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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hashy Trashy New Year Hash - Jan 4th, 2014 - #614

Hash #614 - The Hashy New Year Hash

With the soaring temperatures of the summer in Buenos Aires, a decision to switch the time, and day, of the First Hash of the New Year, to Saturday evening, paid dividends as a slightly cooler evening hash took place this past Saturday. Our Four Femme Fatals, Blanca Wanka, Cheap Lice, Chorizo Lover and Smells Like Fish, took the honours of laying the first trail of the year, and managed to please almost everyone by laying a great trail, with TWO Beer Stops - Always Welcome.

In the absence of our GM, no doubt relaxing with a cool one somewhere nice, Forest Drunk took charge of the circle, and suitably managed to devour all the beer - Well, not personally, but amongst the entire thirsty hashers. A naming took place, which I am sure will be explained eventually, with Miguel Ruggiero now to be know as "Two Nuts and A Bolt - 1mm".. (Ed's Note - I haven't a clue either!).

Hares were volunteered for most of the next couple of months, and no doubt there will be some sore heads this morning (Ed's Note - For "This Morning", read every morning after a Hash!)....

Inspect Her Assets (with a lot of help from my imagination, and Forest Drunk!).


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