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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The San Pedro (FR)Hash #610 - This weekend 8/9/10 November 2013

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - November 8/9/10 - 2013 - Hash #610 - The San Pedro Frash....

OK - Everyone enjoyed the Halloween Hash last Saturday, and this week, as a special treat, Hashing and Frinking come together to make the San Pedro Frash Weekend, up in the delightful city of San Pedro (OK, it's more like a big village, but very nice).

Yes folks, the fun starts on Friday night, up in San Pedro, with Frinks getting everyone in the right mood for the weekend, but it's Saturday afternoon that will see the first ever hash up in San Pedro. Many of you have already been informed about the weekend, thanks to good advance notice, but just in case you missed the details, here they are...


Howard (Forest Drunk), is hosting the event, and he has sorted out accommodation for everyone. Here are the details in Spanish, as written by Forest, for your delight.... The run on Saturday is kicking off at 3pm, so be there or miss out on a great weekend.

como llegar al frash en auto..mi cell es 1551641006
como llegar,salir la ruta 9 a mas o menos km 154 ,cartel San Pedro/Rio Tala,sigue todo derecho hasta un gran cartel amarilla que dice "bienvenido a san pedro",doblas a la derecha por 1km y el Club Los Andes es por la izqierda,preguntar para la casa de la flia Maldonado .ok?y despues nos vamos a tu depto,,todos saben el club,es muy conocido

What to take..your towel,single bedsheet and pillow slip.OFF(mozzies)hash kit...plate etc....there are many amenities closeby and a canteen onsite ..we are staying in 2 houses in Club Los Andes and 3 apartments 5 minutes away,any more questions fire away;)

Friday night, try and get up early and H will take you frinking....

For further details, contact Forest as above.... have a great weekend everyone :) ON ON

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