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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hash #703 - The Zunga Hash 2018 - Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Hopefully, normal service is now resumed. As most of you know, I have been in hospital for a touch of surgery, following some nasty little cells beginning with C being found, hence the reason I haven't yet got back to BA as planned, as I recover, and await the all clear. Hence the website hasn't been as up to date as I would like, and I apologise for that. El Diablo has been keeping the FB page up to date, and the Yahoo mails should have been received by those on that list, but I am pleased to report that the webiste is back in action, as is the Hash, and this coming weekend sees a return to a regular summer spot, and the home of Doon Doon up in Laguna Del Sol. It's a little out of the city, but well worth the trip.

Below are the destructions in Spanish (well, come on, it is a Hash in Argentina, why not in Spanish!). If anyone is seeking assistance in getting there, or can't work put the logistics, please post a message on Facebook with any questions, and hopefully a fellow Hasher will come to the rescue.

Oh - Don't forget your swimsuit, bikini, mankini, or, obviously - your ZUNGA! - Inspect Her Assets -

And now, over to Doon Doon...........

Hello everybody !!!!!!!!

Este próximo domingo 28 de enero 2018 están tooooodos invitados a la 14* edición del BAHHH ZUNGA HASH!!!
Yesssss! Vengan a disfrutar de una hermosa tarde de piscina y parrilla, a correr un ratito muy cortito, y a tomar litros y litros de esa hermosa bebida ambarina y burbujeante!

Y por supuesto, todos entangados en zunga, y ellas enfundadas en sus micro bikinis, esos hilos dentales que tan bien les quedan...
Sí señoras y seóres!!!!

Llegó el ZUNGA HASH 2018!!!!!

A mostrar los bultos cagando leches, joder!!!!!

Cuándo? El próximo domingo 28th de enero 2018, a las 11:00 hs.

Dónde? En la Doondie´s House, Laguna del Sol, lote 650, General Pacheco

Qué llevar? Zapatillas, hash t-shirt, LA ZUNGA, el HILO DENTAL, repelente de mosquitos, y SU MUG!!!!!!

Hash fee: $180

Cómo llegar? By car, tomar Panamericana, en el km 23,5 salir en dirección Nordelta, hacia la derecha, seguir derecho, van a pasar frente a un supermercado Walmart, hasta la rotonda de la ruta 202, seguir derecho en dirección Nordelta, luego de pasar unos puentes sobre el río Reconquista y el arroyo Basualdo, verán al Barrio Laguna del Sol sobre su mano derecha. El barrio tiene dos entradas, pueden entrar en cualquiera de las dos, es lo mismo. Lote 650, familia Echegaray.

De mas está decir que quien no porte su zunga o su hilo dental.... NO ENTRA!!!!

Los esperamos y los invitamos a disfrutar una hermosa tarde.

Sus hares: Bad Fly & Doon Doon.
On on

Sergio Alejandro Echegaray

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