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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Hash # 691 - The GM hash - Sunday 12th March, 2017

Hi guys, its Hash time, and the GM is inviting one and all to his home to get hashing - Personally, I think the GM remembered it's the RA at Large's Birthday this Sunday, and wants to ensure that everyone celebrates in style - So, Let's Hash!!!!!

THE GM´s HASH in Nuñez -

After long sommer holidays the Hash is here again!!!!

So take note: again a great Hash in Nuñez

Let us enjoy a great run, beer and some good food.

DATE Sunday March 12th , 2017

TIME 11 hs to run at 11.30

PLACE Footsie’s and Party Pants’ home. Arias 2040 in Nuñez

HOW TO COME Rivadavia station. By train from Retiro or Tigre.

3 blocks away from Gral. Paz, 3 blocks from Av. Libertador, 3 blocks from

Cabildo 4500 with many buses: 60, 152, 68, 59, 161, 168. And many more

Also bus 130 with red sign (Munro) to Arcos. 1 block away from home.

WHAT TO BRING Shorts, running shoes

Bring your own mug or whatever vessel or you will enjoy an extra ration of the good Hash beer while enjoying the tunes of our great Hash songs.

WHAT NOT TO BRING Dogs or dangerous animals.

Hash fee 130$ Children 60$

On On

Footsie and Party Pants

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