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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hash Trash - El Tano #592

After the excesses and greenery of the Paddy's Day Hash, it was a more sober,(Ed's Note - Not for long!), group of Hashers that headed down to Avellaneda last Sunday for the El Tano Meat Feast Hash.

The weather was perfect, as usual, and the crowd gathered nice and early to follow the trail laid by Inspect Her Assets and El Diablo, with the expectation of a parilla after the run. Salivating hashers were joined by journalists from Para Ti magazine, who were writing an article on the Meet Up Social Network, which the Hash uses to supplement our advertising. I'm not sure the journalists quite understood what we were about, but the photographer certainly enjoyed himself, even if he did refuse a beer - TWICE!

The Pack set off at 11.30 on the dot, as were on a tight deadline to make the restaurant. Numerous checks and false trails in the first few minutes kept the pack together, with around 12 runners and 20 walkers making up the numbers. Too many stops for pictures were making the RA impatient (Ed's Note - He is a bossy sod at times!), and with the pack stringing out, a decision was taken at the Beer Stop to modify the On In for the Wimps. BUT, not before the entire pack had to pass El Tano, with racks of Asado being cooked, visible to the runners as they slowed to enjoy the smell of roasting meat, and then sprinting on, so they could get back to eat a little later.

The runners passed the iconic Estadio Presidente Peron, or El Cilindro, home of the best football team in Argentina, Racing Club de Avellandea, (Ed's Note - A Little bias there me thinks!), before heading into the town centre,across the Plaza Alsina, and heading back homeward. Meanwhile, the Wimps had been officially sanctioned to take a shortcut, otherwise they might have starved to death, and arrived at the ON-IN before the runners, and the RA managed to conduct the fastest Circle ever seen in BA, although, again, not sure the journalists quite knew what was going on, the same could be said for a lot of other people.

Then it was off to El Tano, with the runners just about making it back as the walkers set off to the restaurant. 29 for dinner, with only a couple of people leaving before dinner, and WHAT a dinner was served up. Plate after plate of meat arrived in front of us all. Salads, chips, you name it, it was there. Bottles of wine, beer for some, and softies, were all in plentiful supply, and just when you thought you had seen enough meat - more came. We sang Happy Birthday to Wire Me Baby, in Spanish, and in Hash, and I seem to recall a "clean" Hash Song was also sung, to the amusement of the packed restaurant.

Ice Cream followed the meat, and then buckets of Champagne appeared on the tables, and toasts were made. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the meal, although I think it fair to say, that for some, even with the biggest appetites, there was simply too much! But, if you thought that the hash ended there, you would be wrong, as most of the diners returned to Tongue y Lingus and yours truly's home, and we proceeded to hold a much more intense circle up on the roof terrace.

Numerous down downs were introduced, with our visitors, Cock a Doodle Dick and Cat in Heat from Guyana welcomed in style, along with new to BA hashing Just Sarah also getting the customary welcome. Just Sarah's boyfriend had also been "at the restaurant", via Skype from New York, and he looked totally bemused by everything. Milestones were announced for El Diablo reaching 50, and Just Delfina and Alison with One L reaching their 10th runs - Naturally we decided to give our two decimals Hash names, and Just Delfina became Old Fag, while One L, was Hashtized Blanca Wanka.

And so another Hash came to a conclusion, with this one going on much longer than most, with hopefully everyone leaving with a full tummy, and having had a great day out.

Onwards to the next hash, down in Quilmes on April 7th, hared by Simple Simon and Pussy Galore, with Just Jo assisting too. Having had two "Event" Hashes in the last 7 days, the long weekend for Easter will be a welcome break, and time to recover, in time for Quilmes!

Pictures from the El Tano Hash are here for your pleasure, or otherwise!

#592 El Tano

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