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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Hash # 644 - The Carnival Hash - Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

It's Carnival Time, so why not have a Carnival Hash - Seems like a Great Idea, so get out your tassels, shake your pom poms, flash those....... Oh well, you get the idea.... So this Sunday, we will have our own Carnival Hash

Here are the details:

Carnival Hash 22nd February

Place: Juncal 1438 Martinez, Prov. De Bs. As.

Time: 11 to start at 11:30

Hares - Swings Both Ways, Doon Doon & Good Service

What to Bring: Hash Mug, plate, fork and Knife, Swimsuits (cause there is a swimming pool), something according with the Carnival and Hash T-shirt.

Fee: $70 Adults and $30 kids

How to arrive:
Coming by car: you go by Au. Panamericana (Acceso Norte) and leave it at Thames on your right. Go straight on one block and Thames will change the name and appears Dardo Rocha!!!! yes, famous place with restaurants and people running, and the Hipodromo on your left. Go straight on until Sir Alexander Fleming (first roundabout) and turn right. Go straight on Fleming until Juncal street, where there is a traffic light that let you turn left. So turn left and it’s the second block on your right.
The mapita:

Coming by train: take the Mitre (ramal Tigre) and get off at Martinez station.
Here is a map:

Coming by bus: 60 (Fleming) , 343, 314, 707, 700, and thats all I know about buses

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