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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hash Trash Updates

The End of One Year, The start of the Next #586 & #587

And so we draw the veil on 2012 and look forward to 2013 with Hashpectations! The end of the Year Show took place in San Telmo, with Rory and Cat, are very welcome guests from Ireland hosting and hareing, while the New Year was brought in, in French style, by Forest Drunk in Boulogne Sur Mer.

Both hashes were blessed by Blue Skies, very hot sun, and plenty of beer. We managed a few namings to end the Year, with Hares Rory & Cat being named "I Rish I was Bi" and "Open Down Under" respectively, and a long time unnamed Hasher, Caz, being given the title of "Hardly Cums".

The runs were great on both Hashes, with the New Years being shorter as the weather was expected to reach the mid 30's - It did. We welcomed visitors and virgins, and Open Down Under's Home made Lasagne left us all willing to have a whip around to keep her in Buenos Aires as long as possible.

Three Beer Stops along the way in the Norther Barrio, close to France, were very welcome, with only one casualty. visiting Hasher Hardigan Sweater losing the pack after the third stop, but thankfully returning for a dip in the pool, and a down down for failing to keep up.

I attach pictures, courtesy of Sleazy Rider and Cums in Class, from #586 at the end of the year, and as soon as I have a few pics from last weeks event, I'll add them in.



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