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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hash Trash - The 20th Burpday Bash

Well, it's the Thursday after and I think I've finally started to recover from the weekend that was, the BA HHH 20th Burpday Celebrations....

It all started on the Friday night, when Hashers started to arrive in town, and in Breoghan's Bar in San Telmo, for a few drinks and the intended Pub Crawl. The trouble was, that just as we were starting to think about crawling to another bar, someone else arrived, then a text message to say they were on their way, could we wait. Party Pants had the T-Shirts available for those that were present, and by the time the clock had ticked around to 11 o'clock, it didn't seem like a good idea to bother moving around the town, so we settled down and drank, laughed and lubed up for the main events.

Saturday morning saw the sun shining brightly (What a great RA!), and IHA, El Diablo and our visiting hasher up from Mar del Plata, Just Andrea, set off to lay trail for the Red Dress Run. Slight panic came upon us as we finished laying the trail at around 3:45 as there was no sign of life at Breoghan's, the meeting point, but 5 minutes later, the bar was open, and strange looking shapes started to arrive, bedecked in various shades of red, some pink, and one or two applying make up and their cheerleaders outfits - And then the Women turned up!

As we assembled, people took a drink to limber up, wandered out onto the street to wave at passing bemused bus passengers, and waited until the GM and the RA announced the welcome hare talk and set everyone off......

Immediately heading up in a mass of ever 60 red-decked hashers, much to the amusement of locals, withing a block Check was called - with a Booby Check at the first corner (They were all Booby Checks today - It was a Red Dress Run - we all had boobies!). Crossing Independencia, Cant's Say No was already worried we were heading past her apartment (we were!), and after three checks at the first three corners, we were heading back down Peru, and before Hashers could even start to sweat, a Beer Near sign had the front runners screaming to a half, before spotting the Beer Stop arrow pointing straight into the Gibraltar bar, where Beaver and Jenny had started pouring liquid refreshment for the, not so thirsty, hashers!

After a few minutes wondering how the hash had managed to droop into the bar, and dropping a swift half, it was back to the streets, and more checks. The hares had done a great job at keeping the pack together, and although there were one or two cries of "Oh God, Another Bloody Check", the pack was in good spirit. A quick dash, completely off trail, through the San Telmo market, saw the pack then run through Plaza Dorego, and then turn back, with even more checks, towards the centre of town. A jog down Venezuela, took the pack to Balcarce and the turn towards Plaza de Mayo...

Casa Rosada (Pinky Laid was excited!) loomed upon us, with another little check, before the Beer Near sign was spotted, and the pack settled in for the second Beer Stop right on Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Presidential Palace. Now, we were joined on the Plaza by the inaugaration of the new Archbishop of BA, with a crowd outside the cathedral, and also by the Police. We were approached by a local constabulary officer, who thought we might be some gay and lesbian cult who were about to gate crash the archbishops party, but we convinced him we were just a drinking club with a running problem, who liked dressing up in funny clothes, and he shrugged his shoulders and walked away! A wonderful rendition of Allouette, lead by Footise (See Video posted earlier), finished off the beer, and before we knew it, we were off to show our legs and dress sense to other unsuspecting Portenos!

The pack headed off towards Florida and Reconquista, before passing the venue for the dinner that night, and then heading down to Puerto Madero. The front runners were given the chance to get a little run in here, as the slower bodies eased back and enjoyed the interaction with tourists and locals alike. Forest Drunk was leading the conversations, while Anal Friendly was passing out the web site address to all who asked what the heck we were doing.

Gradually, as the sun set, the pack wormed their way back to Breoghan's and a welcome beer. Just Ramiro had brewed a Special Red Dress Ale for the occasion, which went down well, and the circle commenced with a welcome to our visiting hashers from Brazil and the US, and the large contingent from Uruguay, with a couple of virgins to add to the mix, who couldn't have picked a better day to start their hashing life.

Drill My Hole, Doon Doon, Footsie and Forest Drunk were looking cute in their little numbers, with IHA showing a very low cut cleavage, and Anal Friendly sporting a bikini top, although all agreed it looked much better on Blanka Wanker! The girls looked stunning in their little red numbers too, and great credit must go to everyone for getting into the spirit of the Red Dress Run and dressing accordingly. A Special toast was raised for Donna Rhinehart, the Original Lady in Red, who inspired the Red Dress Runs, who had sadly passed away last week, and Inspect Her Assets announced his resignation as RA, due to his imminent departure from BA, handing over the reigns to Drill My Hole, who will bring a new teutonic sense of style to the Hash!

Before you could draw your breath from the circle, we were off to the dinner - Many not changing out of their attire, and dinner, dancing, karaoke, more beer drinking, and a heck of a lot of fun took place, well into the early hours of Sunday morning. I could write more here, but I prefer to protect the innocent, although I will mention Windy Culo, as he managed to miss the run, most of the circle, arrived in time for the dinner, and then fell asleep as we partied around him!

On Sunday, amazingly, over 40 hashers managed to recover in time to head to Palermo, and the actual 20th Burpday run, from the same spot that the Very first Hash took place, back on April 23rd, 1993. The run took us around the lakes of Palermo, with sore legs & sore heads being the feelings expressed by many. The legs were sore from all the dancing on Saturday night, and I have no idea why people had sore heads. It was great to see nearly everyone in our 20th Burpday Red T-Shirts, and the circle took place with more bemused on lookers wondering what we were up to. The story of the weekend.

A great weekend, and I will post a separate album of the best pictures accumulated from the thousands taken by everyone. In the meantime, that's the 20th Burpday over, runs 594 and 595, and if you are good at Maths, you can see that we are approaching hash #600 very soon, so no sooner one party over, before we gear up for another one. Such is the life of Hashing.


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