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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hash #639 - The Chacabuco Country Hash - Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th December 2014

Yes folks, this is the weekend you have been waiting for. A weekend in the country with hashing, beer, asado, beer, fun & more beer! Thanks to our wonderful hosts You're Fired & his delightful wife, a weekend to remember will be enjoyed. A lot of you have responded to the earlier facebook request for confirmation, and Forrest Drunk is co-ordinating that side of things.

Here are the final details:

Details: #639 - The Country Hash

Sat 13th & Sun 14th, Dec 2014

Where Chacabuco, National Route # 7, km 201

WHEN: Saturday 13th December, since 2,00 PM. Hash start 5:30 PM


Transport to Chacabuco. Of course the best way is on car sharing the fuel cost, 2,5 - 3,0 hs driving, 200 km. In the file attached you could find mini bus and bus options.
Address National Route # 7, km 201, on right 200 mts, in front of "Las Moras". There´s an advertising on the Route "Las Moras". S 34° 37,32¨8', W 60° 25,339' .

Phone Home : 02352 - 42 - 7575
Cristian Mobile : 02352 - 15 - 523 592
Claudia Mobile : 15 - 2300 - 9977

2.- Accommodation for the Saturday 13th. We´ve available space in the Quincho and in the Garage, where with a pad or something it´s posible to rest. On the same way it´s possible to place a tend on the green. It´s the cheapest option.

3.- Scheduling. Activities are planned from early afternoon on Saturday ( 2,00 PM ), with a Hash around 6,00 pm. Barbecue around 9 pm. Sunday an early Hash around 10,00 am and a lunch around 2,00 pm. Depart time for your convenience.

We´re open to receive in the Saturday morning the ones who want to enjoy more time in the Quinta. But for logistic reasons please bring something to share for the Saturday lunch.

WHAT TO BRING:, Hash Mug, Fork, Knife, Spoon, Plate, , Off ( or any Mosquitos repelent ), if you´re planning to rest in the Quinta a Fuyi Vape device, a pad or what you prefer to rest Sat night in the Quincho / garage ) , Sun block, swim suit, towel, sun glasses, - Hash T-Shirt - Hash Fee $ 180 ( $ 90 x 2 meals )

We´ll be please to receive a previous confirmation (see above)

HARES: You´re Fired & Claudia

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