or in the case of a Hasher from Hawaii (Rabid Gazelle), not so much arriving as losing all sense of direction. eventually, after a number of panting phone calls, he was located by Windy Culo, heading back to the Capital (ironically actually on trail, although he wasn't aware of that for an hour or more!), who also managed to find Fossil Fuck on his taxi travels, and a little late, after all had gathered (with the exception of the GM who was watching rugby) we set off, with the said GM arriving by bike as we headed off towards the railway lines, with meticulous diagrams drawn by Rodger the Cabin Boy to set us on our way.

We soon headed up as a pack towards the cathedral and market place, with steps to climb, along with somewhat different check signs, with the new creation of a multi-directional check mark, which confused us even more than usual (Ed's note... Not hard to do that to Hashers!). A rotunda was found, and subsequently lost again, and the pack split up into varying degrees of ability (Ed's note... Surely you mean Inability?!), and the sun beat down upon the pack as it meandered through the Streets of London (Sorry, just listening to Ralph McTell there!), San Isidro.

Libertador was crossed, and re-crossed by those of us off trail, and finally the pack headed back towards the river, with Tit Climber, Two Secs, Just Mike, from BA via Kilkenny, on his first Hash, along with Just Brad form New Orleans, also losing his virginity, among the leading lights. The path along the Tren de la Costa was a long 1.2 Km straight line, but good for a steady run, and with many of the Hashers having stayed up all night to watch the rugby, it was a final chance to blow away the lack of sleep before the On In and the Circle. The sun also was taking it's toll on people, with the English Rose Just Jack, turning lobster like as the first sun of spring burnt away, but glad to report that all made it back for the festivities of the Circle.

Numerous down downs were given, not least for the perfect trail, and the main victims/instigators from the Interloper hash (see previous Hash Trash), Ivor, Tit Climber and Fossil Fuck, were all rewarded for their efforts. Just Mike had been nominated by Windy who had to go and do more taxi work, to act as his designated drinker, and poor Mike had to suffer the number of incursions that Windy had (as usual) made.

A re-naming took place, as due to the events at hash number 548, it was felt appropriate that Tit Climber should be re-named to El Diablo, and his baptism was carried out in the usual way, blessed by Holy Beer from the RA. The Circle came to an end with a rousing rendition of Allouette, lead by Footsie in fine style, with some new mimes thrown in for good measure, and finally the RA let the Circle go in Pieces, and the food and drink flowed as another successful, sunny, Hash came to an end.

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