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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hash #632 - Sunday 14th September, 2014 - The Bollywood Hash

hellow hellow there!!!!!!!!

Winter is fading away, so time to share a pint with friends.

Spring is around the corner, time to share more beer with friends.

Summer is approaching fast; time to share drinks with friends.

So the idea is to have beer with the group, followed by real hot Curry which I shall be preparing all night long.

Oh..I forgot to mention a minor detail; we will be HASHing too.

So it´s time for another BOLLYWOOD HASH!!!!!!! No partying the night earlier. As the old saying goes; Early to bed and early to rise and then to HASH...ize

Meeting point. Restaurant MUMBAI at Honduras 5684, Palermo Bollywood.

Sunday 14th Sept at 11am Run starts at 11:30.

Hosted by Kama Putra and Spice Up My Rice,

Buses 39, 111, 93, 108..

By car....Drive upto Av. Cordoba 5500, one block after crossing railway tracks, turn right in HUMBOLDT, 4 blocks later turn left in Honduras.

DO NOT bring Dishes, mugs, forks or Knives. Hares have everything disposable, unless Hashers want to bring personal mugs for emotional reasons.

Do bring Hash gear for the run...

Hash Fee - AR$70

To get tuned, watch this before you leave home.

On On........

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