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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#617 - Sunday 16th, 2014, The Love is in the Air Hash - Cheers Forest...

Yes, it's Valentine weekend and Forest Drunk is hosting the Big Heart Hash, with the spirit of Love in the air. It's often said that the French are the Romantic Nation, HOWEVER, as all Irish know, St Valentine's heart is buried, along with the rest of him, in Whitefriar Street Church, here in Dublin, SO - Valentine's Day is really yet another Irish Holiday - So, come on Hashers, let's HASH..... (Ed's Note - Inspect Her Assets is dying to get back to BA)......

This Sunday, the Frencn(ish) barrio of BA (and nowhere near an airport), that is Boulogne, will host a ROMANTIC Hash, where a heart is required, you can wear it on your sleeve, or on your bottom but a heart is required :), so let cupid be your master and look forward to this weekend's Hash...

WHEN: Sunday February 16th, 2014

TIME: 11:00 to run at 11:30

WHERE: Calle Darragueira 2640, Boulogne

Directions -

by train.
from retiro take the Villa Rosa red train and get off at Boulogne Sur Mer(about 30 mins).take the left exit and walk parralel with the train line(the same direction as the train continues) until you come to Darraguirra,turn left and it,s 300 metres from there,about 15 blocks altogether

by car
from panamericana,Marquez,follow signs for Boulogne/Hurlingham along avenida Rolon,go under the tunnel until calle Assemblea,turn right and continue until Darraguirra where you turn left and it,s two blocks

HASH FEE: - This week, AR$70, as it's an asado after, AND a POOL!!!!!!

WHAT TO WEAR! - Hash gear - AND A HEART! (Wherever you like!)

ON ON Everyone - Have fun, and remember, IHA will be back soon - Be prepared!

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