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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Hash # 686 - The Christmas Hash - Sunday 11th December, 2016


The Christmas Hash

Yesssss coming DOMINGO 11th HASHHHH…………….The Hash is taking us to San Andres.

Come for a great run, beer and maybe a good asado and celebreate upcoming Christmas.

Children will also have a good ground for fun. There is a pool


WHEN?: Sunday 11TH 11 hs, to start run 11:30

WHERE?: Mercedes 3845/49 Between Bermejo & Joaquin V Gonzalez – 1651 San Andres

WHAT TO BRING?: your Hash T-shirt or dress red. Ohh…I almost forget: swimming gear.

YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG! YOUR MUG! Plate, knife and fork

HASH FEE: $100, children $50.-

COMO LLEGAR EN COLECTIVO desde Capital línea 111 bajar en Bermejo y Mercedes

Your hares Ass of the Tiger (Ruben) 15 5958 8282

& Marisa 15 3335 0641

On on_F

Footsie and GM

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